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Wonderland Secret Worlds cheats PC

Skip levels:
In order to skip a level in the full version enter the level you are having difficulties with, and press CTRL-F9. You'll complete the level (with a score of 1 - so you might wish to return at a later time to improve your highscore) and can move on to the next world.

Locations of the levels with Rainbow Stars:
The Old Windmill: On Wondertown, go to Two for Two course spot, but do not enter. Press down. You'll be reaching the level.

Lava Outlet: On The Volcano! course spot, press right.

Secret Cave: On Loof and the Troll course spot, press right.

The Lost Cave: On Team Work spot, press right.

Lost Wonderland Mine: On Avalanche Alley, press up.

Secrets: On Forest Spirits course, press up.

Escape from "THE VOID...": On Electrifying! course, press up. You can only access Stinker Rescue course from this course. You can find more six rainbow stars on a magical place. Go to Foggy Peak course spot, then press right. But you need five rainbow stars to pass through that gate. On the end, you need to pay your last eight rainbow stars before going on Stinker Rescue course.


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