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Cheat mode:
Enable the [Caps Lock] key, then hold [Ctrl] and type SPAMSPAMSPAMHUMBUG during game play. Then, disable [Caps Lock], press [F9], and enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Effect Code
Full map set none
Enable mini-map if working listener is available minimap on
Disable mini-map minimap off
Maximum CGK level cgk max
All croplands have pods crop pop
Kill all pods on map crop kill
Earthquake egg boy returns
Place object at location1 place <object name>
Set your character as indicated player set <player number 1-8>
Kill selected unit kill
Kill indicated player kill <player number 1-8>
Re-map key to cheat2 bind <key> <command>

1. Enter an object name from the following list.
2. For example, bind k kill would execute the kill cheat when k is pressed.

Object names and descriptions
refinery (friendly Refinery)
gene lab (friendly Gene Lab)
adv gene lab (friendly Advanced Gene Lab)
psi (Psi Tower)
adv psi (friendly Advanced Psi Tower)
listener (friendly Listener)
warp (friendly Warp Device)
summoner (friendly Summoner)
relay (friendly Relay Tower)
adv relay (friendly Advanced Relay Tower)
healer (friendly Healer)
turret (friendly Turret)
adv turret (friendly Plasma Cannon)
electric (friendly Electric Tower)
collector (friendly Gene Collector)
mine (friendly Mine)
pod (Energy Pod)
spore (Energy Spore)
weed (Weed Pod)
t1 (friendly Tanu Shaman)
t2 (friendly Tanu Scout)
t3 (friendly Tanu Raptor)
t4 (friendly Tanu Ophidian)
t5 (friendly Tanu Jubjub)
k1 (friendly Kelika Shaman)
k2 (friendly Kelika Thumper)
k3 (friendly Kelika Mongrel)
k4 (friendly Kelika Behemoth)
k5 (friendly Kelika Leviathan)
s1 (friendly Sen-Soth Shaman)
s2 (friendly Sen-Soth Snipe)
s3 (friendly Sen-Soth Myrmidon)
s4 (friendly Sen-Soth Dhuganaya)
s5 (friendly Sen-Soth Aphid)
m1 (friendly Magha Shaman)
m2 (friendly Magha Shadow)
m3 (friendly Magha Dervish)
m4 (friendly Magha Reaver)
m5 (friendly Magha Viper)


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