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Foundation multi-player map:
Successfully complete the game in single player mode under any difficulty setting.

Note: The following glitch may prevent some people from unlocking the map as it was originally intended. The way it has been done successfully is as follows. First, complete single-player mode under any difficulty setting. Create a new profile. Begin a co-op mode game on the last level with the newly-created profile as the second player. When you reach a section where you fly a Banshee, the new profile must perform a barrel roll and a loop-the-loop. Finish the campaign and the new profile can access the Foundation map when hosting split-screen, System Link, or Xbox Live games.

Alternately, if you have Xbox Live go to the Microsoft Content download menu and download all recently updated content. Go to a game menu. Go to change the options then change the map. It should be at the very bottom.

Play the game all the way through under any difficulty setting. Throughout the game, there are hints such as "Turn on flashlight", "Go camo with the White button", "Barrel roll with the A button in the Banshee", etc. Do not perform one of these actions (preferably the flashlight or barrel roll) until the very last level of the game. Use it there, and after you finish the game, the Foundation level should be included on your list of multi-player maps.

Unlimited ammunition:
Obtain either a battle rifle or a shotgun. Shoot yourself in the foot until you die. Then, dual wield SMGs, and repeat. If done correctly about four or five times, you should no longer have to reload, and have unlimited ammunition.

Hidden DVD message:
Insert the Halo 2 Bonus DVD from the Collectors Edition. Remain idle at the main menu. The Marine will begin to threaten you very comically for not starting the game. He will go through three different routines before it repeats.

Hidden DVD art gallery:
Insert the Halo 2 Bonus DVD from the Collectors Edition. Hold Left at the main menu until the art gallery appears.


Arbiter: Grunts Birthday Party mode:
Play the mission under the legendary difficulty setting. Proceed until you reach the first Banshee section. Immediately fly straight down to the bottom of the level. Search the cracks where the large cylinders connect to the station to find a circle of Grunts dancing around a skull. Get the skull and the words "Grunt Birthday Party" will appear. When you get the skull, all headshots that kill the enemies will cause them to explode as if a plasma grenade were attached to them. This works well if you aim for a Grunt in the middle of a group of enemies. Also, this may only work for projectile weapons, but does work for the Covenent carbine and the Covenent sniper rifle.

Arbiter: Bouncing grenades:
Immediately after your first battle, you will go into an elevator. Press the button that reads "Hold X to activate elevator", then turn to the wall. Throw plasma grenades at the wall while the elevator is moving down. The grenades will bounce off and hit the ground bouncing up and down.

Armory: Easy completion:
When playing under the legendary difficulty setting, get to the part where you are in the shuttle bay where the Covenant have boarding craft attached. You can complete this level in two ways. The first is to kill the Grunts with the battle rifle, then pick up a plasma pistol. Use the plasma pistol to lower the Elite's shields, then quickly take out the battle rifle and kill them before they take cover. The other method is to get a number of plasma grenades and stick them on Grunts. They will run to the Elites and kill them.

Armory: Skull:
Under the legendary difficulty setting, complete the orders until someone asks you to go in the elevator. Wait until he says "Will you come in if I say please?" and walk in. When you get into the tram, face the Earth and hug the wall. Hold X for the entire ride. Eventually you will pick up a skull that says no clue to what it does (no word will appear, as with the other hidden skulls). Note: You cannot keep it as a weapon, as it is taken away after the intermission sequence. However, you can beat up the man with it. This skull appears to make enemies more aware of your location.

Armory: Hidden areas:
On any difficulty setting, get to the air lock room with the two jet troop Elites. Shoot The first two Elites. Once outside, shoot the third. Then, go toward the gray shuttle docked just outside the air lock chamber. Jump on it and it will allow you to go to hidden areas.

Ascension: Sniping location:
There is a great sniper location in the Ascension multi-player level. Get the sniper rifle and an SMG or a rocket launcher and grab the Banshee. Fly to the space between the two slanted forklift-type things immediately above where you would start if you were player one. Land, and get out. The Banshee will probably fall. Run up the slanted area and you can see the entire field. Because you cannot die from high places, you can drop down for a reload then fly back up.

Use the Banshee and fly up to the two poles above Sniper's Roost. Make sure you have a sniper rifle.

Take the Banshee and park it on top of the tower with two beams coming out of its top. There should be a good location for your Banshee at the beginning of the two beams. On a team, have one person takes one and the other use the other beam. Remember to go to the end of them to get the best view. If you are alone, you have an advantage. If someone starts shooting at you, you can jump to the other side. You should be too far away for them to notice. If you fall off, take the rocket launcher or duel SMGs to protect yourself.

Battle Creek: Hidden weapon:
Go to the Blue base. Run to the end of the base where the ramp is located. Tilt your gun to the bottom in the "northeast" direction. You should see the "Hold X to pick up weapon" message. Hold X to pick it up. This is a hidden weapon which is useful when cornered without any ammunition.

Beaver Creek: Hidden message:
In multi-player mode, go to the sniping location where you are able to push the rocks down in to the creek. Roll down all the rocks and look at the spots along the wall where the rocks were placed. You will find a message that reads "Why am I here" with someone's initials under it.

Cairo Station: Thunderstorm Skull:
Play the level under the legendary difficulty setting. Play through the level until you reach the second room where the Covenant are boarding. The game will say "Priority Shift". Go through the Armory and take out the Elites. Then, go to the "Commons B.01" and clear out all enemies on the ground floor and the Grunts on the far side manning the plasma turrets. Once the room is clear, look into space. You should see the dual tram tracks. Note that the supports in the center are close together. One of those diagonal supports goes down the side of the wall where the glass railing is locaed. Jump on the post for the glass railing and jump onto the diagonal support. From there, jump onto the tram track and follow it all the way down towards the door you originally came in. You should see a landing with a trash can. The skull is in this trash can. Walk up to the trash can and hold X to pick up this skull. The word "Thunderstorm" will appear. This skull causes all Covenant enemies to be Spec Ops.

Cairo Station: Secret message:
Before attempting to perform this, make sure that the Sputnik Skull is in effect. Make your way through the level until you reach to the section entitled "Authorized Personnel Only." Continue forward until you see a slanted pillar(it will not be far from the opening of the air lock). Jump on the ramp and walk up to the top of the pillar. You should be on a ledge. Grenade jump on top of the wall. A little to the left you should see a Covenant ship. This means that you are in the correct location. Continue left on the top of the wall until you are above three slanted pillars. Just past the third pillar, fall down onto a circular platform to the left. Continue walking across the two glass floors until you reach a platform. Jump on the platform, duck down, and turn on your flashlight. You should see the engraved words "IN AMYS SHAD".

Coagulation: Sniping location:
At the Red base, get a Banshee. Get on top and face toward the Blue base. Turn right and go over. Follow the wall up and close to the top. You can get out there and snipe from this location.

Find a Banshee and a sniper rifle. Fly to the Red base. Turn so that you looking at the Blue base, and then look to the right. You should see the boundaries. Fly over to the wall and you should see a slant. Land on the slant and you should be able to snipe from there.

Go to the Blue base and when looking towards the Red base, look to the right. You should see a shadow from a big piece of rock sticking up. This is a good sniping spot, because when you are in danger you can hide behind the piece of rock sticking up. A Banshee is needed to reach this location.

Near the Blue base there is a sniping location at Mt. Erectus. You can get up there with a Banshee, Ghost or a Specter.

The best sniper spot is at the Blue base (the one with all the shadows), on the rocks above. Fly your Banshee there and land on a flat rock. You will be covered by shadows and have a view of the entire level.

Go to the Blue base. Face away from the Red base so that you are looking at the wall. When facing the wall, look at the ring. At the part where the ring touches the wall is a location where you can land. Get the Banshee and go to that spot. This may take a few attempts, as it is difficult to land there. The Banshee will fall, but you will have the perfect location to snipe. When crouching there you will almost be invisible. You will just be a speck on the wall.

Coagulation: Hiding location:
Go to the Red base and search around outside until you reach a green teleporter with trees around it. You should find a cave of some sort. Enter and walk through one of the two smaller tunnels. You should see a small patch of water with either an overshield or camouflage power-up in the middle of it. This is a very good place to hide when your shields are down You can also take vehicles in here for safekeeping.

Coagulation: Extra penalties:
For the primary heavy vehicle, select Scorpion tank from the quick options. Next, select CTF and have you and a friend(s) on the same team. Go to the Red base with a Scorpion tank. You will be able to climb up the mountain with this vehicle. You can do one of three things. The first is to bring lots of friends, and have everyone hide behind the tank and snipe. The second option is to go up there by yourself. You can stay up there, and it is very hard to be seen. You can shoot invaders coming towards your base with the rocket blast and the machine gun. The last option is to have a friend wait just below the top of the hill. Go up the hill with the tank until you can not go up any further. The tank should do a backflip. If the tank lands on your friend, the message "<player's name> was killed by the guardians" will appear. The next time someone from the other team kills either the person who was originally in the tank, or the person who the tank landed on, they will get hit up for a suicide penalty, a betrayal penalty, and the regular death penalty. This can help greatly in online play.

Coagulation: Orbiting rockets:
Start a game with rockets in multi-player mode with two people. Have one person drive a Warthog to the larger hill near the rocket launcher that is usually in the middle (near the cave). Have him sit in the Warthog on top of the hill. Have the other person lock on to him at a distance about two to four Warthog lengths away, depending on the exact spot that you are standing, with his back to the large rocks in the center of the level. Have the person outside the warthog lock on to the Warthog. Make sure to keep the reticule on the Warthog. At the fourth beep, quickly look to the right and fire far away from the Warthog. The rocket will circle around the Warthog, but never hit it. It will eventually disappear. This works with any other vehicle, but a Warthog is recommended for beginners. It may require a few attempts to perfect. When performing the orbiting rockets, they will always face the targeted object as they orbit.

Coagulation: Flying tank:
Have a Wraith and tank. Have a friend with you on the same team and no friendly fire on. Get your friend and yourself in both tanks and get both of them to hit each other. When the tank is barely on top of the Wraith, use the turbo on the Wraith. It should send the tank and your friend spinning and bouncing everywhere.

Delta Halo: Envy Skull:
Play the mission under the legendary difficulty setting. Continue until reaching the area during the "push through the covenant held ruins" phase where a landing zone for the Pelican to drop weapons must be cleared. When you reach the area where Cortana says "They're pouring out of the center building", note the plasma turrets along the borders. A short distance after the turret on the left side is the outline of a sealed door in a wall. There is a rock in front of the door. Jump on the rock, then jump onto the ledge above the door. Next, jump to the ledge to the left. Then, grenade jump onto the building with the sealed door. On the roof of the building are two dancing Elites and a skull. Get the skull and the word "Envy" will be displayed. You can now use active camouflage.

Delta Halo: Warthog:
In the beginning of the level when you are storming the hill, it may be tempting to pass by this part. However, stay in that area until you survive both waves of Covenant that the Phantoms drop off. A Pelican will appear afterwards and drop off a Warthog for you and your teammates.

Delta Halo: Hidden swords:
Follow the path for the "Delta Halo: Envy mode" trick. Once you reach where the skull is located, turn to the right and jump down. Then turn around and go through the doorway. There should be two swords and two dead Grunts.

Play through the mission until it says "Off The Rock, Through The Bush, Nothing But Jackal". Jump down from the waterfall and follow the stream to where it ends. There should be an energy sword here.

Delta Halo: Sniping practice:
Near the end of the level, before you go down the ramp to the temple, take out your sniper rifle or get the beam rifle next to the rock. To the left of the temple, there will be a bridge-like structure with two Elites and a pair Of jackals patrolling. To the right will be another bridge with two Grunts, a Jackal (on higher difficulties he may be another sniper), and another Elite. You can snipe them, and at the next level have less enemies to worry about.

Delta Halo: Grunt Actions:
In the opening sequence of the level, you will see a Jackal talking with a Grunt. Under the easy and normal difficulty settings, the grunt is rolling his finger in the dirt. Under the heroic difficulty setting, the Grunt is playing with fire. Under the legendary difficulty setting, the Grunt is playing with some kind of doll.

Foundation: Easy kills:
There is normally a Ghost and Warthog on the lower level. To get one of them to the upper levels, drive it into one of the air units that makes you fly up. It is strong enough to bring up a Warthog or Ghost. You can now drive around the circle and run over anyone standing there.

Foundation: Hidden images:
Go to the bottom of the level. Go to any of the gray pillars and look closely. You can see the Halo 2 symbol. Also, if you look through one of the wind tunnels, you will be able to see a faint image of Master Chief.

Foundation: Hidden message:
Read the description. It says it was the training facility for the Tactical Autonomous Robotic Defense System. Put that in shortened military terms by using only the first letters of the words to see that it spells "T.A.R.D.S.".

Gravemind: Angry Skull:
Play the level under the legendary difficulty setting. Fight your way through the Covenant city until you are outdoors. As soon as you are outside, turn right. You will see some Covenant crates next to a rock ledge. Jump from the crate to the ledge. Walk up the hill, and to your right will be a red girder. Jump on the girder and follow it back towards the area you just came from. There will be a cloaked Grunt with a fuel rod cannon. Kill him and continue down the girder. You will see a skull floating above a small gravity lift. If you get this skull, the word "Angry" will appear. This will make Grunts shoot faster, but you can use it as a blunt weapon. The Angry skull is the only skull you can cycle around as a third weapon.

Gravemind: Beamsword:
At the point where Cortana reverses the first gravity lift, there is a dead Elite that can be seen as you are going down. Usually you must do this at least twice to get the angle of which to jump correct. Jump into the reversed gravity lift and hold or tap Jump while pressing Forward. You should break free of the gravity lift and land near a dead Elite with white armor. Take the Beamsword and hop back in the lift to proceed with the mission. This makes it easier to keep your soldiers alive through the close quarters and hallways.

Gravemind: Shortcut:
As you are walking past a certain point, you will reach the teleporting bridge that glides you across to the other side. After you come out of a door with an overhang or see one like it, try to push a crate up to it. Jump on top of it. Once on top, try to jump on top of the red bars. Then, jump over to the big stretch of white trellis and walk on it all the way over to the other side. You can do this multiple times. and it is a good way to avoid the battles with the Elites, Grunts, Brutes, etc.

Gravemind: Man in boxers:
Under the legendary difficulty setting, watch the intermission sequence where the Brute honor guards are attacking the Grunts and Jackals. When you see the Grunt climb on the pillar, the camera will pan to the right and show some Grunts jumping. You can see a man in boxers with the grunts.

Gravemind: Screaming Marines:
Get to the point where you release the Marines from the jails. Before you go down the lift, put one of the large boxes over the one that goes up. After you release the Marines jump up to that level (grenade jump or get creative). The Marines will try to go up. Then, jump back down and look at the lift. All of the Marines should be stuck. Their mouths will move and make a really strange sound. Shoot them one at a time. They will cringe, screamm and moan in unison.

The Great Journey: Black Eye Skull:
Play the level under the legendary difficulty setting. Eventually you have to escort the Sarge who is in a Scarab. Follow him along until you see the huge compound in front of you. Directly above the door that the Sarge blows open with the Scarab is an angled beam. Land your Banshee on this beam and walk to the top of it. Look down and to your left to see a circular angled wall. Jump onto this wall and walk to the top. Walk straight along the right-hand side of this area. You will have to jump over a small beam in front of you. Continue walking straight until you come to a grassy area. Keep walking up the grassy hill and go until you reach the point where can jump onto the angled support where the tower meets the grass. Jump onto the support and walk up the support. It is a very steep climb; jumping while you are going up the support speeds it up somewhat. At the first landing, you will see the Black Eye skull sitting on a glowing white panel on the floor. This skull makes your shield charge abnormally. To charge your shields you must melee enemies. You can charge your shields into the overcharge range by doing this.

The Great Journey: Sniping location:
Play until you reach the part where the Scarab is going to blow open the door. Then, fly your Banshee down to the water and get out. Walk into the water and you will be invisible to your opponents. However, you will be able to see them, making this the perfect place to go under the legendary difficulty setting to kill your enemies without them seeing you. You may also take a Ghost or a Spectre down here. If you are skilled enough, you can even take them up very close to the top of the structure.

The Great Journey: Pass from Scarab part to Boss:
When the Scarab blasts the door open, take your Banshee and fly to the right of the tower. When you reach a slanted part of the wall, fly as high as you can (hugging the wall), and turn your Banshee sideways. Get out. Climb up the slant and you can skip the part when you face the Brutes and land in the Boss room. This is very helpful if playing under the heroic or legendary difficulty setting. Note: Do the same on the left side under the legendary difficulty setting to find a skull.

The Great Journey: Get past Brute force:
After the Scarab blows down the door, go in as usual. When you get to the door that leads to the area where you meet them, stay to the right. Do not stop. Stay to the right. jump over them, and do not fight. If done correctly, the doors should not be fully closed, and when you get to them they should open again. Go in and you are done with them and can continue on to Tartarus. Note: Do this as quickly as possible, otherwise the doors will shut.

The Great Journey: Shortcut:
There is a shortcut at the end. When Sgt. Johnson blows down the door to inside the activation building, stay in your Banshee. Go to the right of the building but do not go in. Go to the top of the building still in your Banshee and just a little to the right. Stay there. It will take you directly to the control room where Tartarus is located. When you start, turn around and get the Banshee. You can use it to kill Tartarus.

The Great Journey: Ride the Scarab:
On the last level, The Great Journey, you can actually ride the Scarab. When you get your Banshee, fly over and just get out on the Scarab. You are now free to ride. Your Banshee will most likely fall off, but you can hijack the ones that appear later. The enemies are harder to take out if it is just one player doing this, and you may waste your ammunition at the moment. It is fun, but you must hijack a Banshee in the end to finish the level.

On the level, The Great Journey, you can ride the Scarab until the end of that section, when you are in front of the control room. By riding the Scarab, you will skip the major sections of the level. This is helpful when playing under the legendary difficulty setting. When you ride the Scarab you probably will not have a Banshee, but by following these steps, you can get one and fly over to the control room (for the Black Eye Skull or just to skip the other parts of the level). When you ride the Scarab, just before reaching the control room you will encounter checkpoints. When you get to the last checkpoint before you blow open the door, run to the right side of the Scarab and jump onto the joint of its "leg", then jump onto the structure to the immediate right. By doing this, you will safely reach the ground. Instead of running to the Banshee there in the open, hug the cliff wall and go backwards through the level. The Banshee in the open will most likely get you shot down and killed. Before a cliff that you climb down is one of the Heretic Banshees. It is slightly beat up, but you can ride it all the way to the end of the level if you are skilled enough. Note: Beginners should not try this trick, as it requires patience and skill much higher than that of someone playing under the easy or normal difficulty settings. This trick is meant for the heroic or legendary difficulty settings.

You do not have to lose your Banshee and find another while riding the Scarab. When you first get your Banshee, hop into it and destroy the Wraiths just ahead. This will cause the Scarab to start moving. Then, park the Banshee directly on top of the Scarab, directly behind that cannon-looking object. Get off the Banshee. If you look closely, you will see that the Banshee is somewhat "magnetically" stuck to the Scarab, and therefore will not fall off. The only trick is getting back on it and getting away while the Banshees try to gun you down. Put on your camo, make a run for it, then fly away.

The Great Journey: Get inside Scarab control room:
Note: You must have the Sputnik Skull to do this trick. Get to the part at the start of the mission when you are on the beach with the Scarab docked to a high platform. Destroy all the enemies, and do the following. You also must have a Wraith. Find the large rock that is closest to the high platform that the Scarab is docked to. Drive your Wraith to the back side of the rock, so that it is between the rock and the base of the platform. Hop out of the Wraith, get on top of it, and grenade jump. You will be blasted to the top of the large rock. Then, grenade jump on top of the rock. Just before it explodes, jump towards the platform. If done correctly, you will be blasted onto the platform. You will now be able to walk around on the platform, on the Scarab, and in the Scarab control room. Note that it is raining inside the control room. If you want to get back down on the ground, walk down one of the Scarab's legs.

The Great Journey: Golden Banshee:
In co-op mode, go to the area where Sgt. Johnson is riding the big machine. Hop in the Banshees and follow him. When you encounter the first Wraiths, kill them. Then, have the player two kill player one with the Banshee Bomb. Have the player two ride down to the ground so that the player one respawns. Note: Make sure player two stays in the Banshee. Have player one walk all the way to the end where Sgt. Johnson stops in order to burst the door down, while at the same time have player two follow player one. Note: You do not have to wait for Sgt. Johnson to get there; you can get ahead of him. Then, have player one look down the hill. There should be a Golden Banshee. When you jump down the hill, stay against the wall so that you do not die. Then, get the Golden Banshee. Note: It may be a little beat up already.

The Great Journey: Have spec-ops leader follow you:
After the first vehicle portion in the game, just before you meet the black Elite and Hunters, go back and drive the Spectre with the spec-ops leader (the invincible white Elite) with you. Drive inside. There will be a small door that the Spectre cannot fit through. Destroy the Spectre in any way. Then, punch the spec-ops leader toward the door. If done correctly, he will continue on to the next room with you. Note: Stay with him; if you go too far from him he will disappear. After clearing rooms, punch him through doors again. He will follow you all the way up to the Banshee part. Note: He may disappear during the loading sequences.

The Great Journey: Have Hunter follow you:
Select the easy difficulty setting. At the last part of the level when you are on the platform waiting for a Banshee to cover the Scarab, do the following. You must have a Hunter with you on the platform. Melee the Hunter anywhere where it is wearing armor, and make sure you do not hit him in the orange area. Melee him until he falls off the platform, then jump off the platform as well. You can now melee him to any area where you fight enemies, and he will fight them. Make sure that you stay close to him. If you do not watch him carefully, he will disappear. Try having a Banshee with you to fight your enemies as well. Note: It is possible to get the Hunter all the way to the shore of the lake with the structure Tartarus is in. You can also find two Heretic Banshees on the shore. Having the Hunter there may effect if the Heretic Banshee is there or not.

The Great Journey: Fight Tartarus with a Banshee:
After the Scarab blows down the door to the compound, fly your Banshee into the area where you have to fight all the Brutes. Note: You will have to maneuver carefully to get through the doorways and all the melted metal. After you get into the room with the Brutes, qucikly get the Banshee through the doors before they lock. If done correctly, after the intermission sequence run back to where Johnson is located. You should be able to keep going behind him, and you will see Elites spawning. Your Banshee should be near where they spawn. Note: You can also go back into the room where you were supposed to have fought the Brutes and pick up extra weapons if needed. You can then get into the Banshee and use it to attack the enemy Brutes and Tartarus when his shields are down.

When fighting Tartarus, you can use the boost in your Banshee. If he is close enough to the edge, he will fly off of the platform screaming to his "death". However, he will not die. He will then fly out of the lift in the middle to the top layer of the platform. If you boost at the correct time, you can hit him off again as soon as he lands. Note: This trick does not hurt Tartarus. It will however cause damage if you boost into him while his "shields" are down; but the falling off the edge itself causes no, or very little, damage. The fact that you can hit him off of the ledge while he screams to his "death" effectively makes the room sound like a torture chamber of sorts.

When you have to protect the Scarab and ride in the Banshee, get to the part when you see a lake with a tower that you will have to enter. Wait for the Scarab to blast the door, then drive to the platform in front of it. A lot of rubble will block the entryway, so you supposedly cannot get through with a Banshee. Instead of getting out of your Banshee, you can drive through the rubble and get into the next room. You can do this by flying over the rubble using boost. When you do this, you will scrape the ceiling and just barely get through. Then, fly down to the door that leads into the next room. When your Banshee is directly in front of the door, get off it, Open the door, then quickly get back in the Banshee and fly into the next room. Once inside, about ten Brutes will attack you. Defeat them by using Banshee bombs. When you have killed all of them and if your Banshee is still flyable, drive into the tunnel that you see to your right. When you are in that tunnel with your Banshee, a intermission sequence will start, showing you without your Banshee walking towards Tartarus, the Brute leader. When the sequence ends, instead of fighting the Brutes in front of you, turn around and run back to the tunnel you were last in before the intermission sequence started. Your Banshee should appear, and you can get in it and fly into the room that Tartarus is in. You will now be able to fight Tartarus in a Banshee.

The Great Journey: Elite Skull:
During the intermission sequence just before you fight Tartaurus, you can see an Elite skull on his shoulder. Note: It will not appear during game play.

Headlong: Sniper location:
This location requires a Banshee to reach, but you will be next to untouchable once you are there. After getting a Banshee go to the right. Just after you have passed the cranes, carefully land your Banshee on or near the walkway that has the Human sniper rifle on it. From there, get back in your Banshee and go straight up to maximum altitude. If done correctly, you should be just above the top of a building that is slightly smaller than the two other buildings adjacent to it. Land your Banshee on it, but do not destroy it. Take out your sniper rifle and start shooting. From here, the only reliable way someone can kill you is with another sniper rifle, and they cannot physically reach you because you have the Banshee.

Headlong: Hidden message:
Select multi-player mode and choose the Headlong level. Go to the Red base. On some of the yellow walls, there is graffiti. Some it includes is a hippo head. This is a reference to former Bungie member Alex Seropian's new game company's (Wideload Games) logo.

High Charity: Iron Skull:
Under the legendary difficulty setting, after you cross the light bridges and fight through to the end of the level, you reach a room where Cortana says "Brood and Elite ships are engaging all around. The next lift will take you up to the conduit. Hurry". Go to the room, enter the lift, and look up while going up. Hold X so that you can grab the skull on the way up. The word "Iron" will appear when you get it.

Metropolis: Destroying the Scrab:
First, follow the Marines out to the bridge (or walkway). Next, switch your battle rifle with the rocket launcher. It should be a few steps north of the sniper. Then, go next to the second rocket launcher. It will be a few steps ahead. You should see ammunition next to it. Instead of following the Marines, make a turn into the walkway in which there is only one way in and out. The Scarab should shortly arrive, but it will not see you. They will probably fire at the Marines. When they get far enough, there will be a huge entrance to fire a rocket at. If you followed the Marines, it will be harder to shoot the aliens on deck. Rapidly shoot rockets at the side entrance of the Scarab. When all forces on deck are defeated, join up with the Marines and jump onto the Scarab. No one will attack you if you try to hide on deck from the Elites.

Metropolis: Trap Scarab:
In the end where you must destroy the Scarab, you can walk longer and trap it. When you get on the walkways to jump on it, after you come out of the door, turn right. Follow this until it turns left. It is loaded with a variety of weapons and ammo. Sniper and rocket launchers work great as a combo.

Metropolis: Scarab gun:
Use the following trick to get a Scarab gun on Metropolis. When you start the mission, kill the two starting Marines that you have, because they will eventually destroy the Banshees required later. Then, get in the Warthog and do not bother killing anything -- just drive straight past the Ghosts and Wraith tanks. When you get to the part where the Banshes fly overhead, kill everything there, including the Marines. Note: Kill everything except Banshees and one Ghost. Then, hijack the Ghost. Go into the tunnel and get a Banshee to follow you. Do not destroy it. Also, do not try to board it, because it will either throw you back out of the tunnel or will explode. Have it follow you to the part where you need to go through a tube. Once at the beginning of the tube, make sure you have the "Hold X to jack Banshee" icon on your screen. Melee the Banshee so that it will come towards you slight. Then, just as it reads "Loading...", hold X to hijack the Banshee. You have about two seconds before the Banshee disappears. Once you have hijacked the Banshee, fly it through the tube. This will take some effort, but can be done. Once you fly it through, fly up and northwest of your position. You will see a giant bridge-like structure very far away from your position. Once you have flown up to the top of it, there should be a small orange triangle with an exclamation mark on it, with white slashes around its border. There is also a plasma rifle floating above it. Although marked as a plasma rifle, it is really a Scarab rifle. It will produce shots like the Scarabs do, and will not run out of ammo or overheat. It is extremely powerful and takes pretty much anything out in one hit. Note: Do not shoot to close to yourself, otherwise you will blow yourself up.

Get into the tank and move along the bridge destroying everything in your way. When you reach the point where Cortana says "Nice welcoming party," do not shoot the Banshees that start on the way from the city. Instead, get out of the tank and start walking into the tunnel (you may take a Ghost if desired). Start moving into the tunnel slowly, pop one or two shots into one or two of the Banshees to get them to attack and follow you. The Banshee should enter the tunnel and will follow you. Do not board the Banshee, as it will explode as soon as you take it over. Continue through the tunnel until you reach the first gate. Get out of the Ghost if you used one. Walk up the ramp, take out the enemies, and lure the Banshee between the gates in the tunnel. This may take some time as the Banshee will try to follow you over the ramp on the right hand side. Proceed by walking until you reach the next gate and repeat the process to get the Banshee through the gate. Keep walking until you reach the very end of the tunnel. Kill the enemies so you do not get shot during this part. Shoot off the Gravity Pods (glowing pods on the wings) and either get the Banshee to follow you into the reddish room or melee the Banshee into the room. Go through the room and look at the tunnel leading outside. Get the Banshee to go towards the tunnel and board it as it enters. Note: Make sure that when you finish boarding the Banshee the "Loading...Done" message appears on the left side. If you do not board it at that moment, the Banshee will explode. Next, fly out of the tunnel and go immediately to the left. Notice the long bridge between the two buildings on the left. This bridge is very high up. After reaching the bridge between the buildings, fly or get out then walk to about the middle of it. There will be what appears to be a plasma rifle on top of a red triangle with a "!" on it. Pick up the rifle, get back into the Banshee, and fly back down where you are supposed to be. You now have the Scarab gun. It has unequaled range, unlimited ammunition, and will never overheat. This is the most powerful weapon in the game. Note: You can only use the Scarab gun in Metropolis as you cannot take it into the next level.

Use the "Outskirts: Hidden sword" trick to obtain that sword. When on the Metropolis level at the section with two Warthogs, kill your fellow Marines and position a Warthog on the furthest walkway. Next, sit in the side seat of a Warthog and wait for the Pelican. Do all of this before the Covenant are all dead. When your Pelican arrives, you should be able to sword cancel off it and fly up to an area that resembles a giant bridge at the top of the level. Search around, and the Scarab gun should be up there.

This trick is easiest when done on co-op mode. When you start, cross the bridge. Take out every enemy, and even your Marines. When you are near the end, Cortana will say something about a "welcome party". Three Banshees and a few Ghosts will appear. Take them all out. Then, two Wraiths and two Banshees will appear. Take out both Wraiths, and only one Banshee. Have player one continue through the tunnel, but have player two stay outside and distract the Banshee. Once player one reaches the area with the circular opening (a Jackal with a Beam rifle is there), take out the Jackal and go back to where player two is located. Get the Banshee to follow both players into the tunnel. Do not board it yet. The first few times it will come at you and fly back out; but stay where you are. It should come back after you. If it does not, go back outside and try again. Eventually, you will have to get it over two road blocks. Once it is past the second one, have both players stand near the entrance of the room where player one took out the Jackal. It should fly at you and get stuck. Shoot off both its wings so that it can fit through. Have player one walk slowly in front of the Banshee, making it follow him. Player two should be behind it, gently pushing it. Take it to the left and get ready to board it. As soon as you hit the checkpoint, the Elite in the Banshee will disappear. You only have about one second to get in before the Banshee also disappears. Both players should press X quickly. If done correctly, one of the players will be driving the Banshee. Take it outside and directly up. Very high in the sky are two skyscrapers with two bridges connecting them. In the middle of the bridge closest to you, there is something that looks like a plasma rifle. It is actually a Scarab gun. It has unlimited ammunition. Note: Do not aim at the ground.

When you start the level, kill both your Marines. Get in the tank and destroy the Ghosts and Wraith on the bridge. Later on the bridge, more Marines will join the fight. Also kill both of them. Once you reach the end of the bridge, destroy the two Wraiths. Hijack one Ghost and destroy the others. Destroy all the Banshees, but spare one and let it fly in the air. Then, gin the Ghost and have the Banshee follow you in the tunnel. Catch its attention by shooting it periodically. If it gets stuck in any corners, go behind it and move around a few times so it can retarget you. Now that you are in the tunnel, destroy the Warthog and marines so they do not destroy the Banshee. Lead the Banshee past the first barrier but do not let it fly too far or it will disappear. Kill any Covenant that are in your way and guide the Banshee past the second barrier. Get the Banshee into the room with the red lights. If you are having trouble getting it to fit into the room, clip its wings by shooting at them. Guide the Banshee past the room of red lights and into the small tunnel. Get off the Ghost and stay close to the Banshee. When the nessage "Loading... done" appears, immediately hijack the Banshee and fly it out of the tunnel. Look for the twin bridges in the sky and fly up there. On the first bridge is an orange cone with a plasma rifle floating on top of it. Grab it and enjoy your new plasma rifle that shoots Scarab beams.

When playing the level on single player mode, you may be able to find a secret gun. Play under any difficulty setting. When starting the level you will be able to choose between a Scorpion tank and a Warthog. Select whichever one desired. Go across the big bridge and you will reach the edge of a tunnel. Three Banshees should be flying in the air, and three Ghosts should exit the tunnel. Hijack a Ghost and shoot a Banshee once or twice to get it to follow you into the tunnel. When you reach the part where you have to go into a tube with the Banshee still following you, the "Loading… done" message should appear. As soon as this happens, hijack the Banshee. Note: If you were too late, the Banshee will go away. Fly out of the edge of the tube and look up to your left. There should be two buildings with a skywalk connecting them. Fly up there and land on the first bridge you reach. Land your Banshee and walk on the walkway. You should see a orange cone and a plasma rifle floating about three feet above it. The gun looks like an ordinary plasma rifle, but it shoots like the Scarab.

There is a second Scarab gun that can be found. Start the level in co-op mode. Note: Getting the Sputnik Skull is helpful. Go through the level as usual. At the end, lure the Banshee through the tunnel as if going for the first Scarab gun. Once out, kill your partner and fly to the giant soccer ball building. When the other player respawns, have them look between the waterfall entrance area and the end of the road. Then, have the person in the Banshee fly down to the waterfall room and get out. This will trigger all the enemies and things. Kill all the Wraiths and enemies, then the two Pelicans should arrive. When they arrive, use the Banshee to fly behind the Marine HQ and it should trigger a loading zone. Then, go back, land, and go into the Marine HQ. Another loading will appear, but the other person will not teleport. This will only trigger the Scarab to fire its shot. Once you see the "Loading....done" message, have the person look down. The person should see a plasma rifle appear, and a Scarab shot will come out. To get it, you must use the rocket grenade jump to launch at it and grab it. This will take several attempts because the Scarab gun is only there for about four to six seconds. If you manage to get it, you can equip it with the other Scarab gun and become an unstoppable force.

Metropolis: Catch Skull:
Play the level under the legendary difficulty setting. Immediately after you exit from the underground highway, you will reach a large open-air circular room with a handful of Jackal snipers and some Elites. The quickest way to get safely to the skull is to get the next checkpoint by jumping into the Warthog and letting the Marine drive you to the next area. Jump out of it, backtrack to the large room, and clear the area. You will see a large semi-circular beam going from one of the main platforms that goes from the ground up to the top of the two towers. Do a grenade jump at the bottom of this beam and walk all the way to the top. Jump over to the ledge of the left tower. Walk to the end of the ledge and you will find the Catch skull. This skull allows enemies to drop two plasma grenades, and all enemies will toss more grenades in general.

Metropolis: Soccer ball:
In the Metropolis level, there is a giant soccer ball. In order to get it, first get the Sputnik mode skull. Then, get to the part where you have to help the Marines trapped in the building. Immediately after you drive out of the square room with the waterfalls, look straight out and up. There is a building with a big glass wall that is broken at the top. Grenade jump into the building then jump on busted beams. Get on top of the building. From there, go to the right and there should be another busted-up building with a giant soccer ball for your enjoyment.

Proceed as if you were going to get the Scarab gun. Note: You will need the Banshee. Get to the area with two roads (after the field with some Ghosts and a Wraith. Drive up the wall in front of you, You will see a hole in the wall. Go in it, then a bit to the left of you is the giant ball.

Note: This was done under the legendary difficulty setting. You may also need the Sputnik Skull located in Quarantine Zone. Get to the part the Metropolis level during the regroup with Marines in City Centre, as you exit the hallway/path with the waterfalls. Climb aboard the Warthog as a passenger. This is a machine gun Warthog, not the Gauss; it is the one trying to take out the two Ghosts. You will need a rocket launcher. Wait until you get near one of those flashy signs that says Area B closes and flashes X. This is where you turn the corner to the two Wraiths and two Jackal snipers. Aim your rocket near the front of the Warthog between the winch and right headlight, and the Warthog will spin up. Make sure that the Warthog is spinning slowly and going more upwards than sideways. You may need to try several times. If done correctly, you should be on top of a building. If there is a hole in it, then look to the left of the hole. Go back to the wall behind the hole. Face the left and move forward until you reach another building with its top cut off by your building's corners. Jump to this top, then continue to the back of it. You should see a giant metallic soccer ball that has a horizon line on it. Use the rocket launcher, melee attack, or a grenade to get it off the building. This is best done in co-op mode, as you can hijack two Ghosts and play soccer with this ball.

Metropolis: Fly Banshee:
When you cross the bridge and are attacked by Ghosts and Wraiths, get out of the tank and jump on the turret. Wait for the Banshees to fly low, then jump towards them and hold X. You will not be able to fly them to the through the tunnel or past the gate, but it makes destroying the Wraiths a lot easier. You can also reach the top of the bridge by doing this.

Metropolis: Ride a Ghost the entire level:
Kill your Marines at the beginning, and walk the bridge. When the first set of Ghosts comes toward you, press X to steal one of them. Kill the previous pilot and other Ghost. You can now ride the Ghost through the entire level, including on the Scarab.

Metropolis: Fun with Ghost:
Take the Ghost before going in to the headquarters. Drive all the way up where you see the tank get blown up by the Scarab. Continue driving until you reach the bridges where you are supposed to jump on the Scarab. It will bee a lot easier to kill all the Covenant with the ghost. Also, you can jump on the Scarab and drive the Ghost inside of it.

Metropolis: Fun with tank:
Go through the level until you reach the point where you go into the place where you meet the Scarab for the first time. Take a Ghost and drive it all the way to where "When I called for reinforcement, I didn't think they would send a Spartan" is said. Take the Ghost and fly down to the tank that usually gets blown up. Quickly jump in the tank and back off. When the Scarab notices that you have reversed the tank, they will not shoot it, but just keep walking. After done this, you can have fun in your tank.

Metropolis: Get in Pelican:
At the end of the level are two Pelicans that you can get into. One is carrying a tank (this one is slightly difficult), and the other is the one that drops your troops. If you want to get in the pelican with the tank, you must lure a Banshee in through the tunnel all the way down to the part with the tube. Then, steal it while "Loading..." is displayed. Note: If you use this method, you can get the secret Scarab rifle, giant soccer ball, and get in the Peilcan. You need to be on co-op mode to get in the Pelican with the tank. Once you have the Banshee through, get the Scarab rifle. Then, fly down. Once the two Pelicans arrive, have one player jump on the Banshee and have the other fly it up to the Pelican with the tank. Use the Banshee bomb or Scarab rifle to blow the tank down. Make sure one of the players in on the Banshee. Then, have the person in the Banshee fly close to the Pelican's seats. Have the other player jump into the seats and press X. You will now be inside the Pelican. Alternately, put a Warthog up on the ramp, then jump on the Pelican that drops the soldiers off.

Metropolis: Funny Grunt:
Defeat all the Elites on top of the Scarab. Then, kill the Grunts on that level of the Scarab. Do not go inside yet. Throw either type of grenade. The Grunts might yell "They're here ahhhhhhhh", "They're here hahahaha" (in an evil tone because of Elites), and other comments.

New Mombasa: Get on top of level:
When fighting the Scarab, the giant supertank, after it destroys the Scorpion it will start moving towards you. Look to your right. There should be a thin ramp-like spot. Run up this area before the Scarab reaches you and stand in the big flat area, watching it get closer. When it reaches you and starts going over another wall, jump and you will follow it. Normally the wall is too high, but when under the Scarab you can jump about twice as high.

Oracle: Famine Skull:
After you go down the swirling elevator and enter the room with the big glass windows, destroy all the enemies. Then, grenade jump to the opposite side of the second floor. There will be four Flood soldiers shaking on the ground with a skull between them. Get the skull and the word "Famine" will appear.

Outskirts: Blind Skull:
When you begin the mission, your vision will get blurry. When it returns to normal, you will see a blinking door. Enter it, then stop. Look up to see a fluorescent light over the door you just used, and another one on the opposite wall. Jump and duck at the same time to get on one of thos lights. Do the same thing again to get onto the ledge next to the lights. Look to the left on the ledge and you should find a dark passage. Follow it to find some grenades, a skull, and a camera at the end. Take the skull and your HUD will disappear and the word "Blind" will be displayed. You will not be able to see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or HUD. You can use the skull as a melee weapon, which does good damage to opponents. However, using a grenade, firing a weapon, trying to drive, or using a turret will drop the skull. However, you can be a passenger in a Warthog and still keep it. To return to normal vision, save and quit the game, select the Cairo Station mission in campaign mode, save and quit the game, then return to the Outskirts level.

The level just has the Master Chief awakening and is stopped with the haziness. Walk forward as if you are going to proceed through the level as usual In the first hall, there will be a grunt. Kill the grunt but do not go outside. Stay in that hallway. Look up in that hallway to see light type panels. If timed correctly, you can jump up onto the panel. Beside you will be a wall that you cannot jump to. Look back and face the original wall you were looking at when you jumped up. Throw a grenade against the wall, looking down slightly so it will stop bouncing at your feet. When you count to about three, jump in the air and begin to go to the wall with the slanted top. The grenade will explode and boost you up further, putting you on top of the wall. You can then do two things. You can look across and continue with the level or you can look the other way to find a skinny passageway with the Blind mode skull , grenade, and camera type thing. If you continue to use grenade jumping, you can skip major parts of the level.

Once you can move, go into the door in front and look up. You will see a light sticking out of the wall. Crouch jump to get on top of it. Next, jump on the roof to your left. Once on top, take another left down the narrow hallway. Look on the ground at the end of the hallway. You will see a skull, a camera, and five grenades stacked in a pyramid shape. Hold X to pick up the skull. The word "Blind" will appear, and your HUD, arms, and gun will disappear. However, you can still use them. If desired, you can go around and hit people with the skull.

Outskirts: Your Daddy's Skull:
Note: This may require several attempts. Play the level under the legendary difficulty setting. The main thing appears to be getting the checkpoint just past the Pelican that picks up Johnson. This checkpoint spawns the sniper Jackals in "sniper alley". The skull itself is in a room on a balcony. The room contains a sniper rifle and sniper ammo; it will also contain the skull. Picking up the skull teleports you to the ground level and gives you just a Plasma Pistol. You will quickly be assaulted by Elites. Killing the last Elite will have the text for the skull flash. You have to kill all of the Elites to actually finish getting the skull. If you die to the Elites, and your checkpoint no longer spawns the skull, kill yourself four or five times to get pushed back one extra checkpoint. The skull should spawn for you again, and you can try the fight again. When you get the skull and kill all the Elites, the phrase "I Would Have Been Your Daddy" will appear.

Outskirts: Battle Royale:
Start the Outskirts mission under legendary difficulty setting. Play until you get to part where Sarge is airlifted out by the Pelican. Defeat all the enemies in the next area, where there is six snipers, the army of buggers, and the invisible Elites. After they are defeated, turn to face the next alleyway. There will be a couple of Jackals and two snipers down the way, and one that will not reveal himself until you fire a shot on the walkway above with the two archways. Defeat them, then jump on the awning at the beginning of the alley. Next, jump up on the beam in front of you. Walk across the beam to the rooftop across the way. If you get stuck, crouch and walk. Continue forward. There will be one more sniper to the left between the buildings to the right of the "L" shaped roof. Jump across to the roof where the hidden sniper was located (the one that was above the two archways). Make your way across to the larger rooftop. Immediately turn left towards the alley. If you walk too far across the roof, a sniper will come out. When there, look across the way. You will see some sniper ammo. Jump across to that side, and it will say "Checkpoint". There will be a room to your right. Inside is a sniper, more ammo, and a skull. Once you pick up the skull, the screen turns white and you will end up in the alley below with a plasma pistol and an elite with a sword chasing you. Note: Once you finish or die, the skull does not come back for any profile you use. After you are done, it puts you back before you picked up the skulls.

Outskirts: Extra Warthog:
In campaign mode, when you get to the tunnel, get a Marine to drive your Warthog and hop out. There are a couple of Ghosts nearby. Get in one and drive off. If you look back, there will be not one, but two Warthogs, both with Marines on the gunner's seat tailing each other.

Outskirts: Use a Banshee in campaign:
First, kill all of the Marines, even the one at the cables that you save. If you do not kill them, they will shoot down the Banshees. After you kill them, hop out of your tank, jump on its turret, and crouch. Wait for the Banshee to swoop in and shoot when it gets close to being overhead. Jump and hold X so you can board the Banshee. You may have do this multiple times until you can board it. Once in the Banshee, fly around and have fun. Do not worry about flying because there is an invisible wall above. You cannot die unless you jump out of your Banshee or go off the bridge.

Outskirts: Hidden sword:
Under the easy difficulty setting, go to the part where the Grunt is walking up the stairs. Look at him. Then, do a 180 degree turn. You should see two lights on the left and right. Jump on the right one. Turn where the Grunt was then look up. You will see a slanted ledge. Do a crouch-jump and go up. Then, turn around. You must jump to the next ledge and turn left. You need to use a boost to get up. Continue along the level on top of buildings. Then, look down. You will see part of a broken building. Jump down and you will see a sword sticking straight into the ground through a Marine corpse. Swap your weapon for it. It has unlimited ammunition.

When you start the level, walk into the hallway and jump onto the light. Then, duck jump on the top of the building. When on top, turn around and jump across the gap to the narrow alleyway. Then, duck jump onto the wall to your right. Turn left and jump across the gap to the next building over. To the right there should be an alleyway. Go down it and you will run into a short wall. Jump on top of it then move onto the building to the left. Once on top of that roof, move forward until you reach the highway that has been destroyed. Jump onto the highway. Then, duck jump onto the building across the way. Once on top of that roof, walk straight ahead until you fall into an alley with a red floor. Go straight through that alley until you reach two large vents. Jump on top of them and make your way up to the next tier of red roofing. Look to your left and you will see a large hole in the corner of the building. Drop into the building and you will find a blood stain on the floor with an energy sword next to it.

When the level starts, go to where the Grunt is walking up to investigate the crash. Face the Grunt and turn to your right. You will be facing a small light that is low enough to jump on. Jump on it, and look up. there will be a ledge with a small lip on it. Jump-crouch on top of it and turn around. On the left side of where you came up there is a small hall. Jump on it and to your right there is a ledge above that is too tall to jump on top of. Throw a grenade at your feet, wait a moment, and jump in time to catch a small enough lift to boost you up to this area. You will now be facing the crashed Dropship. Turn to your left and continue until you reach the highway, or, where the sergeant gets picked up. You should be on the right side of the road. Continue, and you will have to jump-crouch from the highway to the next building. Once up, continue until you reach the orange roof and the fans. Jump on top of the fans then jump to the next roof. A little longer there will be a cracked building. Inside there will be a energy sword.

Outskirts: Marine bunker:
Get all the way to the part when the pods fall from the sky. At the far left of the beach in this area is a stone building. The building should have at least one Marine and have a rocket launcher, some ammo, and sometimes a sniper rifle. There are stairs outside the building to get on the second floor where the rocket and sniper rifle are located.

Outskirts: Hidden sniper rifle:
After you kill the Hunters and go around the corner, jump on the boxes and then the ledge. Keep going to find a dead Marine with a sniper rifle.

After you kill the Hunters when you come around the corner, you will see Jackals in the distance. Sarge gets picked up by the Pelican there will be an area directly to the right where there will be some concrete slabs angled on top of each other. Jump over these slabs and there will be lots of human sniper rifles and battle rifle ammunition. Beyond this on the level above there is more sniper rifle ammunition (also a sniper rifle) and pistol ammunition, along with a few other weapons and grenades.

Outskirts: Invincible Sarge:
When you are playing the Outskirts level, Sarge will come along, but he is invincible. You can use him to your advantage. If you are playing under the legendary difficulty setting and your shield is down, stand behind him when he is shooting Covenant. This should give you some time to restore your shield. Also, he has infinite ammunition. If you find a very good gun but are very low on ammunition, give it to Sarge.

Outskirts: Shortcuts:
At the very start of the mission, go into the hallway with the Grunt. Once you enter the hallway, look across from the door and there will be a light. Jump on the light then crouch jump (jump and hold Crouch) to the roof. Look to the left past the Blind Skull passage and you will see a ledge. Walk to the ledge, look to the left, and there should be a hole and a hallway-like ledge that you can jump to. Jump to it. Walk to the end until you hit an invisible barrier, then look to the right wall. Do a grenade jump to a rooftop beside the wall. If you cannot make it, try getting the Sputnik mode skull first. Go to the right, and you may hit an invisible barrier. However, you can jump over it. Look to the right and jump onto the rooftop. Look straight ahead, and there should be a hole and a building. Jump over or go around the hole. Hug the building, but walk along the rooftop toward the courtyard. When you get as far as you can go toward the courtyard, go to the left. Go as far as you can and get on the black ledge to the right. Go to the far end of the ledge, then look to the left and get on the rooftop. There will be another hole that you can jump over or go around. Go to the right and go to the far end and take a left. You will find a half-destroyed bridge-like building. Get on it and stop. Note: Watch out for the hole in the middle. Look to the right, and there will be two pillars holding up the bridge. Get on the closest one to you. Run across it and jump to the closest rooftop. Run to the far end of the rooftop and jump as far as you can. You may fall in an area, but can climb out on boxes. You should now be at the area where the Pelican arrives to pick up Sarge. It may not arrive, but if it does not it is not a problem. Then, continue the level as usual.

It is possible to skip the first battle entirely (in the courtyard, at the beginning) and sniper alley. First, go to the Quarantine Zone level under the legendary difficulty setting and collect the Sputnik skull, which intensifies explosions and melee attacks. Save and quit then go to Outskirts under any difficulty setting. Go across the street and into the alcove where the Covenant come from. Look up and you can see a ledge. Grenade jump up there then continue jumping over the rooftops. You should be able to go over the gate that the Hunters come out of and bypass sniper alley.

Outskirts: Hidden area:
When you get past the dark hallway, go all the way down to where the Marines bring you the Warthog. Get on the dumpster all the way at the dead end. You will see a tiny ledge in front of you. Jump on it, and there will be more tiny leagues. Get on the last league, then throw a grenade to grenade jump onto the big league. When you are up there, you will see something that looks like a satellite. Jump on it then jump on the pole that looks like a "T". Be careful -- the "T" is very thin. Get to the tip of it and jump to the part of the big league that is slanted. When you are on there, go to the end towards the water. Just keep walking until you hit the barrier. Walk over to the other big league. There will be a Covenant Dropship. It will not shoot you. Note: You can also walk into certain buildings.

Outskirts: Get out on any roof:
When you wake up, kill all the Covenant. Then, go to the place where the truck is located (not the one that is flipped over). You will see an alley. Go to it. you will see a ledge and a corner with a rock pile. Get on it then crouch jump up on the ledge. Then, jump to the building and continue. You can climb the roofs until the hotel, unless your playing in co-op mode.

Outskirts: Higher perspective:
This trick is easier to do in co-op mode. When you first start out, kill the first Grunt then continue into to the next area. Take care of all the enemies there. You will now be in an area with Jackals with shields and sniper rifles. After you kill them, a Pelican will land and pick up Sergeant Johnson. Go pack to the alley that you just came from. You should see two boxes next to a lamppost. Jump up onto the boxes. You now should have access to a higher area. To your right will be an alley with dead Covenant and a dead Marine. There is a sniper rifle here. Go back to the lamppost and have either player stand under the lamppost. Then, jump on them. Next, jump on the lamppost. Then, jump on the building's ledge. Walk on the ledge until you arrive at another building. Jump on it. You can get on to the destroyed bridge. Then, jump onto the warehouse roof. From there you can go almost anywhere on the rooftops. Make sure one player is always on the rooftops. If you fall off, kill yourself and respawn next to them.

Outskirts: Skip sniper area:
After Sarge leaves, continue ahead. Instead of fighting in this area, you can skip it. Quickly jump onto the green dumpster on the right side. Then, jump onto the roof/ledge directly in front and next to it. Walk up the roof and jump on the pipes on the adjacent wall. From there, you can jump on to the even larger roof section. After jumping on the big roof, you can skip that area. This is useful when playing under the legendary difficulty setting.

Outskirts: Posters:
Look at the posters found in the area to see Master Chief firing the chaingun at Grunts and other targets.

After you kill the Hunters at the beginning of this level, go through the door that they came from. On the wall at the back of the alley, there are some posters. If you are facing the two boxes that are stacked on top of each other, look left and keep following the wall until you see the posters. If you look carefully, you will se a poster with Sergeant Banks and Master Chief at the machine gun from the E3 demo from 2003. Note: Look very carefully at the posters, as they can be slightly grainy.

Quarantine Zone: Sputnik Skull:
Play Quarantine Zone under the legendary difficulty setting. At the start, turn left immediately. You should see an Elite, and just slightly to the left of him should be a cave. When you reach the exit to the cave, there should be a cliff. Follow the cliff to a wall. Along the wall should be a small walkway. Go on the walkway. At the end of the walkway should be a skull. The world "Sputnik" will appear when it is picked up. Explosion and melee forces are greater in this mode.

Quarantine Zone: Faster level completion:
At the start of the level, there will be two Ghosts and a Spectre. Take the Ghost and defeat the Sentinels. Then, go through the level, taking out the big machines that can grab your Ghost. You can keep going until you reach the canyon where the Flood in Wraiths and on ground are fighting the big machines. If you grab a rocket launcher in the earlier part of the level by the Warthog in the center of the first major fire fight, this should be easy. Take out the Flood with the rocket launchers and continue on once they are dead. Speed on until you reach the ship ruins. You can actually take a Ghost in the narrow path and keep speeding. although it will get tight in the room with Sentinels and Flood. Head outside and speed to the right. Take heed of the Covenant Flood with the rocket launcher. Once you enter the last room you must get off the Ghost. The Flood will notice you -- activate your camouflage. From there on, pass on through the boxes and make a left to the Ghost. Keep your rocket and sword ready and get on the Ghost. When you go to the final canyon, head to the farther end. Drive the Spectre, and speed on. Head for the middle passage once you get to the gateway to the Library's gondola, and make sure you are going fast enough. The Flood may come out with assault weapons and even rockets.

Regret: Assassins Skull:
Play the mission under the legendary difficulty setting. Enter the structure after getting off the gondola. Jump on the large stone block to reach a ledge leading out to the Covenant turrets. Turn around and face towards the structure. Then, jump up to another level around the right side of the structure. Continue to find a skull on a ledge as you make it around. Take the skull and the word "Assassins" will be displayed. All enemies in the game are permanently cloaked.

Regret: Board Regret's vessel:
When you can kill the Prophet of Regret, run to him. You will be able to board his floating "chair".

Regret: Skip part of level:
As you start in the building, continue as usual until you come out. Look around and snipe all the Jackals and kill the Covenant, but do not go into the next building. Look to your right when you reach the first bridge that you must cross. You will see that the bridge going to the area with the hover gondolas is not that far away. Grab something that resembles a stool, knock it down, and roll it up to the edge that you want to jump from. Then, get on it, run, and jump over. If you are lucky, you will make it over with the first jump. The game will automatically start the sequence which was skipped by not going into that building.

Regret: Hidden fuel rod:
When you ride the gondola to the first glass submarine/elevator vehicle, kill all the Jackals and Drones. When the elevator comes up, kill the Jackals that come out, then walk up the ramps and catwalks until you are at the top of the room. You will find a Grunt sleeping next to a wall. Melee it in the back, and it will drop a fuel rod cannon and one other weapon. However, there will not be an especially large amount of ammunition in the fuel rod cannon. Save it for the Hunters later in the level. You can also walk around the wall and look out over the gondola area.

When you ride the gondola to the small temple, if you have marines with you let then take care of the drones. Go up the ramps until you find a doorway. It is possible the Grunt could have heard the shooting and walk out of the door. Shoot it and go in the doorway to find a fuel rod cannon. it does not have very much ammunition -- use it wisely.

Play through the level until the very last room where you can kill the Prophet. Do not kill him yet. Go back out of his room and go down the stairs. All the way on the left in a corner is a fuel rod.

Sacred Icon: Mythic Skull:
Play the level under the legendary difficulty setting. There is a semi-outdoor area which has the same type of area directly next to it. There is a large Sentinel in front of each one. Go past this area and down the piston. You will be in a vary dark and dank Flood infested area. There is a stack of six or seven boxes as you enter the room. Use them to jump up to the landing above. There are a handful of alcoves on the right-hand side. The skull is in the third alcove, floating above a dead human Flood. Enemies will have more health after this skull is collected.

Turf: Red vs. Blue reference:
In the downloadable map Turf, there are two soda machines. One of them is located inside the garage and another is near the MediCamp. The one near the MediCamp is red and has a pair of teeth on it. The one in the garage is blue with a rooster on it. The company that puts out the Red vs. Blue series is called Rooster Teeth Productions.

Uprising: Ghost Skull:
Play the level under the legendary difficulty setting. After the outdoor area with all the Ghosts and Grunts, there is an "L" shaped room that is seen throughout the level. It is immediately after the armory room that is full of Covenant and Human weapons. Grenade jump using a jacked Ghost up to the rafters. The skull is up there. You can also push a box from the armory room into the hallway, and jump on this box. The skull is directly above the door. If you hold X while jumping close enough to the skull, you will pick it up, even if you are not in the rafters and the skull is not visible. Enemies should take longer to notice you after the skull is collected.

Uprising: Grunt coward:
After the cave room, there will be a room with a pair of Brutes and several Jackals. On the bottom of the stairs there are two dead Grunts and another Grunt covering his face. Walk up to him after killing all enemies and he will say something. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Follow your fellow Elites to the multilevel area where the fight between Jackals, Brutes, and Elites begin. Kill all Jackals and Brutes, then go to the bottom level of the fighting area and turn around. There should be a Grunt in his scared stance. Walk up to him and he will say "Don't hurt me. Me like Elites. Brutes evil stinky bad guy. I will stay here and make sure no Brutes get behind Arbiter."

Uprising: Stealth:
Once the level begins, turn to your left. There should be a rising ledge. Walk up it. After awhile, it will run out of space. Next, jump onto the next ledge to your right. Once there, cloak, jump down, and run up to a tree and bushes. Hide there. A Brute will walk down. However if you timed your movements correctly, he will be walking up by the time you are there. You may find this out if you look up as you are cloaked to the doorway that you must pass through. Re-cloak, get to the doorway, and an Elite with a sword will come out and kill all Brutes down there.

Uprising: Easy completion:
As soon as possible, get a Ghost. This saves a lot of walking. When you can, get a Brute Shot and either an Energy Sword or Fuel Rod Cannon. Keep blowing through. Make sure not to blow up other Ghosts, as you may need them. Also, do not boost by the water, although it is tempting (especially on the second one). A Brute patrol immediately follows, and if you are not properly equipped this means death.

Uprising: Skip section when you drive the Ghost and attack the Brute camp:
In order to do this glitch you must have the Sputnik Mode skull, found in the Quarantine Zone level. Get to the part when you first get out of the set of buildings you go in after you go through the Brute-infested woods at the start. Defeat the Brutes and Jackals and go to the place where the Ghost and the tunnel is located. To the right of the entrance of the tunnel should be a rock with a ledge. Jump onto the rock, then onto the ledge. Walk until you hit the rock face. Grenade jump here, and it will blast you on top of the tunnel. You should now be able to walk on the mountains above the tunnel. Go to your left and just walk on the mountains and follow the river. When you get to the part when the river is flowing into the pond of the Brute camp, find a rock on the ground below the cliff face that you are on. Jump down to it, then jump to the ground. If you try jumping down anywhere else, you will fall to your death. Next, walk into the Brute encampment. It will appear deserted, and there will be no enemies in it. From here, you can walk safely to the end of the level without fighting anyone.

Water Works: Sniping location:
Fly up to the center machine in a Banshee. Park beside the ledge with the moving metal "shield". Go inside the room. The metal shield will block, and you have a very good view of half the level and a shield which repeatedly falls over, blocking you from enemies. If someone finds you, wait until the shield drops then run around the ledge to the other side of the level and start sniping from there.

At any base, get a Banshee. When in the banshee, fly to the center building structure. Fly all the way up to the top of the structure where the metal object rises and falls. When you are there, go to the level walls and try to land the Banshee on one of the ledges. Every time the metal object rises and falls, the Banshee will move. After awhile it might fall, but that is acceptable. You can also fall and not get hurt. If done correctly, you will have a very good sniping location, while very high and almost invisible by the shadows.

Locate the big "building" (the thing in the middle).You will need a Banshee and a lot of ammunition. Drive the Banshee to the bars on the building. Land on the bars, but make sure you have a place to hide. Once there, you can kill your friends.

Get the Banshee and a sniper rifle. Fly up to slanting beam-things in the middle of the stage. Go to the higher set of beams and land the Banshee carefully or you will fall off. When you land correctly, the Banshee will slide down and eventually fall. There is another beam; you can snipe from either side and are almost invisible to players without sniper rifles or Banshees.

Zanzibar: Sword:
To get the sword in the middle (if it is on) go to the Ferris wheel-type object in the middle. Line up with one of the blades. Let it push you up the circle until it is parallel with the floor. Then, run forward to the center of the circle. Jump down so that you can see through the center of the "Ferris wheel". Wait until a gap appears in the floor, then jump down and forward to the sword.

You can get the energy sword faster by shooting a rocket or grenade at the front or back of the bridge that is standing up. It will fall down and lead you directly to the sword.

Starting at the beach, run along it and then left into the opening (get a Ghost if desired). Upon arriving at the giant wheel in the center of the map, you will see the sword shimmering in the center of the structure. Toss a grenade or blast a rocket inside the little space where the sword is kept, and it should fall out and onto the ground before you. This is especially useful if you spawn at the beach, because the other team will not have a chance at getting the sword before you.

Look at the place where the energy sword is located and throw a grenade. The energy sword should jump out and land very close to you.

Throw a frag grenade at the sword. If done correctly, the sword will come down

Zanzibar: Walk into middle of "Ferris wheel":
There is a platform by the "Ferris wheel" that has an object that resembles a switch. Melee it or shoot it, and it will blow up after a few hits. The platform will fall, and you can now walk into the middle of the "Ferris wheel".

Zanzibar: Hidden message:
In multi-player mode, locate the gate in the level. When you find it, face it, then look to your right. There should be a rock. Go around the rock and follow the walls of the building. When you reach an opening on the left, go through it. You will now be in a tiny room with a pillar in the middle. Behind the pillar is another door. Go through it. When you enter the room, there is a ramp in front of you. Go up it and take a right. Keep following the path until you can take a right. After taking the right, follow the path until you can take another right. When you get in the room, there should be a keypad and a screen. Press X and the gate will be opened. On the blue screen, it reads: "A total FU exception has occurred at you location. All system functionality will be terminated. Press any key to power cycle the system. If system does not restart, scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad. If you need to talk to a programmer press any other key. Press any key to continue_".

Open the gate to the red fort. With a gun that has 2x zoom, focus on the screen after you have opened the gate and read the message.

Zanzibar: No swimming sign:
Go to the beach. Along the beach is a sign that reads "No Swimming", and has a shark on it.

Zanzibar: Alternate shark sign:
Set the system date to January 1. . Start the Zanzibar map, then go to where the shark sign is found. It will read "Baby shark petting".

Change the system date to October 31, December 25, or July 4. Go to Zanzibar in multi-player mode. The sign on the beach will change, depending on which date was entered.

Reset your Xbox, go to the settings menu and change the date and time. Change the time to 7:00 a.m. and date to 07/07/07. Go back to Zanzibar on split screen mode, then go back down to the beach and look at the sign. Instead of it reading "No Swimming, it should read "Are you finding Ling Ling's head?" with a picture of a bloody dog's head.

Zanzibar: Get on top of building:
Go to the back left of the map. You will see two awnings over two jut outs of the building. Go on the first jut out and jump on top of the second awning. After you are on the awning, throw a sticky grenade at your feet (make sure it is not on you), and jump just as it explodes. If done correctly, you will get on top of it so you can run around the top of the building.

Put your overshield on before you start and set the level for all rockets. You can get on top of the building with the gate that you can open. There are wooden window covers. If you go up the dirt road directly next to the gate, you can crouch/jump onto those covers. It is recommended that you use the far one because they will fall down when they are shot. Get on top of one, then look down. Turn sideways, then shoot the cover. When in the air, move the Analog-stick toward the building to get on top. This is a very good sniping location.

Have two people playing .Have one player jump up and down in front of a building. Have the other person aim a sword at the other person. When the semicircle turns red, press R + X. You will fly at them, but not hurt them . This will send you up on the roof.

Zanzibar: Get on top of the ring in the middle of level:
When you start the level, get inside the ring and ride it up until you reach the bridge which has not been shot down. Jump off onto the top of the bridge. Turn around and jump to the right, onto the ring. This may require a few attempts.

Use the following trick to get in the top of wheel or get anywhere desired in multi-player mode. Get into the passenger seat of the Warthog and have a sword. Then have another player get in front of the Warthog. Lock on to them, then hold R. Allow your target to walk =about 80 yards. Then, have the player in the Warthog with the sword look up, release R, and press X (while still looking up). You will fly straight up. To get on the top of the wheel, just get the Warthog slightly in front of the Archer by the beach and look at the wheel, Then, get into the passenger seat of the Warthog and have a sword. Have another player go in front of the Warthog. Lock on to them, hold R, and let the other player walk straight to the building and stop. The player in the Warthog with the sword should look up, release R, and press X while still looking up. You will fly straight up and stop on the wheel. This may take some time to do and determine the correct position to place the Warthog.

Zanzibar: Shoot the bridge down:
Go up to the glowing light on it. Shoot or punch it and it will fall. Just make sure you hit the glowing box. It is at the beginning of the bridge.

Zanzibar: Easy kills:
On defense, go up the slope with the needler next to it. Keep going to the right, then right, and right up the stairway until you see a rocket launcher. Get it, then go inside the spinning wheel and wait for their Ghost or Warthog.. This is a very easy way to get kills, and triple kills from the Warthogs. Be on alert for snipers. Zoom in with your rocket on the left side if you suspect one.

On offense, go up to the control tower. An easy way to find it is by the plasma gun and three plasma grenades next to it. There should be a camouflage. Grab it. Next, there will be a huge machine directly next to you. If you climb up and go in the spinning wheel you will find a hole. Go in it and wait until it spins you to the energy sword. If you get the sword first, then go for the camouflage, you will get many kills if you slip into the defensive base.

When you are on offensive, go up the stairs to your left. There should be a sniper with some grenades next to it.. This is a great way to kill people on turrets, grabbing the rocket launcher, and people trying to get the energy sword. If you take out the man with the rocket launcher, you can jump into a Ghost and be ready for some massive kills.

Drive a Gauss Warthog on the sea wall. The easiest way is to go where the flag would be on the beach. Get a Gauss Warthog and drive up the stairs behind the flag location. Drive past the sniper rifle and on the place over the opening below. Get out and man the Gauss Turret. This allows you to shoot anyone getting the shotgun in front of you, and the sniper rifle behind you. This also lets you kill anyone in Camp Froman (sniper perch, there is a sign there that reads "Camp Froman"), and anyone on the fan trying to get the sword. If they can see you, you can kill them. You cannot hit anyone under you or on the beach. You are basically invincible.

Zanzibar: Explosives warning and a bridge:
Ride the wheel onto the platform. Look closely at a yellow sign which shows a bomb going off. Close to the sign is a "wall" being propped up by a large metal object. Throw a bomb at the light and it should take out the "wall" and make a bridge. This bridge will take you directly to the center of the circle.


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