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The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind cheats Xbox

Change health level:
Press B during game play to display the options. Press L or R to cycle to the statistics screen. Highlight the health bar, press Black, White, Black(3), then hold A to set a new health level. Press B to exit. When you get hit, your health will automatically go back up. Note: Only one code can be activated at one time.

Alternately, press B during game play to display the options. Press L or R to cycle through the menus to the statistics screen. Highlight your character's health and press Black, White, Black, A, Black, A, Black then hold A until you reach the desired health level.

In the Game Of The Year Edition, start by pressing B, then press R until you find the skills screen. Highlight the health bar, press Black, White(4), Black, then hold A and press B. Note: This code will become disabled if you switch screens; thus you may re-enter the cheat.

Change magicka level:
Press B during game play to display the options. Press L or R to cycle to the statistics screen. Highlight the magicka bar, press Black, White(2), Black, White, then hold A to set a new magicka level. Press B to exit. When you use magicka, it will automatically go back up. Note: Only one code can be activated at one time.

In the Game Of The Year Edition, start by pressing B, then press R until you find the skills screen. Highlight the magicka bar, press Black, White(2), Black, White. Then, hold A and press B to exit. Note: This code will become disabled if you switch screens; thus you may re-enter the cheat.

Change fatigue level:
Press B during game play to display the options. Press L or R to cycle to the statistics screen. Highlight the fatigue bar, press Black(2), White(2), Black, then hold A to set a new fatigue level. Press B to exit. When your fatigue changes, it will automatically go back up. Note: Only one code can be activated at one time.

Keep health, magicka, and fatigue levels full:
Enable the "Change health level", "Change magicka level", or "Change fatigue level" codes, and before you fill your health/magicka/fatigue up, while holding A and filling it, press B and exit. It will continue to rise and as it goes down, it will raise back up instantly. For example, start filling your health/magicka/fatigue, and press B before it is to the top, While still holding A and filling it, it will keep and always be full until you return to the menu.

To regenerate your Health, Magicka, or Fatigue without having to hold A, enable the code for the stat that you want to regenerate. While you are holding A, press B to get out of the screen. If done correctly, your stat should continue regenerating even while you are out of the menu screen. Do this with health, as whenever you get hit, your health automatically regenerates. If you go back into the menu screens and change to any other screen than your stats screen, you must enable the code for the stat to regenerate again. However, only enter the Black and White part of the codes. If you do the code for health and then want to do it with magicka or fatigue, just enter the Black and White part of the code; you do not have to hold A again unless you accidentally pressed A or loaded another game. This trick must be repeated every time you enter the game.

To get constant health in the Game Of The Year Edition, enable the "Change health level" code. After pressing A and exiting the menu, release A, go back in, highlight "Health", and press Black, White, Black(3), then exit the menu again. This will only work if you have lost some health. Note: When you activate the first part of the code it will not effect your health.

Boost all weapon stats:
Use the following trick to boost all your weapon stats, with the exception of Hand-to-Hand. Note: The boost is the same as previous methods mentioned; the only exception is that you are activating all of the bound spells for each weapon at one time, then pressing the appropriate trigger buttons and holding them throughout. First, acquire all bound "weapon" spells that cover the weapon stats. Make sure you have a spell that raises long blade, short blade, blunt weapon, etc. (one of each bound-type in your magic list). Depending on how much magicka you have, you may have to enable the "Change magicka level" code to ensure your magicka continues to rise as you cast the spells. Cast all of the bound "weapon" spells one after another. Once all of them are active, hold X + L and watch the weapons switch out rapidly. As they switch, the stats associated with each type of weapon will rise tremendously. You can do this as many times as desired until the spell expires. To continue boosting your stats, simply re-do the spells and hold the appropriate buttons your controller.

To raise all stats, Strength, Endurance, and Luck, all you need is Wraith Guard and Sunder. Equip any weapon, and make sure you have the Wraith Guard on. Hold X + L to switch between the Sunder and the other weapon. This will raise the stats of Strength, Endurance, and Luck by at least 90 points at a time. This also works with Keening, but it raises Speed, Agility, Health, and Willpower.

To get superhuman abilities (Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance, Luck, Magika), you must have a Bound Mace or Bound Dagger spell and the weapons "Keening" and/or "Sunder" that you get towards the end of the game. Cast Bound Mace/Dagger and hold X + L to scroll through weapons for a few seconds. Your skills will jump several hundred points, and you can slay an entire town. The Speed increase is the most impressive, although it can be slightly difficult to handle. This trick makes you practically invincible with stats between 200 to 300 and Health, Magika and Fatigue between 500 to 1000.

There is a constant effect glitch for items that fortify your stats and skills. Basically, if you could enchant any old weapon with a fortify stat spell, you can raise that stat. All you need to do is get a weapon enchanted constant effect. Once that is done, hold X + L + R and it will bring that stat up. For 2,280 gp (on good terms with Enchanter), you can get a sword made that raises strength by 1 point. It does not matter how many points you put in -- it will jump quickly enough. Hold X + L + R and check every once in awhile to see how far up it has gotten. Note: Some other effects may be able to be used in the same way. For example, enchant a weapon with Feather and bring your weight down to 0. If you want to bring every stat up at the same time, enchant a weapon each fortifing a different stat 1 point each. Constant effect, then hold X + L or X + R. This will cycle through the weapons, giving you point gains in each of them.

Another way of boosting your main stats is to create a spell with Soul-trap and a spell that will boost that stat. Start with Soul Trap on self and Intelligence. By doing this you can get more Magicka and its easier to cast the spells. After a few casts, switch to something else. You can boost Health, Fatigue, Strength, Magicka, Intelligence, Willpower, and Luck. If you do not have a spell that enhances your stats, then go back to the merchant in the first village and buy Jack Of All Trades.

Use this trick to get things out of boxes far away, or most things laying out from extremely long distances. Get an Azura's Star, or Grand Soul Gem with a Golden Saint in it. The easiest way to get one of those Soul Gems and a Golden Saint spell (from the tower in Tel Branora). Go to a Spellmaker and make it last for fifteen or twenty seconds. This will make it work at a higher rate, and take less Magika. Then, catch the Soul and get a Telekinesis spell. Go to an Enchanter with a good sword or an Ebony Staff (recommended). Choose Telekinesis and put it low so it will not cost much. Change to constant effect, name it, then create. Equip the sword, hold A, then at the same time, hold L + R. Make it is done correctly so that you are always on the proper sword or weapon. In a few minutes, you will be able to hide in a corner unseen and steal from as far as you desired as well as lock pick objects. This does not work on humans, or some odd books.

Unlimited arrows:
Equip a bow, then any arrow. Hold Attack to pull the arrow back. Enter the inventory screen with the arrow still pulled back. You may now release Attack. Unequip the arrows and resume the game. It will now continue to shoot the arrow. After it fires, it will not count that arrow to be missing.

No weight:
In order to have no weight, use the steps for unlimited spell effects using the Spell Feather with a magnitude from 100-100 on self for two seconds along with Soultrap for two seconds. After making the spell, cast it as many times as needed to get the desired encumbrance.

Note: Instead of using the previously described long process, get Skull Crusher (recommended) or a Feather Enchanted constant effect weapon and do the same process as to increase skill (hold L + R + X).

NPC comments:
When you start to play the game, press Start and go to "Options". Once there, turn subtitles on. The subtitles will tell you what people say, even if they are not directing it at you. By doing this, you can see that the NPCs talk to themselves. The most common thing you might hear a person say is "Now, where is that slave?", however you can see some other comments. Arriel in the tradeshop in Syeda Neen will say "And so I was just standing there... naked." These NPCs will say some of the strangest things, but they usually say them when they are out of normal hearing range. This is why you need the subtitles, because it has a longer range and displays what is being said perfectly. Note: They do not do this all the time.


Ald Ruhn: Good armor:
To find a near full set of glass armor go to the Fighter's guild in Ald Ruhn. There is a door on the bottom floor which is barely guarded with a level 80 lock. Go in and unlock the chest near the bed.

Ald Ruhn: Dwarven armor:
Go to the dome and find Venim Manor. Once inside, go to the right and through the door. Go down the stairs, read the note, put it back, then steal some of the Sujamma and drink it. Then, start killing everyone and save the man behind the rug.

Ald Ruhn: Wizard's Staff:
Go to the Mages Guild. You will find a big room with about three people in it. If you go to the back, you will find a Wizard's Staff. This will let you fly for two minutes per cast. Note: It helps if you killed the old lady next to it before stealing it. However, you will be expelled from the guild.

Ald Velothi: Good armor:
To find the full set of Ebony Armor (except the sword and shield which can be found at the Dren Plantation and other Ruinic sites), go to Ald Velothi, just north of Gnisis. From Ald Velothi, travel northeast to the Daedric Ruins. After entering the shrine, clear it out of whatever is in there and go to the corridor to the east. You will enter the Sunken Vault. Follow the little spiral rock formation down until you see someone standing on a platform. Jump or levitate to the platform and kill him. He will have the full Ebony set.

Ashurnibi: Good weapon:
Go down the coast by boats, then follow the coast north from Hla Oad. When you find Ashurnibi, turn south to approach the ruin. Three small rocks are close by in the water. Go under the water just to the west and talk to the head. He will ask you to rebuild his shrine. A sculptor is in Caldera in Ghorak Manor. He will ask for plans. You can buy the book in Jobasha's Bookstore in Vivec's Foreign Quarter. After the shrine is completed, go to the new shrine and talk to Boethiah. He will give you a katana called Goldbrand.

Azura's Shrine: Boost enchant skill and get Azura's Star:
Go towards Azura's Shrine, located at the most south east part of your map, far east from Molag Mar. Look for the statue of a woman. Once you enter the door directly below her feet next to the cliff, go straight to find the giant statue of Azura. Stand directly in front of it and press Action. She will talk to you about a woman who has to live on a island for 100 years. Once she is done talking, make your way to Malog Mar. Take the Stilts Strider to Balmora. Then, take the Stilts Strider to Ald'ruhn. Once your there, take the Stilts Strider to Khuul. From Khuul. journey by boat to Dagon Fel. Look on your map to see four islands at the most northern part of the continent. Travel to the island second from the left. Once there, kill all the monsters near a small shack. Then, take the amulet from the woman in gold armor. Do not go in the shack. Instead, make your way back to Azura's Shrine. Talk to her and receive Azura's Star, an unbreakable Soul Gem. Trap a soul in it, and try enchanting a item or a weapon. If the enchantment failed, capture another soul and try again. You can now enchant repeatedly, making your enchantment skill rise.

Azura's Shrine: Immortality:
Complete Azura's quest (a giant stone statue in the very southeastern mountains, pictured on the map included with the game). She needs you to go to a small island just west of Dagon Fel (northernmost map) and kill all the monsters outside of a shack. During the quest, do not enter the shack. Return to Azura and she will give you Azura's Star, a reusable Soul Gem. Trap a Golden Saint with Azura's Star (the summon spell can be bought off a lady in the top of Tel Branora's highest tower, after levitating there) and fill up some Common Soul Gems. You will create a constant enchantment off of Azura's Star. Just before pressing X to create it, switch it to a Common Soul Gem. You now can have unlimited constant enchantments. You still need high quality items to enchant. Make sure to train enchant to 45 from the Khajiit in Balmora's mage guild, then use the female mage in the same room to travel to Sadrith Mora: Wolverine Hall mage's guild. Go out the door and downstairs to the shrine. Talk to the second man and buy 150 to 200 Ash Yam and Bloat (alchemy equipment required). You may become encumbered. Mix about ten potions (Fortify Intelligence) successfully and take them then mix all the rest. You will be doing this each time you want to make enchantments, so effects will increase dramatically. Get an Intelligence of 1,500 to 2,000 for enchantments under 100; 2,000 to 4,000 above 100 enchantments. You can now make the enchantments you always desired. A couple of Exquisite Rings with Chameleon 1-47 % constant (switch to Common Soul Gem before creation) makes you permanently invisible. Enemies will not fight back and you can steal anything. Take them off and put them on until the effect is a high percentage, then never take them off again.

Bal Fell: Talking Mudcrab merchant:
Northeast of Bal Fell is a a rich talking Mudcrab. He is directly across from Releth Ancaestral Tomb. He has 10,000 gp and buys items full price (unless they are broken). He will buy most items. If you manage to find him and you have a spell called Mark use it there. If you Mark it, you can cast a spell called Recall to warp there. Do not kill him. You will need him after you get farther in the game and need someone to sell items to.

Bal Fell: Invisible feet:
If you want to have invisible feet, go to Bal Fell and go to the inner shine. Find the Ten Pace boots. When you put them on, your feet will be invisible.

Bal Fell: Good boots:
Around the center of the southern coast where all the small islands are located, there is one with some ruins with a shrine called Bal Fell (not Bal Fel). Enter the door labeled "Outer Shrine". Once inside, go straight to the inner shrine. It should be like any other shrine, but has a chest with a level 75 lock in front of the large statue. It contains the Ten Pace Boots. They have a good armor rating and a few good enchantments (they need to be casted). However, the boots weigh 60 pounds and may require some extra space. Also in the shrine are some Dremoras which can be killed for some good expensive items.

Balmora: Easy money:
After traveling to Balmora in the beginning of the game, stop by Ravi'ir the traders house. A fairly heavy weapon such as axe or longsword of some sort is also required, which can be acquired from the Armorer a few shops down. Walk up to him and begin to bash his face in. You will have a decent fight on your hands -- save before undertaking this challenge. You should win if you remember to keep hacking. This slight case of murder early in the game will earn you the "Fiend Katana", and "Fiend Tanto". One is worth 9000 gold and the other is 3000 gold. You will also get three other enchanted weapons. Sell them to the Armorer across the street or keep them to have extremely powerful weapons early in the game. He also has an armory in the back of his house which can be raided and sold.

When you first enter Balmora, head to the trader (Ravi'ir). Go to the back of his shop. Once there, you can find weapons, such as katanas, daggers, and various swords. You can steal all of them and Ravi'ir will not notice. You can either sell these or use them for yourself. Do not try stealing anything else that is not in that corner, as he will notice.

When you first start out, go to Balmora and sell Ravi'ir all of your inventory. Then, if desired, steal anything else and sell it to him. When you think you have sold enough, kill him. You will not only get all your items back, but some nice enchanted swords. Take all of the items that you had sold him and sell it again.

Go to the Mage's Guild in Balmora. The nice lady upstairs must not believe in safes. She has a lot of items (Soul Gems for the most part). Go downstairs and steal something minor, such as a fork. As everyone comes for you, run about in circles to avoid most of the hits. After doing this a few seconds, get past everybody and run up the stairs. With as little mistakes as possible, quickly take the things you want and exit the Guild/ Drop the items outside and find a guard. Pay him his 20 gold then retrieve the items.

Go to Tal Barmora and enter the Tradehouse. Go up the first flight of stairs, take a left, and go down the stairs there. Once downstairs, save the game then open the desk. A glass weapon will be inside. Some are worth more than others, or you may want a certain kind. If you do not get what you want, load the game and check again. It will be different every time. If you are looking for the most valuable, it is the Glass Claymore, valued at 32,000.

Note: This trick will not necessarily work for everyone. It will also result in one less person to sell items to, but there are a lot of other towns. Go to the pawnbroker in Balmora. Steal some sort of minor object behind her. She will attack you. She is pretty weak and can be felled in about four to five blows from a two-handed sword. After you kill her, you may not have a bounty on your head and you will have access to a lot of items. Most are worth very little individually, but most are in bulk. There will also be a some books and potions. Everything can be sold for about 800 gp which may not seem like much, but combined with all the other items in the many boxes of Balmora and the money you get from delivering the package, can result in enough for your character to get some good armor, other goods, and weapons.

When Ajira in the Mages Guild asks you to place a fake Soul Gem in Galbedir's desk, go upstairs when she is gone. Replace the Soul Gem and also take the ones on her desk, which are worth a fortune.

An easier way to get all those expensive Soul Gems from Galbedir's desk is to do all of Ajira's quests up to the stolen reports. After that quest is complete, Galbedir will freeze wherever she is. You can do this in enough time that she will stop on the lowest stairwell. After she is stuck, go up and take all the desired Soul Gems. Do not try to enchant anything by her with those Soul Gems or she will realize you stole them.

Sleep until it turns to night. Enter Balmora then go around and search all boxes, urns, and other searchable items on both sides of the river. You will find lots of gold, good weapons that can be sold, and potions. You can also find other inexpensive items. If you are very desperate for gold, take these but they are not worth much. If you do not find any good items at first, do not be discouraged and keep looking. Usually guards could care less if you steel from outside, but keep a wary eye just in case.

Do the missions from Ajira. After you complete a few simple tasks, Ajira will ask you to get put a fake stone in side of one of the Mage guild member's desk. Ajira will distract her while you go up. There should be several gems valued at 60,000, 12,000, 6,000, etc. Take everything there while she is gone because she will not leave again.

In the Xbox version, go to the Mages guild. It does not matter if you join it. Jump onto the desk with the Soul Gems. Hold the Left Analog-stick Down to make sure that she cannt see you, A small noose in a box will appear at the bottom if you are unseen. If she can see you, move back against the wall until she cannot see you. Then, steal the Soul Gems and you will not get in trouble. The coin is worth 60,000 gold, and others vary in value (2,800, 200, 8,000).

This trick can be done with any shopkeeper, but the Armorer in Balmora is recommended. He has the most money and a big enough inventory of items to handle it. First, get about 500 gold (the more the better). Talk to the shopkeeper and persuade. Bribe him with a 100 gold until the blue bar in the upper-right corner is at 100%. Then, exit the screen. Hopefully you will have a couple hundred gold left. If not, do not worry as you will be at 100% likeness for the rest of the game. You are now ready to buy and sell. Buy enough items until you go over how much gold you have by a reasonable number. Then, reduce the price to whatever you have. You may get refused a few times, but keep trying until he accepts. After you have been accepted or refused many times, go to the first talk menu. Your blue bar may have gone down somewhat. If this happens, exit the conversation then enter again. You should be back at 100%. Then, sell all the items you just bought for more than what you paid. Once you get enough gold, you should be able to buy and sell for all the gold that the shopkeeper has. When the shopkeeper runs out of gold, rest and wait for 24 hours before talking to him again. He will have all his money back. Repeat the process to get as much gold as desired. To speed up the process try dropping everything in your inventory except for gold before attempting the trick.

This trick requires 75 or more Magicka and a good amount of gold. Get a spell that does ice damage, then go to the Mages Guild in Balmora. Get initiated, then have a spell made with ice that attacks a target with a magnitude of 100 to 100. Finally, find a location where a guard cannot reach you. Use your new magic attack. After three or four hits, you can kill an Ordinator while being at a very low level.

Balmora: Easy items:
In the Xbox version, immediately when you get out of the office and into Seyda Neen, go straight north and into the swampy area. Keep pushing forward until you hear screaming. Look up, and a body should fall in front of you. Search the body and take his clothes and weapon. The weapon does very good damage and is needed for the next part. Head back towards Seyda Neen, but go left at the intersection. You should see a giant monster and a man. The monster is a means of transportation in this game, and if you talk to the man, you can be taken to Belmada. Go there, and once you arrive in town, go to where the shops are located. They have signs in front of the houses. Save before you do the next task. Look for the shop "Trader; R'avirr". Go into the shop and you will see a lion object to your right. Enter the back room. You will see equipment for the taking. Get out of sight of R'avirr (lion) and take what you need, but keep your sword. Then get behind R'avirr, draw your sword, and by any means necessary, kill him. Continuously press Attack and you should be fine. Once the dealer is dead, check his body and take all the weapons there. There will be a Fiend Katana and Fiend Tanto on him. The Katana is worth 9000 gp and the Tanto is worth 3000 gp. Sell the Tanto and all the other weapons on him. With the Katana, there is a spell that turns it into some sort of demon weapon that does a great deal of damage. Save the game again, then go to the other arms and armor dealer close by. Get behind the guard in there, turn your sword into demon form, then hold R and release. He will turn around and ask that you either pay him, go to jail, or resist. Pay him 40 gp. Keep doing this and he will eventually die. Kill the dealer as well. Take the best armor and equip it. Behind the counter are 2500 gp armor and 800 gp boots. Take the good items and sell the rest. Save the game and continue with your new items.

If you require fast money or enchanted items, go to the trader R'avirr. Do not worry if you are not at a high level. If you need help to kill him, summon the ancestral ghost. Take all of his enchanted items and sell or use them.

Balmora: Good armor:
To get good armor at the start of the game, get very proficient with one weapon. Then, kill one of the Ordinators in Balmora. You will have a good fight and someone may see you. Make sure you save before attempting this.

The armorer in Balmora has some armor on his shelves that are very nice, a helmet and shield that have about 64 medium armor. Come in from above and the guard cannot see you. Jump on a box then jump on the guard's head. Go into sneak mode (click Left Analog-stick) then take the items. One item is tricky, as it is on the second shelf down. However, if timed correctly and you are careful, you can get both without being caught.

Balmora: Good weapons:
When you arrive in Balmora go to the east guard tower. Go to the top floor where the guard is located. Jump on the small basket and look on top of the dresser. The Sword Of White Woe can be found there. It drains life and has good attack power.

In the Xbox version, when you start the game, go to Arille's Trade House. As soon as you walk in, look to the left. You will see a staff. Jump on the table. Jump, and while in the air, talk to the lady directly in front of the table. If she says "Who's there?", select "Goodbye". Jump again, and this time take the staff while in the air and the lady will not notice you. After leaving, go to Indoranyon Stronghold. Talk to the man at the end. He will attack you; use "Calm Humanoid". If you do not have it, you can buy it somewhere else. You can then talk to him. He will train you for good Enchanting. Train, then cast the spell. Keep doing this until your enchanting is at least 50. Leave and go to Balmora. Go into the Mages Guild and talk to the lady near Ajera. She will have an option to enchant. Enchant the staff with Fireball, Summon Falme Atronotch, and Poison. You can use any desired spells, but these are a good combination. Next, buy Bound Mace. Cast it, and hold R. While holding R, hold X. You will hear a sound. Wait two minutes. If it goes off, do it again. Keep doing this until your skill gets to at least 10,000. Then equip your staff. You will now have the best weapon the game. Note: This can be done at any point of the game. Also, this can be done with any weapon, but the staff is recommended.

Go to the Mages Guild and look around in the crates and urns for twenty Throwing Stars that do 3 to 7 frost damage. Look in the storage room of the house of the woman who you go to for the first job for the Fighters Guild to find an enchanted spear.

This is an easy way to get a very good weapon early in the game, no matter what your character specializes in. Go to the Mages Guild in Balmora. Go to the woman in the red dress downstairs. Buy two spells from her; soultrap and any bound weapon spell (Bound Dagger, Bound Long Sword, Bound Longbow, etc.). Next, talk to the woman in the green dress in the center of the room. Go into the spell making option. Name it whatever you wish, but make the spell as follows: Bound Weapon: 2 second duration on self, Soultrap: 1 second duration on target. When the spell is made and purchased, go to a corner of the room where no one is around and cast the spell. Cast it until it works. You should have a powerful magic weapon.

Balmora: Soul Gems:
Go to the Mage's Guild in Balmora. Go downstairs one floor and talk to the Mage. She will ask if you want to join the Mages. Answer "Yes". Go downstairs to the bottom floor and go to the back room, to the only person who will give you jobs for now. Do the first mission (to get four flowers that can be found in Seyda Neen.) On the second mission, she will ask you to put a fake soul gem in the desk on the top floor. The Mage that guards the desk goes downstairs, and you can go upstairs and take all the gems and the other items without being expelled from the Mage's Guild. Note: Do not sell them back to the Mage or your crime will be marked as committed.

Balmora: Flaming Stars:
Look at the crates outside of the South Wall Corner Club. Check all of them to find 20 Flaming Throwing Stars.

Balmora: Grandmaster Lockpick:
Go to the Lucky Lockup in Balmora (near Silt Strider). Go up the stairs and into a room with no lock on it. There will be a woman, and near her on a table will be the Grandmaster Pick and the Master Probe. Save the game before stealing them, as everyone will attacl and the woman will send out ghosts to kill you. Then, run out of the room and turn to the right. Go through the door, then run as fast as you can to the south wall corner club and get the bounty off your head. You now have the best picks in the game. Note: the pick will not work well unless you have a high security level.

Balmora: Get rid of bounty for free:
Go to Balmora and join the Thieves Clan in the Southwall Cornerclub. The man at the counter downstairs can take of your bounty for a price. To get rid of it for free, drop all your money in one of the crates outside the Cornerclub. Go inside and talk to the man downstairs behind the counter. Choose to talk to him about the price on your head. Accept to pay, but since you have no money in your inventory, you will not lose anything and your bounty will be gone. Go back outside and get your money from the crate.

Balmora: Good armor:
Go to the armorer in Balmora and look behind the counter to find Orcish Cuirass and Orcish Boots. If you take them, use adrenaline rush and jump over the counter. Go out the door and immediately visit the Thieves Guild to get your bounty cleared. Drop gold and it is free. If you get caught, resist arrest. You can then go back and steal more items from him like such as the Dreugh Helm and Shield.

In the Xbox version, when getting the Sword Of White Woe, there is also a set of Bonemold armor. Note: You do not have to fight the Ordinator to get these items. Stand in the blind spot at the foot of the bunkbeds. You will not be able to see him, and he will not be able to see you. Jump and press A until you get it. After you equip your new items, the Ordinator is much easier to kill.

Balmora: Ajira's first quest:
The first quest from Ajira is easy and is a no risk mission. All of the ingredients are within the boundary of the town of Seyda Neen, by the muck pond (except for one of the mushrooms;). If you plan on joining the Mage's Guild, get these items before you leave for Balmora.

Balmora: Free storing house:
If you are encumbered and need to stash items, the easiest place is in the manor next to the Nerano Manor (on the right side on the local map).

Berandas: Good armor:
Go to Berandas to get a very powerful pair of boots. They are light and have a better armor rating than The Ten Pace,and Diaedric boots. They Levitate from 30 to 40 point but they are not constant. There are some strong monsters but nothing that is extremely tough. The boots are at the very bottom of the keep, which is a small building that says the upper level.

Caldera: Easy money:
For easy money early in the game, go to the Mage's Guild in Caldera. Go into the tower and go up the stairs to an unguarded table. The table is filled with alchemist equipment that range in value from 100 to 4800 gold pieces. If alchemy is a major part of your class, you can use this to help you greatly. However, if you just want the money, the best place to sell it is the alchemist in Balmera next to the Fine Clothier. She is loaded with gold and if you have not made her mad, you can get a hefty pay check.

For some easy money, make sure you do not have Alchemy as one of your major or minor skills when you start the game. Start the game and immediately go about getting about 2000 to 3000 gold. Then, join the Mages Guild (you do not have to be a Mage). Go to the bottom floor and find the cat person who will train you in alchemy. Get enough training to identify the first characteristic of the raw ingredients. Then, use the Mages Guild guide to teleport to Caldera. On the bottom floor of the Mages Guild in Caldera is be a fruity sounding man standing in front of a door. Go through the door and up the stairs to find a full set of alchemy tools of Master quality. Take them and go talk to the man that was standing in front of the door. Using the "Info" button find out any two ingredients that will make any potion. Buy all he has, exit the conversation, then talk to him again. He will have more. Continue to do this until you overencumber yourself with the ingredients. Then, go about making all those potions. At first, most will fail but you will get better. Then, take you potions to the manor in town. Inside you will find a talking scamp that will buy most everything at face value. Sell all of your potions, then repeat. If the scamp runs out of money, just rest and his money will return. The more times you do it, the better you will get at making potions. The better you get at making potions, the more your potions will be worth and the more of them you will have. It is a cycle that you can use as many times you desired to get as much money as needed.

Start a character with the ability to summon an Ancestral Ghost and buy Soul Trap from the woman in the Mage's Guild (in the bottom in the back). Then, get some about 1000 to 3000 gp. Go to Tel Branora on the east side of the map in the islands. There is a woman in one of the first houses (a trader). Her name is Sylvan or something similar. You can buy common Soul Gems from her. Buy all the ones she has and say "Offer". Then, go back to barter and buy them again. They regenerate, and after the first time, she only has three but it stays there. After getting a good amount of them (save money for the trip home), go to Caldera. Go to the hotel next to Ghorak Manner. Stay there and summon a Ghost. Put Soul Trap on it, then kill it (Fire Bite recommended). You can rest in the bed -- do not pay; just go to the back room and do it there. When you filled the gems, you will see that each is now worth 4000 gp. Sell it to the Creeper next door in the upstairs at Ghorak Manor for face value. Do this once then rest for 24 hours because. This will regenerate his money as he only has 5,000 gp. When you sell them all, you can have up to 200,000 gp.

Go to Caldera by the Mages Guild or by walking. Begin to walk mostly east, but slightly north as well, towards Ghost Gate. About one third of the way there, there will be a mine. Go in and kill the guards and miners to steal 80 diamonds.

First, sell items or do quests to get 5,000 gold. Then go to Ghorak Manor in Caldera. There is a merchant named Scamp there. Since your gold is an actual item in your inventory, you can sell it. Sell your 5,000 gold for his 5,000 gold. This gives him 5,000 gold in his inventory, which stays with a merchant, even overnight (barter money does not). Rest a day, then sell him your 5,000 gold again. He will now have a 10,000 gold icon in his inventory, and no barter money. Rest and repeat until you accumulate a large sum, then kill him. He will have all the gold that you ever sold him on his corpse.

When you are in Caldera, find Ghorak Manor. Interestingly, it has a scamp merchant, Creeper. He will buy most items. This is also the place with the Orc sculptor. The Orcs in this manor do not care if you take their items. However, they will taunt you. In the room upstairs with the sculptor is a crate filled with Orcish armor. You will have a choice to keep it for yourself, or sell all of it to Creeper. You can kill off the Orcs one by one, and they will not care. One of the Orcs has a Dwarven battle axe. It is recommended that your character be strong before getting the axe, as the Orc will use it on you.

First, have at least 1,000 to 5000 (recommended) gold. Go to Caldera and go to Ghorak Manor (with all the Orcs inside; next to the armor shop). On the top floor is a merchant creature called The Creeper. Barter with him, then sell him all your gold. Then, rest for twenty four hours in front of The Creeper. As soon as you wake up, sell your money to him again, then sleep again. Each time you do this, he doubles what you sell him. For example, if you sell him 5,000, he will have 10,000. Once you are satisfied, kill him. The Orcs will not harm you. Once he is dead, loot his corpse and take his gold. He will have all the gold you sold to him.

Caldera: Masters Alchemy Equipment:
Use the following trick to get the masters alchemy equipment for 200 gp. Buy the Masters Calcinator in Lower Waistworks, Vivec, Foreign Quarter, at the Apothecary for 200 gp. Walk or transport to Caldera Mages Guild. Up the steps in the south tower is a nearly complete set of Masters Equipment.

Caldera: Boots Of Blinding Speed:
Get on the road/roads leading from Caldera to Gnaar Mok. On one of the roads is a Redguard woman who needs your help in getting to Gnaar Mok. In return she will give you The Boots Of Blinding Speed. These boots have a constant effect of fortify Speed 200 points and Blind 100% as long as you are wearing them. The 100% Blind effect just makes the world slightly darker. Take them off while in dark tombs or during a battle, since they only have 50 health.

When using these boots, they usually bllind you 100%. Set your contrast on your television to a bright level, and continue to put the boots on and off. If you repeat this and watch the background, it is sometimes possible to see where you are going.

Caldera: Free house:
Go to Caldera and find houses with one person in them. Kill the occupant. They will not report it and the house is yours. Another house in Caldera you can get is the clothes shop. You will get reported, but that is only if you talk to the Imperial Legion Guard.

Caldera: Armor and weapons:
Go to Ghorak Manor. At the very top floor above the scamp is an Orc with some boxes around him. In one of them is part of the Orcish armor set. If you stand on a box and jump, there are rafters on the ceiling. On one of the rafters are some weapons.

Dagon Fell: Get map marked:
In the city of Dagon Fell is a shop called "The End Of The World". Inside is a Nord standing behind the bar named Sarnir the Clerk. He knows almost everything there is to know about the world and skills. If you talk to him and just questions, he can mark nearly every city on your map, even small villages. He knows about all the five Dunmer Great Houses, skills such as Block, Heavy Armor, and Alchemy. He also knows about all the races, and the list goes on. It is difficult to get to Dagon Fel. The only way besides walking is to go by boat from Tel Mora, Sadrith Mora, Khuul, and Tel Aruhn.

Dagon Fell: Good armor and weapons:
Use the following steps to get a great helm, Daedric Dagger, and other magical items. In Dagon Fel, go east to the Dwenmer Tower. It would be a good idea to have a good weapon and the continuous healing cheat or some healing potions. When you go inside the tower there are three people who will attack you. They carry good items. In the room across from the stairs is a ladder leading up. Climb up to find a man. Kill him quickly. On him you will find the Masque of Clavical Vile, which has 114 armor and increases personality by 30. The Daedric Dagger is on a table.

To get the Masque of Clasceis Ville, go to Dagon Fell then go west. You will find Sorkvilds Tower. Enter and walk straight. You will see a ladder. Go up and kill a man with a robe; he has the helmet.

Dagon Fell: Become a vampire:
At the east side of Dagon Fell is an ancestral tomb There should be people inside. They are actually vampires. Get hit by one a few times They must hit you with a weapon or hand to hand (no magic). You should contract a disease. No one will talk to you after this happens. The only way to get healed is to do the vampire clan missions.

Dagoth Ur: Good items:
Just south of Dagoth Ur (in the middle of map) is a dwoemer ruin called Odrosal. Inside, you can get a amulet worth 20,000 gp. Up a ladder in the small ruin there is a sword worth 400,000 gp. It is not that strong attack-wise, but it has a constant effect of Fortify Magicka 50 points, Health 30 points, Attack 30 points, Agility 20 points, and Speed 20 points. This one-handed sword is called the Keening.

Dren: Good armor and weapons:
In order to get the Daedric Katana, go to the Dren Plantation. When you arrive, look for a large building labeled "Dren's Villa". Enter it, then go all the way down to the last floor. When you get there, look around for a stair that leads to a door downstairs. There should be three guards located there (some are in the second door). All of them are easy to kill if you are a good warrior, but a very strong weapon or high level is recommended. One of the guards has no shirt and a red Daedric Shield. His name is Galos Farethi. He also is carrying the Daedric Katana. The other two just have Glass Daggers and Glass Wild ViperBlade. Also, go to the top of the building to find a man that has a shelf directly behind him, holding some good items such as the Daedric Greaves. He is also fairy easy to kill, but make sure you take out everyone else first, or everyone in that building will attack you.

Go to Dren's Villa and kill all the people downstairs. At the top floor is a merchant with lots of good armor. If you kill him, you can get an Ebony Cuirass and an Endoril Helmet.

Go to the Dren Plantation (north of Deliagad). Once there, go to the Netch farm. There should be a tall building in one corner of the farm, with a ladder leading up to it. Go into the building. It is called the Dren Plantation, Tower Shack. There should be one man inside. Kill him. He has a nice sword.

If you have an extremely good character, go to the Dren Plantation. Kill everyone inside the huts and everyone inside the plantations. When you get to Orva Dren's house, try to kill everyone inside. There will be four people. Two of them have Glass Jinxblades that paralyze you for ten seconds. Another has a Daedric Katana. Orva Dren has a Ebony Spear. This is very difficult. Once you have eliminated everyone in the entire Dren Plantation area, you should have all the Daedric Swords except a shortsword, a Daedric Shield, an Ebony Cuirass, a full set of Dweomer Armor, and a full set of Orcish Armor, a Orc Warhammer, a couple full sets of Bonemold Armor, an Ebony Shortsword, an Ebony Longsword, and an Ebony Broadsword.

Dren: Join another House:
If you are in House Redoran or Telvanni and want to join another House, go to the Dren Plantation. Find Orvas Dren in his house, then kill him. Go to Duke Dren at the Grand Council Chambers in Ebonhart. Talk to him about the Commona Tong and he will say "So my brother is dead? Sad to hear it but I guess it could not be avoided. So now there is nothing stopping me from naming you grand Master of house Hiallu." You will not actually become the Grandmaster, but you will still be in house Hiallu and can earn your way to Grandmaster.

To advance in house Hiallu to Grandmaster, kill Orves Dren in his villa on the Dren Plantation. Then, talk to Duke Dren in Ebonheart. Talk to him about the Commana Tong and he will say that you are the new Grandmaster, but you are only the lowest rank in house Hiallu. Continue to talk to him about the Commana Tong until he tells you something new. You are now the new Grandmaster of house Hiallu.

Ebonheart: Easy money:
In the Xbox version, travel to Ebonhart and join the Imperial Cult. Talk to the Almoner, Lulus Truptor, in the Imperial Chapel. He is downstair). Go on a few Almoner missions. You do not have to collect the money if you already have enough to pay him yourself. Eventually, he will send you to Balmora to collect Cyrodillic Brandy. Talk to the owner of the club, Eight Plates and ask her to donate some Cyrodillic Brandy. She will gladly give it to you if her disposition is high enough. Then, try it again. She does not seem to realize that she just donated a bottle, and she will give you more. Keep asking her to donate Cyrodillic Brandy and press A as many times as desired or are over-encumbered. It sells for a decent amount, especially if you take it to the talking Mudcrab Merchant.

Ebonheart: Good armor:
If you poke around the coast surrounding Ebonheart, you will notice that a door appears on your mini-map just off the shore. Swim down to it and go through. When you surface on the other side, you will be in the Ebonheart Underground Caves. The caves will branch off in three directions. One is a dead end, one takes you to the secret entrance to the Ebonheart Imperial Garrison (you need a key), and the third tunnel leads to a man in shiny armor. He will attack you. If you win, he has the Devil Katana (worth 10,000 gp) and the Lord's Mail, On top of being worth 190,000 gp, it has an armor rating of 333, cures poison, and resists magic.

To get the Chrysamere and Lords Mail you must become at least a Knight Protector of the Imperial Legion. You must then go to Ebonheart and then to the Grand Council Chamber. Go to the stairs on the right and go up until you reach the room with the Duke in it. Approach the man wearing Imperial silver Cuirass without a helmet. Talk to him and he will tell you how to get them. Then, give it back to him. You must now fight him in the arena. Note: Your character should be very strong before attempting this.

Ebonheart: Raise House Hiaalu level:
Go up to Duke Dren in Ebonheart and keep selecting the subject "Commona Tong". Each time this is done, it will raise your level in House Hiaalu. After about ten times, you will be Grandmaster.

Erabenimsun Camp: Daedric Boots:
Daedric Boots can be found west of Erabenimsun Camp in a Drummer Ruin.

Ghostgate: Good armor and weapons:
Go to the small town of Ghostgate, just northeast of Balmora. When you arrive, there will be two doors. Enter the left one, then follow the circular hall all the way around until you see stairs going down. Inside the first door on the left is a blacksmith. Kill him, pay the fee, and you will have the full Glass Armor set, including the sword.

Go to the Ghostgate, which is near the mountains which are black on the map. It resembles like a big wall that is an electric current. There are two parts to Ghoastgate. In both parts are people who have Glass armor. You can kill them if you wish and take the armor. You will find a person with Full Glass and a strange looking Helmet. Save before you do this. Go behind him and attack. If you kill him, you will get a Daedric Claymore and a Daedric Helmet of Terror.

Go to the left tower at Ghostgate, known as the Tower Of Dawn. Kill everyone inside. You should have a very good character in order to do this. Once you get done, you should have a price on your head of about 7,890 Septims, and about three set of full Glass Armor, along with both types of Glass Shields. If you have killed everyone upstairs, downstairs, and the middle level, you also should have two very good helmets called the Daedric Helm Of Terror and the Daedric Helm Of Inspiration. They are both very good and weigh about fifteen pounds. Both have a armor rating of over one hundred. You also will get three Glass Jinxblades, one Glass Dagger, and one Glass Longsword.

First, go in to the Tower Of Dusk, then go into the lower level. Once there, you will find an armorer who has twelve pieces of glass armor, two helms, one dagger, one long sword, one halberd, two pairs of boots, one shield, two paulldrons, etc. totaling 60,000 and up. the Ghostgate is northeast of Caldera.

To do this trick, you will need 1,040 Drakes. In Ghostgate, enter the tower on the right. Go right all the way around to reach a staircase. Go down, enter the door, and open the door opposite to you. An Ordinator is in there. Wait about five minutes and he will come out. Quickly go in the door and close it so that he will not come back in. Grab the key on the table and go to the other door in the room. It will unlock with the key. Close the door, when you are inside, kill the Ordinator that is in there. Get the shield and pauldrons and drop all your items except for gold. Go to the door, and the other people will tell you to pay gold, go to jail, or resist arrest. Select "Pay gold" to clear your name. Return to your items. Look at the things you just stole. The shield has either 122 or 126 armor. It is worth 25,000 gold, and you only paid 1,040 for it. The Pauldrons are worth 4,000 gold. You can also go through the Ordinator's inventory and pick up his items. Sometimes they have about 10,000 gold worth of items.

Ghostgate: Unlimited Ascended Sleeper Souls:
You will first need a lot of Grand Soul gems and Soul Trapping spells. Find the Ashland Region and Ghostgate. Now after you reach and are facing Ghostgate, go right. You should find a cave called Sharapli. Inside is an Ascended Sleeper. Trap its soul and walk outside. Rest for 72 hours. Go back in and kill it again, and repeat.

Gnisis: Amulet:
In the Gnisis region is a woman named Synette Jeline by a pond just southeast of the Dwarven ruin of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz (where you get the Dwemer tube from in the Mage Guild quest from Edwinna Elbert). This woman will ask you to find her lost ring that she has dropped in the pond. She will not get it because she is a "lady of the evening" and cannot get dirty or wet. Instead of immediately jumping in and finding the ring, if you are a new player, save your game. Jump in and find her ring, It next to a few reeds and may be difficult to locate. . When you do, she will attack you and another person will appear nearby and start shooting arrows at you. Kill them both by any means. Some high power attack scrolls may be useful. After both are dead, the woman that appeared out of nowhere will have an Amulet on her. This is a magic Amulet that will allow you to have 80% chameleon. With this item, you can kill people 20 levels higher without being seen.

Gnisis: Ring:
A little bit southeast from Gnisis near the river, you can go in a tomb. Enter the second door to the left and follow the path to find an urn with Destagmer's Ring inside. It has 30% protection against various elements and is valued at 12,000 gp.

Gnisis: Boots Of The Apostle:
Go to Gnisis then go south to the Koal cave entrance. Then, move east until you reach to a Dunmer stronghold called Berandas. Berandas is very close to Koal cave. Go inside then go down to the bottom level. You will come across a place where there are three ways to go. Choose the left side and keep walking. You will find a room with a dead man wearing the boots.

Hlaalu: Enter the treasury:
Go into the lower wasteworks of Hlaalu, Vivec. It is on one of the sides. Go in and go down all of the steps. Once down there, you will see two people dressed in nice clothes and two Ordinators. Taunt all four of them and kill them. Then, take the deed for the Rethan Manor, which now makes you the owner of it. Proceed into the next door and you will see another Ordinator. Again, taunt and kill him. Go into the next door and you will see two Ordinators. They will trap you -- jump over them. Keep the door open and that will allow you to steal all the items inside without them seeing. Take it and run. There is a full Glass armor set, including a helmet, over 5000 gp and lots of good weapons.

Khul: Mehrunes' Razor:
To get the legendary item Mehrunes' Razor, go west from Khul. You will find a Deadric shrine. Pass it and continue west until you reach the last Deadric shrine in the area. Go in, kill the occupants, and approach the statue. It should say "Mehrunes Dagon". Press A and he will tell you about Mehrunes' Razor, and how it has fallen into unworthy hands. He will tell you that the former owner is now dead and that the razor now lies in Alas tomb. The tomb is near Molag Marr. Search around until you find it.

Maalog Mar: Good armor and weapons:
Go to Maalog Mar and enter "Armigers Stronghold". There will be a man in there that you can train with. train with the long sword until you cannot progress farther or do not want to. Then, buy an average long sword and return to the trainer. You will then need to kill him. The easiest way is to face the room door (make sure its closed) and hit him once. He will then use magic and back up slowly. When he reaches the closed door, open it and he will be caught between the door and the wall. You then can kill him without worry. When he dies, you will get a Daedric Long sword with a chop damage of 1 to 60 and Glass Armor that has a huge value and a great armor rating. You will not find a better weapon or armor for awhile.

Find someone with Glass armor. It is dark metal armor with green glass in it. Save the game, then try to kill them. If you kill them you will not get reported and everyone there will not attack. It is light armor with an armor rating of 105. It is also worth a lot of gold if you decide to sell it.

Marandus Fort: Easy money:
Go to Marandus Fort next to Lake Nabia. Enter and get to the top of the building. There should be another building or room on the roof. Go in and there will be two chests on the far side of the room. The one on the right will hold an enchanted weapon and the one on the left will either be empty or hold an Ebony weapon. If there is an ebony weapon in the left chest, take it and leave the room. If not, leave the room, go back in, and look in the chest again. Repeat this until it holds an Ebony weapon. After you get the weapon, you can leave the room and come back in to find another Ebony weapon. This will not happen every time, and you may need to repeat the process up over ten times but eventually another Ebony weapon will be in the chest. This can be repeated as many times as needed. Note: You may want to mark the Mudcrab before coming here, as Ebony weighs a lot and you cannot carry much of it with you. You can leave some of the Ebony on the floor next to the chest, then collect everything when you are done and recall to the Mudcrab to sell them.

Molag Amur: Getting cured from vampirism and excellent armor:
Go to the Erabenimsun Camp in the Molag Amur region. You will need a Rising Force potion. Go northwest until you find a lava pool. Follow it west until you get to some ruins with a bridge. Go south of them until you find more ruins. On the map included with the game, you can see that there is a yellow semi-circle next to them. Enter the ruins and go to the observatory. Any ruins with the yellow semi-circle next to them will have an observatory. Kill anyone you encounter along the way. There will me some slaves, and other items you can find, such as Dwarven and Daedric armor. You will find the observatory with only one person in it. Kill them and levitate to a little catwalk that goes around the room. On it, you will find a book and a Daedric shield. If you read the book, you will find out how to get cured of being a vampire like the person was.

Mournhold: Reaching this destination:
Rest in a hut or outside as soon as you start a new game. An assassin should try to attack you. Then, talk to a guard and ask about the Dark Brotherhood. Next, go to a mage in Ebonheart to get transport to Mournhold.

Mournhold: Easy money:
Get to level 6 so that the Dark Brotherhood will make an assassination attempt on your life. Follow your journal entries until you can get transport to Mournhold. However, do not go there yet. Find someone who sells the Mark and Recall spells (try the Mage Guilds). Then, find the talking Mudcrab merchant located east of Vivec and on an island above Bal Fell. When you find him, use the Mark spell next to him. Then, go back to where you can get transport to Mournhold. Next, go to the Great Bazaar Sewers. Fight your way through the ghost and skeletons and until you find the Dark Brotherhood. kill them and take their armor, or as much as you can carry. Go to the armorer in the Great Bazaar. Let her repair all your items. Do not sell it to her, as she sets the prices low and sometimes claims some of your gear and the guard will fine you. Instead, once it is all repaired, use your Recall spell and sell it to the Mudcrab Murchant. He will buy at full price when it is in good condition. This will make up for some of the cost in repairing. Note: You might have to sleep a few of times; just sleep next to him and sell until you have sold all the items. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Mournhold: Best medium armor:
To get the best medium armor in the game, travel to Mournhold. Find a Royal Guard. If your Speechcraft and Personality are high enough, you can Admire him until he likes you very well (anywhere from 80 to 100). Then, Taunt him until he attacks. Alternately, you can just attack one, but be prepared to pay the fines and possibly be attacked by more guards. It will be a long, difficult fight. Try to paralyze and poison him to make it go easier. When he is dead, take all of his armor. The Royal Guard armor is the best armor in the game, giving 158 AC when worn at level 100 Medium Armor. This is even better that the Ice Armor from Solstheim. Also, you can finish the main quest in Mournhold and talk to the king about what you have done. He will be impressed, and will give you a full set of Royal Guard armor.

Mournhold: Rare and valuable hammer:
Note: Before you try this, keep in mind that the hammer you will be acquiring weighs 1000.00 pounds. You obviously must either get your strength very high be using feath spells and potions, or use the Jack of Trades and Soul Trap spell to create a spell that boosts your strength to maximize how much you can hold. You also must have a good invisibility potion or spell. To reach Mournhold, once you are level 6, rest frequently on paths and roads until you are awakened by a Dark Brotherhood assassin. You must kill him. Take the assassin's armor and knife. The armor is good for certain races, and the knife can be sold for a hefty amount of gold. Then, go anywhere and talk to a guard. Ordiantors and any other kind of guard should work. He will tell you to travel to Ebonheart (southwest of Vivec) and talk someone ther about the attacks. He will give you the name of the man you must talk to. Go to Ebonheart and talk to the man. He will tell you to speak with a woman inside the castle place in Ebonheart, and she transports you there with a spell. Once in Ebonheart, to leave talk to the mage inside of the first room you appear in Mournhold (may be wearing a purple robe). Go to the Godsreach section then go to the Artifact Museum. There are about five or six guards total in the museum. Go upstairs. There is only one Artifact. It is a very good hammer that is worth 130,000 gold pieces. There are two ways to get the hammer. The first is to go in with a mercenary and powerful weapons and spells and somehow kill all six High Ordinators inside, You will end up with a bounty on your head that will equal over 11,000 gold pieces. The second method (recommended) requires you to position the guards so they cannot see you. There should be two guards in the room with the hammer. One should be in the upper left corner (from the stairs facing towards the red box thing in the middle) on the other side of a table, and the other should be in the bottom right corner, on your right. First, go to the one near the table. He should automatically be facing towards you. There should be just enough room for you to fit in the corner directly behind him. Go there. Get him to turn towards you. Once he is looking at the wall, get out of the corner him moving (try "sneaking: out of the corner). Next, go to the only Ordinator remaining in the room. He should near the middle of two of those red boxes (that are against the wall). One of the boxes is very near the stairs, and the other is further away. Go the one that is further away and stand directly between the Ordinator and the red box. Get the Ordinator to turn towards you. Once he does, do the same thing -- get out from between him and the box without the guard moving. Once you are out, the two guards should be facing generally the same direction. Then, go on the stairs so that the black sphere on the end of the stone rail is halfway showing on the left side of the screen. You should just be able to see the hammer. Save the game at this point, in the event that one of them sees you. Then, take out you spell or ready your potion, and use it. With it on, aim the crosshair on the hammer and get the hammer.

Mt Kand: Staff Of Magnus:
To get the Staff Of Magnus, travel to Mt. Kand and find a cavern with the name "Assu". Go inside and kill all the monsters. Levitate over the water and kill the woman. She will have the Staff Of Magnus, valued at 210,000 gold.

Mzanchend: Dwarven crossbow:
There is a Dwarven crossbow in a locked chest in the ruins of Mzanchend, north-east of Uvirith's Grave. It is the one with a bridge.

Odai Plateau: Cure Kwana Queen:
When you build a stronghold in the Odai Plateau, tell the person in the Hlaau Counsil house in Balmora that you handed the construction contract and the land deed for your stronghold that you want to improve your stronghold. He will tell you that you need to cure the Kwana Queen in the mine near your stronghold with a "Cure Blight Disease". Ask him about recruiting some miners and he will tell you that there are some unemployed miners in Gnisis. Go to Gnisis and ask someone about recruiting some miners. They will direct you to a house. In the house, talk to the man about recruiting miners, and he will tell you that he will be working in the mine with his crew in a few days. The Kwana Queen will be cured automatically.

Rotheran: Good weapon:
Go to the Rotheran Arena. Note that everyone in there will go after you. Find a man with a shiny robe. Kill him and he should be carrying a 95,000 gp weapon. You must have a good weapon to defeat him.

Sadrith Mora: Good weapon:
Travel to Sadrith Mora. There is a small island not far southwest of Sadrith Mora. On that island there is a cave next to a sandy beach. There may be a rat prowling the beach. The cave is called Abinad or something similar. Go into the cave and take the first left you find. Defeat the two monsters down that path and go up the ladder into the next tunnel. That tunnel should lead to a small underground island with purple crystals. Eventually, you will see a platform where someone has apparently been living. Go to the platform, and you should see a lady around nearby. She will attack you. Kill her. She has the Chrisamere sword which weighs 30 lbs, and has a maximum attack of 70 (chop).

Sadrith Mora: Easy money:
To get very expensive and rare weapons and Daedra hearts, buy the spell of Summon Dremora from a man upstairs in Dirty Mureials in Sadrith Mora. Find an empty house and summon them by the dozens. Kill them and quickly gather the weapons. They will have weapons made of Daedic metal, Ebony, Dwarven metal, and Dreugh. Sell these to the Creeper in Caledara or the Mudcrab merchant.

Go to the Imperial Shrine in Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora. Barter with the priest in the back room and buy ingredients for Forify Intelligence. Make about ten potions of Fortify Intelligence and drink them. Repeat this as many times as desired. Eventually the potions made will be priced incredibly high. Get the price to about 9990 gold to easily sell them to the Mud Crab. Note: Obviously, it helps to have better alchemy equipment. This trick also works with Levitation. Raise your intelligence with potions, and then create Levitation potions. Drink the potions to travel long distances extremely fast.

Seyda Neen: Magic flight:
You can get this at any point in the game. Walk about 100 to 150 feet northwest on the road from Seyda Neen (the place you start from). You will here an :"Aaahhhhhh" as someone falls from the sky. His body will be on or near the road. Walk over to him take his potions, books, clothes and dispose of the body so no one will find out. Read the book so you know what he was doing. Use the potion whenever desired. It will boost your athletics 1000 points for seven seconds. You can now fly, but watch where you land because you can die on something hard or have low HP. Note: Save the game before using the potion.

Seyda Neen: Mentor's Ring:
You can find Mentor's Ring with a five minute walk northwest of Seyda Neen along the coast; 500 meters northwest of Processius Vitellius' (the tax collector) body. It is in a tomb right on the coast. There are several Ancestor Ghosts guarding it, but they are easy to kill with a spell (weapons are more difficult). Go through several rooms until you reach one with a big urn at the end. The urn is trapped. Either disarm it or take the damage (one Hearth Heal required). It does about 50 points of damage. Inside is Mentor's Ring (Intelligence + 10, Willpower + 10, constant effect), which is worth 3000 Drakes, a couple of scrolls, a potion, and a key to his chest which contains 100 Drakes.

Seyda Neen: Good armor and weapons:
When you first leave the Census Office in Seyda Neen at the start of the game, you will see a wooden door veered to the right. It is the Census Office Warehouse, which is locked level 45. Purchase (or steal) an apprentice/master's lockpick and pick it. Once inside, go up and to the left to find a winding stone staircase going up. Near the staircase is a group of crates. Look through these to find different types of armor and weapons, including Bonemold types, Nordic, Orc, etc. This is easily raided (only one guard on the lookout who walks around the hallways) and can get you a lot of money or protection.

Go behind the lighthouse. Go to the small green pond and jump directly on top of the stump. Look straight down to find an axe enchanted with a Frost spell. Also, go to the highest part of the ramp up to the lighthouse. Jump on top of the stump and look directly down to find some items. They are different each time.

Immediately after you exit the excise office, go down to the lake. Go to the part of the lake in-between the lighthouse and the shacks. Wait for a guard to walk down by the river, then run into the water. Keep running until you hear a biting noise. One or two Slaughterfish should be biting you. Since guards attack any creatures that attack you, the guard will run into the water. Keep running/swimming further and wait for more fish to attack you. The guard will keep following you. At some point, consider swimming underwater so that guard will be underwater as well. After all the fish are dead and the guard is completely underwater (including the top of his helmet), wait. After a few minutes, the guard will drown. You can take his armor and any other possessions. If you get low on health, use a code to restore it, or if you run out of breath just resurface. After the guard dies and you take his items, his body may appear floating in the middle of the street.

First, chose your skills then pick up your release information. Go over to the shelf and pick up the Limewear Platter. Drop it. The guard will come over and tell you not to do that again because you can get arrested. Then, pick it up again and the guard will not care. Next, go through the door and pick up the dagger. You do not need to have a good short blade rating, but it would help. Go outside and talk to the man in the room. Get rid of the information and get your orders. As long as you do not go through the next door, you cannot get arrested. Use this to your advantage. Equip your dagger then attack him. The first time you swing, you will probably miss but he will repeat the words that the guard said when you first committed a crime. Attack him again until his health bar goes down completely. When he is dead, which will take about five minutes, take all of his items and drop them on the floor. Remember, if you killed him before getting your orders, you created a game with no purpose at all. Go back the way you came from and stand in front of the guard until you get that message again. Go back to the room where you killed the man and pick up the armor. Before you go out on your own, go to the shelf and pick up the warehouse key.

When the game starts, you are in Seyda Neen. Go to Arille's Tradehouse and get a good weapon. The iron claymore is the best. Then, go into all the houses that are unlocked and kill the occupants. Sleep in the beds. A message will appear in one of the houses stating that your sleep has been interrupted. Draw your weapon and turn around. An assassin will be there, dressed in all black armor. Kill it and take the armor. Most of the time the armor will be very powerful; when you put it all on, your armor rating will be between 4 and 21. If an assassin does not enter the unlocked houses, use a lockpick to go into the unlocked houses. The guards will come to you, but pay the fine. While you are in the houses, steal everything and sell it for gold.

Seyda Neen: Killing Sellus Gravius:
To kill Sellus Gravius in the Census and Exise office, collect the Iron Dagger and the Health Ring. Then, run into his building and stab him. Next, draw your weapon again and stab him. Repeat this until he is dead. Leave his armor there, then go back to the building with the guard. Say "Goodbye" to him, then your bounty will return to 0. Take his armor and all of his items. You will start off with full armor that you can either keep or sell to Arrile.

Seyda Neen: Easy killl:
Go to the light house and stand close to the tree on the deck. Then shoot a person with your bow and arrow. When they come over, kill them with any desired weapon. Do not shoot guards unless you have good weapons and armor.

Seyda Neen: Easy money:
Once you are released, go to Arilles' Tradehouse. Go upstairs and talk to the Imperial and get his quest. Then, go outside and search around for a body. It is the tax man that everyone hates. Take all his belongings and sell them. Then, go behind the Tradehouse and into the shack facing it. Talk to the Dunmer and get the ring. Sell it off. Wait on top of the Tower until 10 p.m. and Farragoth should appear and go to the swampy area in front of the Shack. Go there and take the gold after he leaves. Instead of giving the gold to the Imperial, keep it for yourself.

You can steal from any commoner in Seyda Neen and you will not get reported. If you want more, kill off the commoner for whatever he or she is carrying and sell it to the Tradehouse.

It is possible to take the Limeware Platter out of the Census office, but only at the start of the game when they will not arrest you for stealing. Once you can pick objects up (after getting the release papers), stand near the door to the left of the person you just talked to. Steal something small from his desk. Both he and the guard will run towards you and let you off with a warning. Once they do so, go around to the other side of the desk and take the Limeware Platter off the bookshelf. Immediately press B and drop it. The guards will let you off with a warning and will take anything you have stolen from your inventory. Because it is on the ground, you can pick it back up and leave the room. You can do this with everything in the room, but you cannot be carrying anything stolen when they talk to you. The platter is worth 650 Drakes and is helpful at the beginning of the game, as it can pay for a full set of Steel armor.

Talk to the wood elf called Fargoth. If you obtained the Ring Of Healing from the barrel when you started the game, give it to him. If not, get it then give it to him). Next, talk to Flat-foot in Arilles Tradehouse. Get him to tell you about the quest. Then, go to the top of the lighthouse. Wait until it is night, then watch him sneak around until he goes into one of the swampy ponds. Wait until he goes back among the houses, then go down. Check out the hollow log in the center of the swampy pond, but do not take anything yet. Go back to Arille's and talk to Flat-foot again. He will effectively take 200 gp from you (takes 300 gp, then gives back 100 gp). Then, go down to the stump and get everything out of there. You will have gained about 200 gp.

Seyda Neen: Blinded Fargoth gets robbed:
When you look in a barrel for the first time when you are going to the captain, take the Ring of Healing. Then, speak to Fargoth and give him his ring back. Do not leave. Keep rwading and you will get it back. Then, go to Arrille's Tradehouse. Go upstairs and speak to the Flat-Foot. Speak to him about recovering gold. He will mention Fargoth's hiding place. Since you gave the ring to Fargoth, go to the Lighthouse behind the Census office. Go upstairs, and not out the door. Sleep for about twelve hours. Wake up and go just out the door. Fargoth will be holding a torch. He will go to the wall, then the tree, then the pond, then the lighthouse, then the other pond. He will go in the middle of the other pond, stop for a few seconds, then goes back in the middle of the town. Go to that pond. Go in the middle, and there should be a hollow tree stump. Search it and take the lockpick, 300 gold, and the ring. However, do not give it back to Flat-Foot. Use the money to buy a Steel Shield, Steel Greaves, Steel Right and Left Pauldrons, and Imperial Chain Cuirass.

Seyda Neen: Dead tax collector:
Go northwest of Seyda Neen and go on the island. Pass the Crab, Scrib, and Worm thing. You will see the body of the tax collector, Processius Vitellius. Take his clothes (which are better than your current ones) and his gold. Then, find the hut owned by Foryn Gilnith. Enter it and talk to him about the murder of Processius Vitellius. He will say something. Scroll down and choose "That's still no excuse for a murder" and a fight will begin. He is a very easy opponent. His attacks only fatigue you, unless he knocks you to the ground. Kill him and take all the valuables. Sell his valuables, get some Frog Skins, and buy Spark Frostbite and Fireball Magicka at Arrille's Tradehouse.

Suran: Good armor and weapons:
East of the city of Suran is an Ogre named Umbra. He claims that no one in the world has the power to defeat him. He gives you the option to fight him. If you manage to kill this extremely tough Ogre you will get a complete Ogre Armor set and the Umbra Sword, which does 10 to 50 damage and is worth 110,000 gp.

At the top of the guard tower near the Silt Strider port in Suran, under the bunk bed on the top floor is a Sword of White Woe. Note: Sword of White Woe can also be found in the East guard tower in Balmora. It does 3 to 44 damage and drains 1 to 10 points of health over 30 seconds.

The Umbra sword is a powerful weapon that does 10 to 50 damage and has Soul Trap for 120 seconds, It is located south of Suran. To add this powerful weapon to your collection, you must defeat a man in Orcish armor who calls himself Umbra. Umbra is a very powerful warrior that can kill you in two or three hits. To defeat him, enable the "Health" cheat and wear a good set of armor.

Suran: Strip bar:
You can find a strip bar called "Desele's House of Earthly Delights" in Suran. It is directly across from "Ranosa Gilvayn: Outfitter". They have dancers and drinks.

Suran: Easy money:
Visit Goldyn Belaram the pawnbroker. Buy his Glass Dagger. It is in very poor condition (2/300) for about 20 gp. Fix it up and to get a 4000 gp weapon in your arsenal. The town smith, Garothmuk gro-Muzgub (just accross the street) will fix it for about 300 gp.

Go to the Suran Slave Market behind the Pawnbroker's shop. Kill the man inside and rob his house. You should get about 800 gp selling his items. Also, the chest next to where he is standing contains about 400 gp.

Go to the Slave Market and take the money from the small chest next to the slave marketer to get 300 to 400 gp. . The slave marketer will not care, and will just say things. Also, your crime will not be reported.

Go to the Outfitter in Suran. The Outfitter store should be the first to the left. Inside, there is a counter with weapons, clothes, and potions. There is also a shelf with armor, lockpicks, and other items. Take everything. The Outfitter will yell for help, but nothing happens. You will not get a bounty. You can sell or keep anything desired.

Tel Aruhn: Easy money:
In the Xbox version, in Tel Aruhn, there is a slave seller named Savile Imayn. She had a slave named Reeh-Jah that ran away. The slave is south of Tel Aruhn in the wilderness. If you find a path made of pages from a book, then follow it and you will find the slave. He will tell you that he needs to go to Ebonhart. Kill him. Take his things (if desired) and return to the slave seller in Tel Aruhn. Every time you ask her about Reeh-Jah, she will pay you 50 Drakes. Continuously press A to rack up an unlimited amount of money.

Tel Branora: Good weapons:
Go to Tel Branora (southeast island) to find a trader near the large tree (not the far one). When inside go upstairs, take a left, then go downstairs into a room with a desk. In it, you will find a Glass item. Do not take it. If you leave the place and reenter, the item will be different almost every time. There are five items that appear: Claymore (32,000 gp), Long Sword (12,000 gp), Staff (more than 2,000 gp), Axe (8,000 gp), and Magic Axe (10,000 gp).

Go to Tel Branora and to the Upper Town. Get the Summon Golden Saint or Dremora spell and some Grand Soul Gems. Then, go to a location with no one around and summon it, Soul Trap it, then kill it. Golden Saints and Dremoras carry Ebony, Daedric or Glass weapons and sometimes shields. You can keep the weapons and Soul Gems for enchanting, or sell them to the Creeper or the Merchant Mudcrab.

Tel Branora: Dwarven crossbow:
Go to Tel Branora and on to the causeway. You can find a man in all Dwarven armor. Do not kill him. Talk to him, and he will offer you 1000 gp to kill a group of miscreants that are causing problems with Mistress Therana. Go to the group and talk to the robed woman about anything. First, kill the wood elf named Cun. Then, kill the robed lady and pick off the rest. Pickpocket Cun to find some strange bolts and a Dwarven Crossbow. Also pickpocket the other robed lady for all her really nice items, including a Glass Staff!

Tel Fyr: Good armor:
Note: This trick requires a Rising Force potion and a very good lockpick or a scroll to unlock up to 100 points. Go to Tel Fyr, a very small town only consisting of a tower. Enter the tower and go to the very top level, where there will be a door going into the Hall Of Fyr. Go in this door. When you are in the room, look directly up to find a hole leading to a room upstairs. Use your Rising Force to get up there. Once there, you wil find four rooms. Find the one with a closet. The closet will have a 100 point lock and is trapped. If you can open this, you can get a curiass with an armor rating of 181, and it is light. The easiest way to open the closet to finish all the missions for the Thieves Guild. You will get the Skeleton Key, which will open any lock. You can also go to the burial cave near the Urshilaku camp, which also has a lot of other good items in it.

Go to the tower in Tel Fyr with a Rising Force potion and a very good weapon. Kill the man with the Deadric armor set. He is very difficult -- make sure have some potions of health. You can also pick him off with a bow by making him fall down the hole and kill him without getting hurt.

Buy or make the Disintegrate Armor spell. Buy or make the Calm Humanoid spell. Go to Tel Fyr and find a man wearing full Deadric armor. Do not kill him. Cast the Disintegrate Armor on him until he has no more armor on. He will try to kill you - be prepared. Once he has no more armor, cast the Calm Humanoid spell on him. Start pick pocketing him and take all the Deadric armor. Leave and you have a full set without ruining the game. Note: On the main quest you have to go to back to the man -- keep the Calm Humaoid spell.

To get a good set of Dwemer Armor, go to the tower of Tel Fyr and kill everyone there. To get the Dwemer Armor, kill the dwarven man in the Corpusarium bowels. Also, take his key and the wonderful books. Do not kill him unless you have already gotten the Wraithguard. You can also kill the wizard at the top level of the tower and take his Daedric armor if desired.

To get the Deadric Crescent, the Armor of the Saviors Cuirass, and the Scourge mace, go to Tel Fyr southwest of Sadrith Mora. You will need a regular Rising Force potion. Also make sure you have a good Probe, Security Skill, and a scroll or enchanted item that will open 100 points. Go to the hall of Fyr at the top of the Tower. Once inside, levitate up to where the wizard is located. There is a regular chest to the left of the door. Disarm and unlock it. Inside is the Scourge mace that is not very good, but is worth 80,000 gp. Unlock the smaller chest on the bottom of the shelf to the left of the wizard. Inside will be a Daedric Temple Amulet. Take it for now. Next, hop across the hole to the side where there is a dresser. Disarm and unlock that. Inside is the best light armor cuirass in the game. It resists Magicka 60% and very good defense. Equip it. If you are a good fighter and have a good weapon, wear the amulet. It will ask you if you want to go to Mogas Valor. Only go there if you have a good character. Go directly up to the Shrine to encounter a Daedric Lord. He will try to cast some spells on you. Continually attack him before he gets his weapon out. If he gets it out, you will need to have good defense and some Cure Paralyzation potions. Once he is dead, the box in the corner of the screen will say that the amulet is gone but will you get the weapon. It is the best two handed weapon in the game. It does 50 slash damage, disintegrates armor, and paralyzes. Note: You may need to kill some Ordinators and find good items to sell the Scourge mace because you have to make up 80,000 gp for 5000 gp or 15000 gp (Creeper or Mudcrab).

Get to level 15 or above. Then, get the health cheat. Go to Vivec and ride the boat to Sadrith Mora. Next, swim south/southeast until you hit an island called Tel Fyr. Go in and find a room called the Hall Of Fyr. Enter and find the two Levitation potions on the shelf, then go to the middle and levitate up. Find a room full of blue crystals ,and an elderly man. Only attack him. There will be no bounty on you. He has a full suit of rare armor called Deadric. He also has a Deadric Dagger and a key. Take the key and open the chest in his chamber. There will be a very rare weapon inside, the Deadric Scourge. Also, on your way out you can find a locked closet. Inside will be the Curass Of The Saviors Hide, the best light armor in the game.

Use the following trick to get unlimited Daedric armor. Make a spell that has Armor Eater 100-100 magnitude. Then. make one with Calm Humanoid 100-100. Once you have these, go to Tel Fyr, which is on an island southwest of Walvorine Hall. Look for a man with full Daedirc armor (without the helmet). Use the Armor Eater spell until all his armor disappears. Then, use Calm Humanoid on him. Next, enter sneak mode and look in his inventory. Go in and out of it to get different types of Daedric armor. Note: The armor will be broken. Bring a few Repair Tongs to fix them.

Tel Fyr: Good weapon:
A high level fighter is recommended for this trick. First, get a spell for Open 100 points. Go to tel fyr and Levitate to him using a Rising Force potion nearby. Look around and open chests with the Open spell. Be careful, as some are trapped. Eventually you will open a chest with an amulet inside. Save the game, then go into your inventory and equip the amulet. You will be asked if you want to go elsewhere. Answer "Yes", and be ready with the health cheat. When you arrive, you will see a Dremora with a curved blade. Use the health cheat and attack it. In most cases, one hit may almost kill you. If you manage to kill him, you will get a long blade that is 1-50, which is better then the Fiend Katana in Balmora when it is charged.

Tel Fyr: Deadric Crescent Blade:
To get the legendary item Deadric Crescent, go to Tel Fyr, southwest of Sadrith Mora. You will need a Lock Splitter scroll, Endless Opening spell, or the skeleton key, which you can get from gentleman Jim Stacey in the Thieves Guild quests. You will also need a Probe and a Calm Humanoid spell, along with a Levitation spell or potion. Enter Tel Fyr tower and take the first right. Continue until you reach a door. Go in and use your Levitation spell or potion. Levitate up, then go towards the man in dark Deadric armor. If you have completed the main quest, you can kill him. If not, do not kill him or you will have no chance of completing the main quest of the game. Save the game before you attempt to get the Deadric Crescent Blade. Use your Endless Opening spell to open the small chest on the shelf behind the man. Use your Calm Humanoid spell to calm him down. Take the Deadric Amulet out of the chest and equip it. It should ask if you want to go somewhere. Accept and get ready for a fight,as there is a strong Dremora in the shrine. Kill him, and it should tell you that the amulet was replaced with the Dremora's weapon, Deadric Crescent Blade. You should be transported back to Tel Fyr tower. The man in Deadric armor should attack you again. Use your Calm Humanoid spell, and if desired, open the chest on the left. There should be another legendary item call Scourge inside. If you are playing The Game Of The Year edition, in the Mournhold museum there should be a book that tells you all about the legendary items and names three items in that tower. They are the Deadric Crescent, Scourge, and Curaiuss of the Savior's Hide, which you can find in the closet in another room on the floor you are on. It also has a lock level of 100 and will not be an easy target. The armor is light and should have a good armor rating depending on how proficient you are with light armor.

Use the following trick to get two Daedric Crescents and a Tel Fyr Amulet. Make sure you have a spell/scroll/enchanted item of Almsivi Intervention or Divine Intervention and something with Mark and Recall. Get the keys to the chests at Tel Fyr and keep using them on the other chests until you get the key to the small chest next to Divayth Fyr. Open the chest and get the Daedric Sanctuary Amulet. Equip the Amulet and you will be asked if you want to be teleported somewhere. Answer "Yes". When you get there, use Mark. Kill the man and your amulet will disappear and be replaced with the Daedric Crescent. You will be transported to Tel Fyr. Use recall and you will be teleported back to the other place. Find the dead body of the Dremora and he will have another Deadric Crescent and a Tel Fyr amulet. Use Almsivi Intervention or Divine Intervention to get back because there are no exits. Note: You can also Soul Trap the man, because he is not a regular Dremora Lord.

Tel Fyr: Easy money:
There are many chests behind Divayth Fyr. Unlock the one with the Scourge. It is enchanted to cast Summon Dremora and Scamp for thirty seconds when used. Kill both of them, but do not check the Scamp. The Dremoras almost always have either Ebony or Daedric weapons. This trick is very useful to gain a lot of money. The best person to barter with is either the Creeper in Caldera or the talking mudcrab merchant on an island near Bal Ur.

Valenvaryon: Full Grand Masters Alchemy Set:
There is a merchant at Valenvaryon who will sell you a complete set of Grandmaster's Alchemy Set. It is very expensive though; 4000 gp for everything but one item, which is 1,200 gp.

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