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Wing Commander 2: Special Operations 2 cheats PC

Start the game with the SO2 Origin -k command line (case-sensitive).

Level select:
Start the game with the SO2 Origin s<series number> m<mission letter> command line (case-sensitive).

Cheat mode:
Start the game with the SO2 Origin command line (case-sensitive). Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Effect Code
Increase frame duration [Alt] + [Keypad Plus]
Decrease frame duration [Alt] + [Keypad Minus]
Toggle eject siren and light [Ctrl] + O
Increase enemy AI factor [Alt] + I
Decrease enemy AI factor [Ctrl] + I
Destroy cockpit section damage [Alt] + O
Full pause screen [Ctrl] + P
Inverse graphics [Ctrl] + [Alt] + S
Destroy targeted ship [Alt] + [Delete]
Destroy all non-capital ships [Alt] + [Insert]
Show memory use [Alt] + M
Show version number [Ctrl] + V
Self-destruct [Alt] + Z


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