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The Sims cheats PlayStation 2

Cheat mode:
Press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 at the main menu to unlock the cheat menu. The following codes can now be entered at the cheat menu.

Midas mode:
Enter MIDAS at the cheat menu. Start the game in Get A Life mode, get into the hot tub with the girl, then press Start to pause game play. Select "Quit", followed by "Just Quit". This mode unlock all two-player games, all locked objects, and all locked skins.

Free mode:
Enter FREEALL at the cheat menu. All objects will now cost 0 Simoleans. Note: You will not be able to sell any items for money. This has no effect on the cost of paying for bills and other services. Also, this may cause some problems with saved games.

Party Motel mode:
Enter PARTY M at the cheat menu. The Party Motel two-player game will now be unlocked under the bonus section in Get A Life mode.

Play The Sims mode:
Enter SIMS at the cheat menu. Play The Sims mode will now be unlocked, without going through the Get A Life dream house. This is useful for players without memory cards, who would otherwise need to play through the Dream House each time.

First person view:
Enter FISH EYE at the cheat menu. Press Circle to toggle between normal and first person view.

After this code is enabled, in certain places in Play The Sims mode and Get A Life mode, press Up, Down, Right, or Left on the D-pad to get a first person perspective high in the air.

To get a double zoom, enable this code, then make your Sim look down (such as when washing hands). Press Square and you should be able to zoom in a lot closer.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 1: Borrow $800 from Mom:
Go to buy mode and sell anything that is not a necessity until you have over $800.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 1: Easy money:
If your house is completely clean when you finish, Mom will give you about 50,000 Simoleans.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 1: Easy completion:
Enable the "Free mode" code. Place the stove in a room without walls. Then, buy a microwave and make him or her cook dinner, lunch, or breakfast.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 2: Cleaning house:
A quick way to get the house cleaned and the computer, television and espresso machine repaired is to enable the "Free mode" and "Midas mode" codes. Then, use the monkey butler. This will not disrupt your room bar.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 2: Upgrade house value:
Enable the "Midas mode" and "Free mode" codes. Once everything is done in Chapter 1 and you get a new house, fix all of the items first. Get rid of all of the garbage then press Start. Go to build mode and destroy everything in the house (including all of your property.). Make your house the size you want. Make the room, bathroom, living room, and kitchen as desired. Then, put in all the items.

Enable the "Midas mode" and "Free mode" codes. Buy an expensive rug. Put it down and buy another and put it on top. Keep doing this to upgrade the house value and not take up space.

Enable the "Midas mode" and "Free mode" codes. Then, start Get A Life mode. Use the following trick on every level that has "Upgrade abode when you go to buy mode" on the goals menu. Go to buy mode and buy something that has not been unlocked. That should upgrade the abode.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 2: Sell warning:
In this chapter you will temporarily live in Dudley's or Mimi's home. Before you move out, do not sell anything in the house because you will just have to buy it back.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 2: Easy money:
Sell all the items in the house, destroy the house, upgrade the furniture and rooms, and complete all goals. In the end when you move out with Dudley, you will get a quick phone call from Malcolm. He will give you 77,000 Simoleons.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 3: Get promoted:
Enter build mode and put in either the "Mini Pool" or the "Wet Tangle". Then have Dudley or Mimi (depending on the sex of your character) swim in the pool. Eventually they will get the two body points that are required for them to get promoted to the next job level.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 3: Throw a raging party:
Turn on the Stereo. Then, turn on the Bug Zapper. . Set the Aromaster Whifferpuff Gold to any smell. Next, order pizza or cook some hamburgers and invite the party members. When they arrive, start eating. After they are done eating, go in the hot tub or watch television. Make sure you have the best television, or the hot tub that seats four people. After a while a screen appear that reads "This party rocks!". You can now get a roommate.

During story mode you can throw a raging party by having one of your Sims play the guitar. Everyone will come into the room and clap or boo the person that is playing. After 30 seconds a message about you having a great party will appear.

If your Creativity and Cooking skills are at the maximum, this should be easy. Serve Dinner, call friend to throw party, greet one person (do not talk, just greet), then play guitar. People should either listen to you play, or eat the food. It should not take more than two hours to get a raging party afterwards.

Hint: Get A Life Chapter 3: Gay Dudley:
In Chapter 3 where you have to live with Dudley, you can make him and your character very close by filling up the relationship meter. After doing this they will kiss and feel comfortable around each other.

Hint: Get A Life mode: Job promotions:
When you are living with your mom, build up your stats until they are full. To do this, enable the "Free mode" code and buy everything for studying Cooking, Mechanical, Body, Logic, Creativity, and Charisma. After your stats are full, make about eight family friends. An easy way to do this is to get your friendship level with someone to about 75, until you can hug them. Continue to hug them until the rating is 100. After you have full stats and eight friends, move out and you will not have to worry about job promotions, and should get through levels quickly. Note: The higher your friendship rating is with someone, the longer you can go without calling them. You must have family friends to get promoted.

To get a promotion, your Sim must have at least one green bar, the correct number of friends, and all the skills needed for that profession.

Hint: Get A Life mode: Job demotions:
To get a demotion, your Sim must have at least two red bars and not have the correct number of friends.

Hint: Get A Life mode: Easy level passes:
When you start the first real level, sell all your mom's belongings. Buy everything that is the most expensive (Meet Marco, Sani-Queen Bathtub, etc.). Before you move out (and before you get a job), sell everything including the walls and windows. Repeat the process on each subsequent level.

Hint: Get A Life mode: Bonuses:
You can unlock objects by doing the following things:

Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold: First time you cook a successful dinner in Chapter 1.
Artists Block: Get promoted to job level 7 in Chapter 4.
Beach Simulator: Raise your first baby to a kid in Chapter 5.
Bearskin Rug: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 5.
Beejaphone Electric Guitar: Get through the house in 24 hours or less in Chapter 1.
Chairmaster Vanity Table: Fix the television after Mom breaks it in Chapter 1.
Club Abhi and Taylor's Place in two player mode: Throw a raging party in Chapter 4.
Coat Of Arms: Get through the house in 4 days or less in Chapter 2.
Electronic Insect Control System: Upgrade house value in Chapter 2.
Frat House in two-player mode: Complete all goals and move out in Chapter 2.
Handyman: Fix everything in the house in Chapter 2.
Head In Curio Jar: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 3.
Heart-shaped Vibrating Bed: Upgrade your house in Chapter 4.
Maid: Clean up the house in Chapter 2.
Maid's House in two player mode: Get promoted to job level 8 in Chapter 5.
Major Dormo (Monkey Butler): Send both kids to Prep School in Chapter 6.
Master Suite Tub: Get a promotion to job level 5 in Chapter 3.
Motel in two-player mode: Throw a raging party in Chapter 3.
Museum in two-player mode: Borrow 800 Simoleons from Mom in Chapter 1.
Park in two-player mode: Feed the Bobo the bum in Chapters 3, 4, 5, or 6.
Perspiraction Executive Treadmill: Get a job in Chapter 1.
Rhino Head: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 6.
Slurp 'n' Burp Beverage Cooler: Get a promotion to job level 2 in Chapter 2.
Sonic Shower: Get promoted to job level 6 in Chapter 4.
Sprinkler: Raise your second baby to a kid in Chapter 5.
Strip Poker Table: Get a promotion to job level 4 in Chapter 3.
Teppan'Yaki Table: Get a promotion to job level 3 in Chapter 2.
Tree Swing: Upgrade house value in Chapter 3.
Two Swimming Pools: Get promoted to job level 9 in Chapter 5.
Wurl 'n Hurl Jukebox: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 4.

Hint: Aromaster Whifferpuff Gold:
The Aromaster Whifferpuff Gold costs 2,500 Simoleons and is a good item to get your Sim's moods up quickly. Even though it might break a few times, it is one of the top items that a thief will go for. It has four settings:

Peppermint and Juniper: Increases Comfort
Lavender and Majoram: Increases Fun
Juniper and Rosemary: Increases Energy
Rosemary and Peppermint: Increases Room

You can use multiple Aromaster Whifferpuffers at time. The best way to use it is, before you go to sleep put it on the second setting. When you awake, your Sim will be in a very good mood, with at least three green bars as he/she has a full energy bar and a full fun bar.

Hint: KraftKing Wood Working Table:
You can put Mom to work building Gnomes with the KraftKing woodworking table. Any money you make from this home crafts project can be pocketed when you leave.

Hint: Easy money:
Enable the "Free mode" code, then go to your house and buy a lot of expensive items. After that, save then restart your system. Do not enter the code again, then sell your items back for more money. The best item to do this with is the Monkey Butler Tree, which is worth 15,000 Simoleans.

Enable the "Free mode" code, then move your Sims into the cheapest house available. Then, buy a lot of expensive items (such as the Monkey Butler). After this, evict your Sims from that house, but do not empty the house. By doing this, your Sims keep the "assets" that they had, which turn into money for them. The house will then cost something similar to 99,999 Simoleans. To counter this, enter build mode for the house you moved your Sims out of, then sell off the Monkey Butler and other items you put up. The house will be cheap again. Move your Sims back in and they will have a lot of money.

Enable the "Free mode" code, start a game, and buy fifteen Heart Hot Tubs. Note: These must be unlocked in Get A Life mode first. After buying them, save the game and quit. Turn off the PlayStation2 to disable the code. Return to the same game and sell all the Heart Hot Tubs that were bought to get up to 99,999 Simoleans. Notice that when you pay bills, buy something, etc., your money will not decrease.

Make a wall parallel to the sidewalk (with the trash can and mail box). Put the most expensive wallpaper on both sides. Then, press Square to sell the wallpaper on one side. If this does not work, try the opposite side. You should be able to sell one side's wallpaper repeatedly.

Use the following trick to make the wallpaper technique faster. As you sell the sheet of wallpaper, you must hold Square and release it to complete the sale. If you press Square repeatedly after the sale, the sales keep occurring for how many times it was pressed. Also, this trick works better if the wall has an intersection in the shape of a "T".

Buy a workbench and heighten your Mechanical, Creativity, and Body. Keep making Gnomes. If you have a very high status, you should be able to sell each gnome for at least 100 Simoleans. Making gnomes only take about one to two seconds each if you have a very high status.

Have a Sim with a high creative level. Start a painting or a sculpture. After it has been started, tell that Sim to stop, then have another Sim (with no creative points) finish it. Sell it, and you will still get as much money as you would if the Sim that originally started it had also finished it. You can even have your kids finish your painting and still get as much as if the parent did the painting.

In Play The Sims mode, take an empty square of land and build on it with just the wall tool. When there is no more room, leave the neighborhood. Move in a family (at least 13,405 Simoleans required), then sell all the walls in build mode. After that, leave the neighborhood. You will have regained the 13,405 Simoleans, plus an additional 4,285 Simoleans

Enable the "Free mode" and "Midas mode" codes. Go to an open location to make a house. Buy about 50 Monkey Butlers, and move the family in. Save the game, then return to the main screen. Disable the "Free mode" code, then return to the Monkey Butler-infested area. Sell them all for a large profit then make your own house.

When you finish a chapter, the phone will ring. Answer it and you will get lots of Simoleans from someone named Malcolm. The higher the chapter, the more money you will get.

Enable the "Free mode" and "Midas mode" codes in neighborhood mode. Go to a deserted plot of land. Move in a family, and fill the place with as many Persian rugs as possible until the net worth is very high. Then, save the game and go to the neighborhood screen and evict the family. After evicting your family, bulldoze the house that you just built. You can repeat this as many times as desired.

Enable the "Free mode" code. Go to Get A Life mode and remodel your mom's home. For example, get her a big screen television. Then, move out of your mom's home and she will give you money for all of the remodeling that was done. The more you remodel, the more money you get.

If your child gets a very good grade (for example, an A+) and they keep studying, within a few days you should get money from a grandparent.

Lay the most expensive flooring sample manually by holding X and stretching the flooring from one corner of the room to the other. Then, pull up the flooring automatically by selecting the "Grass" sample and holding the L1 or R1 (preview) to cover the entire room in grass and pressing X. It costs much more money to lay things automatically than it is to lay it manually. When you lay the expensive flooring manually and the grass automatically, you will gain back the difference in Simoleons. To make this go faster, buy an empty lot and build nothing except a large room that spans the maximum build area of the lot. Use this area to lay flooring. It may take you a few attempts to be able to afford to cover the entire lot in the expensive flooring, and you may need to manually lay only half the room in expensive flooring during the first few times. Still, lay the grass automatically for it to work. It is possible to get back about 8,000 Simoleons per attempt on the large lot. If you are running so low on money and are going to go broke any minute, this is a quick way of getting out of the hole without having to actually sell anything.

Hint: Stat management:
The best stats to use are maximum Active for studying and no outgoing, so your Social bar stays up longer. Put the rest on "Nice", for friends. If there is anything left over, put them on Playful. It is easier to get your Fun level up by playing pinball than to read a book for five hours.

Outgoing: The higher you put this stat, the faster your Social meter goes down.

Active: The higher you put this stat, the longer you will study, work out, etc.

Nice: The higher you put this stat, the faster it is to get a friendship rating up.

Playful: If this is high, you like to play games. If it is low, you like to read books (not study).

Neat: The higher it is, the more things you can clean by yourself. For example, tell a Sim with no Neat to clean a plate and they will pick up one plate. Tell a Sim with maximum Neat to pick up a plate, and they will pick up all the plates.

Hint: X-Treme Carrier Completion:

Cooking: 2
Mechanical: 6
Creative: 9
Body: 8
Logic: 6
Charisma: 8
Friends: 7

Hint: Life Of Crime career path:
Prevent a thief from escaping in Get A Life mode to unlock the Life Of Crime career path in all modes.

To easily get a Life Of Crime career, wait until a burglar arrives. Then, go to build mode and get rid of all the doors. Next, call the police. When they arrive, replace the door. Let the policeman in and the burglar will be arrested.

Hint: Military career path:
Use the following routine when following the Military career path in Play The Sims mode. Go to sleep at 7:00 p.m. Wake up at 2:00 a.m. Take a shower. Use the toilet. Have a quick breakfast. Come home, then repeat process, watch TV, play pinball, and go to sleep.

Hint: Military School:
If your kids get too low with their grades, they will be sent to military school.

Hint: Easy skills:
Evict a family. When this happens, their moods go up immediately after you move into another house. Once you get in a house, study, work out, etc.

If your energy or any other stats get low, evict yourself from the house. Reenter the house and all your stats will be renewed.

Sell everything in the house except a mirror, guitar, and a pool. Enable the "Free mode" code and leave the game running. Your Sims will build up Charisma, Creative, and Body points by themselves. The only other thing you will need to do is eat and use the rest room. The best time to do this is when you are living with your mom.

Hint: Easy Body meter increase:
Get a weight set. Grab a cheap table and set it by the weight set. Note: Make sure your Sim can get on the weight set. When the table is in place, buy an aroma machine and place it on the table. Enter Live mode and have your Sim turn on the aroma machine to Juniper and Rosemary, then work out. You will notice your Sims energy will stay the same as he or she works on its body without getting tired.

Hint: Easy Fun meter increase:
Buy a Whifferpuff Plus and place it next to your bed. Set it to Lavender and Marjoram and your Fun meter will drastically increase as you sleep.

Hint: Quicker energy:
Go to build mode and select the second fireplace. Put the fireplace in your room. Next, buy the most comfortable bed (Modern Mission Bed) and put it one or two spaces in front of the fireplace, but not directly in front of it. Then, buy two square tables and put both of them on each side of the bed. Next, buy the Aromster Whifferpuff "Gold" and place them on both tables. Before going to bed, turn on the fireplace, and set both Aromsters to Juniper and Rosemary. You can be fully rested after about four hours and be ready for work.

Get the bed with the highest Energy status (10) and get all your Sims except the one you want to get more energy. Get him or her into the Napoleon Sleigh bed that you bought earlier. When he gets in, the time will get even shorter and he or she will get energy quicker.

Hint: Work out and not lose energy:
Buy a Wifferpuff and table. Put both directly next to a work out machine, treadmill, or weights. Set the Wifferpuff to Juniper and Rosemary. Start working out and you will not lose energy.

Hint: Quick wake up:
When you have full energy and you want your person to wake up, you just tell them something to do. They will get up and do whatever you wanted them to.

Hint: Keep Aroma Machine from breaking:
If you are having trouble with your Aroma Machine. put it on the Kinderstuff Night Stand.

Hint: Faster time:
Hold R2 and time will pass faster.

Hint: Get A Life mode: Easy Body Point:
Start Get A Life mode, and your character dreams. After his or her kiss with the other Sim, quickly swim in the swimming pool and ignore your mate. Keep swimming until you receive one Body Point. Note: Do this quickly, before your mate angry and the game ends. Note: You can only receive one Body Point.

Hint: Easy Get A Life mode:
Enable the "Free mode" code. Buy an exercise machine, mirror, chess table and chairs, and paint board. While in your Mom's house, fill up all your stats.

Choose a desired career and build all up your work stats while living with your Mom. Do not worry about making friends yet. Look at the last career promotion to see what also needs to be raised. Even though your Mom will drive you up the wall, you will get through the next stages easily.

Hint: Easy promotions:
To get promoted quickly, always check your Job Panel and look at the Smiley face and the numbers next to it. Notice that there are two numbers. The one on the left, if you have a job, will have a number. You have to make as many Family Friends to equal how many that number is. When you get the correct amount of Family Friends, if you have any Yellow looking bars next to your Cooking, Mechanical, etc., you will need to fill those up by looking in a mirror and practicing speeches, Charisma, or working out on a treadmill, body exerciser, etc. When you go to work the next day or so, or if your Sim needs adjustment to its feelings, keep it home one day from work. Fill up its needs and wait the next day. When you go to work and your Sim is in a good mood (filling its needs), check the job panel. Highlight the job they have, press X, and it will show you their performance. If the performance is "Good", you will most likely be promoted when you get home. If it does not work the first time, keep filling their needs and send them to work in a very good mood.

Hint: Unlock everything in build and buy mode:
Get to chapter 2 in get a life mode. Complete all things except for getting promoted to career level 2 and move out of the house. When you have done that, save the game and return to the main menu. Enable the "Free mode", "Midas mode", and "Party Motel mode" codes. When you enter The Sims mode, all of the things are now unlocked in build and buy mode.

Hint: Cheaper houses:
Enable the "Free mode" or "Midas mode" code. Go to Play The Sims mode. If a character does not have enough money to buy a house, bulldoze a worthless house and move that family in the field; or if there is a place with no house, move the family into that area. Pause game play and start building your house however desired.

Enable the "Free mode"" and "Midas mode" code. Build a frame for the house and move in a family. Build, buy, and sell until you want to stop.

Hint: Do not lose things when purchasing a house:
Enable the "Free mode" code, then choose a blank address (a place with no houses). Then, enter family and build your house.

Hint: Getting married:
To get married easily, invite a Sim of the opposite sex. But first, always throw a party and pick the Sim you want to marry. "Greet" them, "Talk" to them, then when they want to leave you will know their phone number. After dark, call that person. "Invite" them over. If they say "Sure", wait for them. Get to know them more. When you get the chance to "Flirt" with them, do so. Sooner or later she or he will fall in love with you. The next day (or perhaps on same day), get your Sim in a good mood (three green bars or more). Then, "Serve Dinner (Lunch, etc.)". When they are done eating as much as they desire, watch television. While they are watching television, highlight your "Guest" and give them the command to "Watch TV". They will "Watch TV" with you, talk to you, and their comfort will rise. Next ,"Talk" with them, "Tell Jokes", "Hug", "Dance", etc. If your Sim is still in a good mood (three green bars or more), you will have the option to "Propose" to the Sim you want to marry, Sometimes they will not accept (you will hear warning sirens) and they will state a reason. Do whatever they wanted you to do. When you fulfill their requests, "Propose" again. If you are lucky, they will accept. Note: You can only do this in Play The Sims mode.

Hint: Having a baby:
Create a family in Play The Sims mode. Get your Sim married. Then, evict your family and them back. Take the married couple to the bathroom and kiss. It may require four or five kisses for it to work. A little box will appear and ask if you want a baby.

Same sex couples can also have a baby. Instead of getting the "Do you want a baby?" question, after awhile you will get a call from an adoption agency asking if you want a baby.

In Free mode, have a Love Bed and a spouse/partner. Chose the Love Bed and scroll down the list of suggestions and select "Vibrate". Your Sim will take off their clothes and crawl into bed. Then, click on their partner, scroll down the list of suggestions, and choose "Play In Bed". The partner will take off their clothes and also crawl in bed. You will hear your Sim bark or howl.

Hint: Quiet baby:
When the baby is crying, the only things that you have to do to make it fall back to sleep is "Feed" and "Sing", in that order.

Hint: Raising a baby:
When you and your partner have a baby, stay off work until the baby is a child. Do not pick up the phone or you will be fired. Then, put in a toilet, fridge and PC in your room so that you never have to leave it. Next, when the baby starts crying, make sure you are immediately there, and feed then sing (in that order). When it is asleep, also go to sleep. In a few days you should have a child.

Hint: Losing baby to Social Services:
If you have a baby, you will notice that it cries frequently. When you click on it, "Play", "Feed", and "Sing" will appear. If you just sing to it, it will go to sleep. If you do not sing, play, and feed it every time it cries, a message will appear about a day later that states "You are neglecting your baby. If you do not pay attention to it soon, it'll be taken away from you." If you continue to neglect it, a day or so later, a woman from SimCity Social Services will appear and take your baby away. There is nothing you can do to stop this once she has entered your house.

In Get A Life mode, get a girlfriend. You may get a call from City Hall asking if you want to adopt a baby. Make a room for it and take the door off. Let it starve. After a few days a City Hall agent should arrive to take the baby away. With the door gone she cannot get through. However after awhile she will pass by it and take the baby.

Hint: Avoid losing baby and job:
Have one Sim skip work to care for the baby. The next day, have a different Sim skip work to care for your baby. Repeat this until you raise it to a child.

Hint: Blue baby:
Neglect your baby until the Social Services message appears. Continue to not feed it, and the woman will appear to take your hard-earned baby. When she enters the house, hold L to pause time. Go over to your baby carriage, zoom in, then change the view so you can see where the baby's head should be. You will see a blue pillow and a little blue baby head.

Hint: Disappearing baby:
If you moved out of a house and into a new one while your baby is still in a carriage, it will disappear. Because you can pick it up and move it around in Buy Mode, it is considered a piece of furniture. When you normally move, your furniture does not go with you.

Hint: Kidnapped baby:
When a thief comes to your house, he or she will steal the most expensive or closest thing in the house. If your bedroom is first room in your house, and your baby is next to the bed, a thief can enter and steal your baby.

Hint: Baby to child:
After about five or six days, a baby will evolve into a child. The stats and appearance of the child are absolutely random.

Hint: Keep child home from school:
If you do not want your child to go to school and do not want to keep hearing the bus honk every few seconds, just let your child stand in the middle of the road where the bus waits everyday. Then the bus will not appear, and your child will not go to school.

Hint: Getting money after missing work:
If you miss work one day, do not answer the phone. Instead, wait until the next caller, who should call in later. They will give you some money.

Hint: Paying maid, gardener, or repairman without money:
If you do not have enough money to pay the maid, gardener, or repairman, they will take one of your household items (usually a lamp). Also, you may not hire them back.

Hint: False alarm charge:
If you call the fire department when there is no fire, they will charge you 200 Simoleons. To avoid this fine, do not call them if you know the fire is weak. If it burns out, even if you call while it is still burning, they will charge you. Note: This happen with the police.

Hint: Cancel newspapers:
Let your newspapers pile up for five days until you have five of them on your yard. On the sixth day, do not collect any and you will get a message stating that you will not receive any more papers because you have too many. Note: If you hire a maid, she will pick up the papers and you will continue to receive them.

Hint: Bills on the ground:
Sell all your tables and counters, then put plants on top of your dish washer, trash compactor, etc. Your Sim will then put all the bills that are received on the ground. This looks very funny if you throw a party while the bills are on the ground.

Hint: Never pay bills:
This trick only works in Play The Sims mode. If you do not want to pay your bills, evict your family from the house every two days then move them back in.

Put a fireplace in an empty room. When bills arrive, place them in the room on the left side of the fireplace. Have a Sim light a fire. When the bills burn to ash, call the fire department. This trick also works on multiple bills. Note: If any Sims die during the fire, reset the game.

Hint: Keep Major Dormo longer:
Call Major Dormo, then put a fence around his tree house after he leaves it. He will remain with you much longer, but will still eventually disappear.

Hint: Attack a Sim:
Insult a neighbor or your roommate until their name is down to -100. Then, go outside and display the action options (where you can choose to kiss, hug, insult, slap). You should now be able to attack the person. Do this about three times. Your roommate will have had enough and pack up and leave for good.

Hint: Killing Sims:
If you want to see the Grim Reaper and put a lot of tombstones in your backyard, enter build mode and add a fireplace. Fix up the house somewhat. When prompted to move in a family, create one and make several Sims. Have all of your Sims enter the room with the fireplace and have one of them light it and stand very close. The fire should catch them all if they were close enough. The Grim Reaper should show up to claim the family. Once he does, if there is one Sim remaining have them call the fire department. the Fire should go out and there should be several little tombstones sticking up out of the ash. Enter build mode, grab all of them, and place them in the backyard. If desired, you can add some flowers and other objects. They will become a grave. To get rid of the last Sim, lock them in a room with no windows or doors. They should die in three and a half days. Repeat the grave steps when the Grim Reaper reappears. if you want a very large graveyard, repeat all the steps. Note: This will not be a good home for families, as they will be mourning all the time.

Note: You can also use the previously described steps to kill Dudley/Mimi. When they die, you will continue the game as usual (no game over). You can also kill your Mom, but you will have to start again from your last save.

Get a fireplace and surround it with a lot of flammable objects. Then have a party and invite a lot of people. Light up the fireplace, and it will eventually burn down the house. Note: Leave the house immediately after you light it.

Place your Sim in a small room, with about enough room for your Sim, a large number of trash cans, and a fireplace. Put your Sim directly next to the fireplace. Then, put trash cans all around the fireplace. Have your Sim light the fireplace. In about an hour, the trash can will catch on fire and kill your Sim.

Start Play The Sims mode. Once you find a family, do not teach the father how to cook. Make the father cook something and he will accidentally burn his food and start a fire. He will die from burning in the flames. Have a child come out at midnight and you will see the father walking around as a ghost. Look around the house, backyard, or outdoors to see the ghostly parent. Note: Make sure the kids are at school during the fire, and also have the mother there to call the fire department to put the flames out.

Throw a party. Get all the people in the back yard. Lock them in a fence and wait until they die. After awhile, at night they may appear walking around your house as ghosts.

Hint: Change clothes faster:
When a Sim puts up the curtain to change, press L1 to pause game play. They will change, but time will freeze.

Hint: Place wallpaper or carpets faster:
Hold L1 or R1, then press Square at the same time.

Hint: Keep Sims from talking to each other:
Have your Sims eat different meals (have them both fix their own meals).

Hint: Alien abduction:
Buy the telescope and use it for too long. Your Sim will be abducted and disappear. It will reappear some hours later, with different stats.

Hint: Nude Sim:
Note: This is easiest to do in Play The Sims mode. Get a fire place, then buy a rug and place it under the fireplace. Guy the heart shaped spa. Light the fireplace, get in the spa, and wait until there is a fire. Before your Sim gets out and starts jumping around because of the fire, cancel everything but the spa. Wait until the spa burns up. If done correctly, your Sim will appear in another part of room close to the wall, and will not have their clothes on. Note: The censor will still appear.

Note: When your Sims appear on the screen nude naked after the spa burns down, if you tell them to go to the bathroom while they still have the censor on, the censor will disappear when they are done using the bathroom.

Enable the "Third person view" code. Have a Sim get in the bathtub and press Circle(3) to get into third person view. Cancel the bathtub order when they are in it by pressing Triangle and then Up. If done correctly, you should see their rear.

Hint: Topless female Sim:
This trick requires two Sims and the Heart Shaped Bed. Enable the "Third person view" code, then make the two Sims play in the bed. Make sure the Sim you are not controlling is a female. Press Circle to look through the Sim's eyes. As you are getting into bed, use the Right Analog-stick to make your Sim look down at the female's Sim's chest. Note: You will notice that she has no breasts. Note: This may take a require a few attempts.

Purchase a dresser and a vibrating bed. Let your female Sim enter the bed under the vibrate command. Get her out and quickly select the bed. A new "Rest" command will be available. When she gets in the bed, move the dresser next to her side of the bed so that she cannot get out. Wake her up. Every time she tries to get up, you can see topless. This happens about once every twenty game minutes. Hold Speed and to see this about once every five seconds.

Go into the hot tub with a female Sim in first person view in Get A Life mode to see her topless.

Hint: Zombie Sim:
Kill a Sim and wait for the Grim Reaper to appear. Plead for his or her life. The Grim Reaper will either ignore your plea, turn your Sim into a Zombie, or revive your Sim. If your Sim was revived, kill him or her again, then try again. The outcome is random. Note: Do not save the game if the Grim Reaper kills your Sim. Reload the game and try again. Zombie Sims do not have any features different from normal Sims other than a green color.

Hint: Regain needs:
Skip work every other day, to the point where they call you but you will not get fired to regain your fun and social levels. While you are home, call over some friend(s) and play pool or a cooperative game.

You can use the Wiffer Puffer Gold to recover a certain part of your needs, such as comfort, fun, etc. according to the one you use. This is especially useful near where you read or work out.

Buy a Bug Zapper from the electronics section of buy mode. Place it somewhere outside. Have an adult Sim touch the Bug Zapper (highlight and select the Bug Zapper for the options to appear). Then choose the "Touch" option and your Sim will get shocked by the Bug Zapper. Do this a few times and your Sim's energy level will be boosted, but they will need some comfort points.

Enable the "Free mode" code and buy two Aromaster Whinpuffer Golds. Put them in your bedroom. When you want to go to bed, set the Aromasters to the third setting down. Get in bed and hold R1. You should get energy quicker.

Buy four Whiffpuff Masters and place them near your bed. Put all the settings on (a different one on each), then go to sleep. The next day you will have four filled bars. Note: You will have trouble with them; enable the "Midas mode" code and buy the Monkey Butler. Release him everyday and he will automatically fix them.

Hint: Broken items:
This trick can be one in Get A Life and Play The Sims modes. If something breaks down and your Sim is too depressed to study Mechanics, simply sell it and buy a new one. Note: If fixing the object is one of your goals, this will not work.

Hint: Keep items when bulldozing a house:
Note: Do not select "Bulldoze Lot" from the menu. Buy the house. If you want to save items that must hang on a wall, save part of the dry wall until you have your new house built. Otherwise, sell all windows, doors, floors, and dry wall. Sell any items that you do not want an save the ones that you want. Then, build your house. Note: This does not work if you cannot afford the house.

Hint: Quitting a job:
There are two ways to quit a job. The first is to keep skipping work until they fire you. The other is to first get a job, then look for another one. Instead of taking one, select "Stop Searching".

Hint: Take house over from Mom:
Enable the "Free mode" code, then trap Mom in a small room. Give her regular appliances like a small bed, refrigerator, toilet, and stove. Then, make walls surrounding the yards. Her house is now yours.

Hint: Never leaving handyman:
Buy a group of lights and wait for about three of them to burn out. Build a room with no access to it. Call the handyman. He will arrive and fix the other lights. Turn on your television and sit on your couch. The handyman will fix all but the one light, then he will sit on the couch and watch television for about a week until you remove the walls to the light.

Hint: SimCity reference:
Order a pizza. When the pizza delivery boy arrives, he should say "I made it here from SimCity in 20 minutes!"

Hint: Sims on computer:
Enable the "First person view" code and buy a Meet Marco Computer. Have your Sim play the computer. Switch to first person view and you will notice that he or she is playing the Sims computer game.

Glitch: Invisible fish:
Buy the Fishtank and immediately place it. Quickly exit the start menu. The fish will not have time to load. There will not be any fish in the tank. Note: You can still feed and watch the fish, and when you press Start the fish will reappear.

Glitch: Invisible pool:
In Play The Sims mode, go to an empty lot and select "Build House". Do not build any walls. Just place a pool, a spa bath, and the drink cooler in the lot. Move in any family. Notice that the pool is just a light blue square. If you select it, nothing will happen.

Glitch: Invisible head:
Enable the "First person view" code. Hold Up, Down, Left, or Right while in first person view and you will see your Sim with no head. If your Sim wears glasses, you will see them floating.

Enable the "First person view" code. Press Circle until you are in first person view, then go over to your dresser or vanity table. Go to change appearance or change clothes. When the option for changing appears, your Sim's head will not appear.

Glitch: Flat Sim on bed:
Note: This is very difficult to do and may not work with every attempt. In order to make your desired Sim flat, get a Major Domo tree. Then, get the bed with the moon. Put it very near your Domo. First, mess up your bed so that Major Domo can make it. Let Major Domo come out. The moment he is about to make the bed, make sure your Sim is already in there. You will see a Sim with a flat body, legs and hands. This will stop when you get out of bed.

Glitch: Floating food:
This can be done at any time during the game. Start or load any game (Get A Life or Play the Sims mode) and enter a house. Go to the kitchen and make some food. While your Sim is holding their food, pause game play and select "Save And Quit" from the options. When you go back into the house, immediately pause game play and go into build or buy mode. Then, go over to your Sim. If done quick;y enough, the food your Sim is holding will load, but the Sim will not. It will appear as if the food is floating in the air.

Glitch: No cooking:
The Teppan Teki Meal Cooking Table does not work. If you cook, you will get a pile of yellow substance. If someone serves it and you move the meal somewhere other then the table, it turns to chicken. However, you still cannot eat it

Glitch: No censor curtain:
Get someone in a bath or love bed. Put a fire place next to it, buy a cheap rug under bed or bath. If fire goes on the bed or bath, they will hop out. The censor curtain will appear, and when they hop out off you can see them uncensored.

Make a room just big enough for a bed and for Sim to walk through to get to it. Then, buy a love bed and place it in the middle of the room. Buy four fireplaces and place them on the outside of the room. Buy enough carpets to fill up the room. Then, buy a door. Make your Sim light all four fireplaces. Next, make the Sim vibrate in the bed. After the Sim is fully in the bed, put each lit fireplace on each side of the bed so that the Sim cannot get out. Wait for the bed to catch on fire. The Sim will disappear. Press R2 to make you Sim go to the bathroom. When they are done, the censor will be gone.

Enable the "First person view" code. Start a new game in Get A Life mode. Create a new Sim. Make the Sim get a beer by the pool in the dream level. Press Circle button to switch to first person view. When the Sim is looking down, press L1 to pause game play. Press Square then zoom out slightly. Go over to naked Sim in the love tub. Slowly zoom in until you can see through the censor barrier. This trick works on any level and any mode.

Glitch: Disappearing flames:
Make a small room (3x4 works best), and place one or two cheap rugs down. Buy a fireplace, and get your Sims into it. When the desired Sims are inside, remove all the doors, then place full panel windows on every wall piece. Light the fire, and let the rugs burn. when You switch to a view that shows the windows, the flames will not be shown, but the Sims will still be burning up.

Glitch: No Mom in Chapter 1 of Get A Life mode:
Make a room with fireplaces. Make Mom mad at you for awhile until you can slap her. Slap her until you hate each other at 100%. Light the fireplaces, then attack Mom. Quickly pause game play and save the game. Go out and put plants around Mom; make sure that you can escape. Place rugs under her. She will burn to death. The "Mom has died, Game Over!" message will appear. Load your game and play. Mom will be gone, but you can still play. Note This does not work every time.

Glitch: Keep Monkey Butler forever:
First, make a room that is 1 by 3 squares long in your house. Put a door on the long end and an impassable object in the middle (such as a jukebox or sideways toilette). Next, have a broken light that is not fixed and put it in the spot that has nothing in it farthest from the door. Hire the Monkey Butler and he will go about his business until he tries to fix the light. He will keep trying to fix it until you have something else for him to do, thus staying and cleaning forever.

Glitch: Old floor:
If you have a room with windows and you want to change the carpet/tiling hold the button that shows what the entire room would look like with a floor piece. Hold that button and change the view so you can look through the window. You will see the old floor through the window, and your new one through where the wall would be. Note: You must have the walls off.


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