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Race with X-wing:
Type x'apdghost at the title screen.


The Craft
Perceived by Wipeout play testers as the best for getting through the game. Despite having a low top speed, Fiesar's ships have an extremely low mass; so collisions with the side of the track mean you just bounce off again. Of course it's necessary to hit all the speed up grids to be effective in the Rapier League.

AG Systems
Second choice for beginners. A better top speed than Fiesar and acute turning ability allow pilots to find success in the Venom League with relative ease.

Auricom and Quirex
- Reserved for pilots who have a death wish as these rocket along 50% faster than the others. However for the purpose of achieving cosmic lap times Auricom and Qurex are the choice of masters.

Altima V11

Location: Canada
Length: 5.5 km
Height: 359 m
Surface: F3600
Racing : Standard

Theme: Tilt

Speed has more to do with road contact than aerodynamics, so Altima introduces players to the importance of raising or lowering the ships front end. When heading down a steep incline, keeping the nose down increases the velocity. However when rising out of this it's necessary to pull up to prevent scraping the chassis on the roads surface. Another trick is using the forward/back movement of the craft is when gaining extra distance over a jump; a little extra lift is gained by pressing forward then pulling back a little before coming to land.

Key points:

  1. After a Turbo start prepare to jump on the air brakes as you reach the first bend.

  2. The majority of speed ups encountered are on the left hand side as you climb the hill. Only go for the weapons power-ups if your position needs salvaging.

  3. As you plummet towards the dip in the tunnel marked by the danger sign, pull the nose to prevent it scraping the road surface. Veer right to clip the no-risk weapon power-up.

  4. Take the speed up at the top of the hill at an angle, in order to scoot right over the weapon power up on the left. Given the choice between the two , go for the speed every time -it helps make the jump.

  5. Its risky, but keep to the left on the snake like run up to the tunnel. The speed ups make a big difference to your time. Though keeping to the right-hand side provides the most natural racing line.

  6. Skim the right hand wall of the tunnel to catch the speed up, then gently veer over to the left for another. The left-hand turn at the exit is quite gentle, so feel confident about hugging it close for the additional speed up. Tap the left hand air brake if needed.


Location: Germany
Length: 4.1 km
Height: 121 m
Surface: F3600
Racing: Standard

Theme: Advanced Preparation

Making use of speed up and weapon grids as guide lines is useful for creating the best racing line. There is usually more than one route, so find the one which suits your style. Usually it is better to adopt the route involving the most speed up grids, though desperation may force beginners to rely on weapons. Throughout this guide the options are explained for you. Just remember indecision is likely to foul things up big time.

Key Points:

  1. Best opportunity of all for a Turbo start is in the opening stretch of the Terramax!

  2. Take a diagonal line across from the right lane speed-up to catch the one on the left hand side before climbing the hill.

  3. Keep to the left at the verge to take into account the twin speed-up icons

  4. Guide the ship through the speed-ups on the left and right, using the latter to line up for one on the inside corner before the tunnel.

  5. Use of air brakes is advised, especially so with the dual speed-ups on the inside of the right-hand bend.

  6. Ignore the dual speed-ups if you want to take advantage of the weapon power-up in the right-hand lane.

  7. Apply the right air-brake if you plan using the speed-up before climbing the ramp.

  8. Position yourself to the right when taking the jump, this lines you up for a speed-up on landing.

  9. Ignore the weapon power-up in the right-hand lane - take full advantage of the speed-up instead.

  10. Tip the nose down when flying off the crest of the hill to reach maximum speed.


Location: Japan
Length: 3.4 km
Height: 107 m
Surface: Reclaimed Titanium

Theme: Air brakes

The kind of power sliding required in Wipeout has never been experienced for home use. Tap the air brakes as opposed to keeping them pressed for any length of time. Imagine the air brake places an invisible anchor at the point which it is used, and the directional control which follows moves in an arc around this. Air brakes are good for guiding ships gently onto speed-up grids, should they fall slightly out of the racing line.

Key Points:

  1. Best to avoid the speed-up at the start, in the left hand lane. You can cut to the front of the others, by taking the right hand route.

  2. Hitting the speed ups in the right lane prior to the tunnel gives the best driving line.

  3. Using air brakes to contain the throes of the ship through the tunnel , and aim to exit on the right of the track for the dip ahead.

  4. Push the nose forward and to the left for maximum velocity down the hill - there is a speed up in the left lane.

  5. Take advantage of the speed-ups in the right-hand lane by tapping the left air brake.

  6. If your power is up, keep the nose down when making the jumps to maintain speed.

  7. Use the weapon and speed-up icons as guidelines for the perfect racing line through the chicane

  8. Air-brakes are only necessary through this final section when competing in Rapier Class.


Location: Russia
Length: 5.4 km
Height: 210 m
Surface: Carbonic Iron

Theme: In truth Wipeout tracks are pretty well balanced. There is no right way or wrong way about them. However junctions require much more commitment. Sony Interactive has tried to be as informative as possible regarding this area, but in the end the choice is yours.

Key Points:

  1. At the junction, the left hand lane leads to the speed-ups, and is therefore the better option.

  2. Only head right for the weapons if you have positioned badly, or want to make doubly sure of a lead after a turbo start.

  3. Keep a straight line down the middle of the three speed-ups in this chicane, applying the left air-brake only lightly, as you exit.

  4. Reign in on power to squeeze into the left side of this right bend to hit a couple of speed-ups which boost you back into the action.

  5. Only the last of the three sharp bends requires air brakes, and only then if your racing heavier craft. AG Systems and Fiesar have no need. Whatever the case, cut deep into the final right-hander to snag the speed-up in the right-hand lane.

  6. Aim to take off from this ramp from the middle, and make only small adjustments in the air. The lie of the track below is deceiving.

  7. Approach the sharp left-hander at the bottom of the hill from the right hand lane. Forget the weapon grid. The line allows you to cross over 2x triple speed-ups!!

  8. In the slow right hander which leads to the final tunnel, stay central to skim all the speed-ups. Adopting either the left or right lane causes you to miss out.

Arridos IV

Location: USA
Length: 6.04 km
Height: 245 m
Surface: Blasted Sandstone

Theme: Conviction

Choose a ship and stick with it! At this stage in the championship pilots must be accustomed to the nuances of their ship, otherwise sections such as the snake tunnel in Arridos become a total embarrassment in front of other pilots. Without dedication to one particular craft, it's unlikely you'll be able to pick up the kind of skills mentioned elsewhere in the guide before more skillfully robust competitors.

Key Points:

  1. Head straight down the middle of this bumpy section- trying to hug the corners will only make you crash.

  2. Rapier pilots need air brakes in this tunnel, whereas it's perfectly feasible to swing through without a care in Venom Class conditions

  3. Keep the nose down when plummeting down this hill, as it increases velocity.

  4. Choose the right-hand route both times when confronted by these junctions. The first hides a speed-up , which fires you on to take advantage of two more in the next. Apply the right hand air brake for assistance into the second stretch, or keep left and cross over the speed up to the right as you exit the first junction

  5. Careful about using the Turbo boost on the second jump - there are height restrictions in Arridos

  6. Hug the left-hand wall of the tunnel as you exit. Pull up as you cross the second otherwise the ship bumps the ground

  7. Prepare to turn deep into this second right hander, using air-brakes. The triple speed up is a god-send for the open road ahead.


Location: Greenland
Length: 6.4 km
Height: 232 m
Surface: Artificial Crystal

Theme:- Silverstream is comparable to an Olympic Bob sleigh run. There is absolutely no time to make a wrong decision here, and skilled air braking is tantamount to success around the 90 degree bends. Naturally this is the hardest course in the game to come to terms with - it is after all, the final challenge before moving onto Rapier class, and from there to Firestar. Sony Interactive claims Silverstream is tougher than Firestar, if that's any consolation to frustrated pilots.

Practice pays off in the end.

Key Points:

  1. Definitely head left at the start. It's steep and requires the speed-ups to get you motivating but the weapons grids and speed-ups on the descent are worth it. Careful to lean hard right to avoid smacking into the wall at the bottom though. Air brakes are useful for gliding into the tunnel.

  2. Using flawless air-brake tactics, turn hard left soon after hitting the triple speed-up.

  3. Air brakes again for the ensuing right-hander.

  4. Again predict the curve before launching into the speed-ups at the bottom of the hill. The left-hander is tight, plus you need to pull back slightly on the D-pad to prevent the nose from scraping the road surface.

  5. Take the left-hand fork at the bottom of the hill, lining yourself up for the speed-up on the verge.

  6. Head left once more, through the tunnel where it's safe to gather all the speed ups. Careful of the double as you approach the left-hander, though. Avoid it unless your air-baking is exemplary!

  7. Rocket over the finish line by adhering to the inside right when crossing the triple speed-ups, and stab the right-hand air brake.


Location: Mars
Length: 6.3 km
Height: 198 m
Surface: Unknown

Theme: Win or Lose

Once Firestar is entered into the championship, players are required to race through all seven circuits before enjoying the games end sequence. Fail here and you lose everything. And you will fail - unless you take heed of the key points mentioned here. Sony Interactive would like to wish all pilots the best of luck.


  1. Follow the road to the left at the start, toward the small ramp. It requires the least adjustment.

  2. As you fall, aim towards the right-hand lane in order to line up for the left-hand side of the junction ahead. You gain a speed boost plus a weapon as a reward.

  3. Keep hugging the inside of the left lane to benefit from the double speed boosters which are hidden from view. Aim to glide slightly over to the right after doing so for the weapon

  4. Stay central for the duration of the jump that follows. Only drift to the left upon landing for the double speed-up. Then back over to the right for a triple, and again back to the left for another. Steer right out of this.

  5. After a small climb there is a weapon grid closely followed by a triple speedup. Go for it, of course, but be sure to use the right air brake to avoid hitting the boundary.

  6. Ignore the speed up as you round the bend. Take the line indicated by the weapon grid as it heads directly for a triple speed-up. Otherwise there is a strong possibility you could crash -especially at this speed.

  7. In the section containing multiple weapon grids, keep tapping the fire button in the hope of gaining a Turbo boost. Probability is on your side.

  8. Skim the triple speed-up on the upward slope toward the right-hand bend, then aim left for the double speed-up. Lastly aim right for the double speed-up prior to the weapon grid.

  9. Finally, on the last section, veer right for the double speed-up on the bend, then quickly to the left for the triple. That's five speed-ups to power you across the finish line victorious!!!


Enemy craft are programmed to block you path, but take a moment to recognize your existence. Choose your moment, then lure your obstacle to the extreme left or right lane. Now quickly move out into the opposite lane and power ahead. Sportsmanship as a rule, isn't written into the F3600 code.

Two player link strategy
Head to head competitions are won and lost on weapons skills.

Best way of stopping a players fun is to observe their strategy first, then exploit their weaknesses.

Racing out in front the whole time is risky, which is why experts hang back for two laps, keeping the enemy in sight, before loosing a missile in the run-up to the final stretch. Two people going for the same gag kind of forces speed to take a back seat though!

"Revcon" is most effective on pilots negotiating tricky chicanes. Use of this icon when rivals have an open stretch in front of them is totally wasteful.

"What' this" disables an opponent's weapons recognition system. They cannot arm their ship until the effects wear off.

Tactical Weapon Use
Hang onto this. If your confident of your racing ability, having performance ruined by mines or missiles is unbearable.

Great for overshooting corners. However avoid using off ramps where height restrictions are in operation.

Lay across the track on approaches to a take-off; or in blind spots where someone riding your tail cannot see - until it's too late.

Ruins an opponents driving line through "S" bends. Always wait for a good corner before letting loose.

Move aside the moment it's fired, otherwise prepare to roast on someone's afterburner.

Disabled craft take a while recovering, and are best left to do so once you've passed them by. So use close in wherever possible, leaving about two ships length between you.


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