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WCW Nitro cheats PC

All wrestlers:
Press V four times, [Space] four times, Q four times, and T four times at the character selection screen. Then, press H. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: For the Gravis GamePad Pro, this code is R1 four times, R2 four times, L1 four times, L2 four times, Select.

All rings:
Press [Space] TVQ [Space] TVQH at the main menu. Then, enter the options menu and change the ring to access the Disco, Texas, Reck Room, 1984, Hive, and other selections. Note: In the Disco ring, throw your opponent out of the ring and keep pressing T. Your wrestler will do the YMCA dance and your opponent can not re-enter the ring.

Big heads:
Press V seven times, followed by QH at the "Select Mode" screen.

Big heads, hands, and feet:
Press Q seven times, followed by VH at the "Select Mode" screen.

Swelling head:
Press [Space] seven times followed by TH at the "Select Mode" screen.

Ring skip:
Press VQVQ at the options menu. The current ring will advance each time H is pressed.

Ring select:
Press [Space] TV, Q four times, then press H at the main menu

Instant victory:
Highlight a wrestler at the character selection screen. Then, press [Space] VTQ [Space] VTQH.

Help in match:
Press H for help in your match.

Hidden music:
Use an audio CD player to play track 5 for a instrumental rock song or track 6 for a disco song.


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