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Resident Evil 4 cheats Dreamcast

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Assignment Ada and Mercenaries-mini-games; the Professional difficulty setting; the Leon's Raccoon City Police Department costume, Ashley's pop star costume, and Ada's black costume; the Mathilda handgun and Infinite Rocket Launcher for purchase (for 1 million Pesetas), and the Tactical Vest (for 60,000 Pesetas); and an alternate title screen.

After completing the game for the first time, you can begin a new game. Start a new game, press Start, and select "Load Game". Select the file that is marked "Clear". Once you choose that file, you will be taken to a menu where you can buy the Matilda Handgun or the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Once you start the game, all of your items from your previous game will be in your item box.

Control title screen:
Press The C-stick to move the background. Press R to zoom in or L to zoom out.

Mercenaries mini-game: Bonus characters:
Get a four star rank in the following areas to unlock the corresponding character in the Mercenaries mini-game.

Ada Wong: Pueblo
Albert Wesker: Waterworld
Hunk: Island Commando
Jack Krauser: Castle

Chicago Typewriter:
Successfully complete the Assignment Ada mini-game to unlock the Chicago Typewriter (Tommy gun with unlimited ammunition) for purchase for one million Pesetas.

Get a five star rank with all mercenaries to unlock the Handcannon weapon. To get unlimited ammunition for it, fully upgrade all of the Handcannon's options.

Successfully complete the game two times. The Handcannon will be available as soon as you start the game again for 0 Pesetas. It is a very powerful magnum, and will have unlimited ammunition. When you go to upgrade it in the merchant window, in the "Handcannon" update screen there is an option labeled "Exclusive". When chosen, the gun is upgraded with power identical to the Chicago Typewriter.

If you destroy all blue targets in the beginning you can get a free Punisher from the Merchant 2 guns before you can buy it. This pistol hits two targets when you get it, and five when you get exclusive. This makes it work well for crowd control.

Game trailers:
Remain idle at the title screen. Eventually two trailers will begin playing and begin to cycle.

Hint: Defeating the "Big Cheese":
In the early stages of the game, Leon is captured by the "Big Cheese" (as Luis calls him) and his minions and gets infected by the T-Virus. An intermission sequence then follows, opening in the room where Leon was held after he became captured. He is tied up to Luis. After the two talk for awhile, the "Big Cheese" sends in a villager with an enormous axe. A button command happens and you will kill the villager if performed correctly. Most of your encounters with this enemy involve using simple button commands. However, the final battle between this enemy and Leon involves a T-Virus parasite that comes out of the "Big Cheese". To defeat this Boss easily, you will need two hand grenades and two or more incendiary grenades. When the battle starts and the "Big Cheese" is still ground-bound, use up both of your hand grenades. This will be faster than shooting the Boss with any other projectile-based weapon. Then, quickly throw another hand grenade at him as he is recovering from the first one. After shooting the Boss at strategic moments, an intermission sequence will start, involving the "Big Cheese" having his legs blown off. He will cling to the rafters in the Boss-fight-arena. Take out your incendiary grenades. Make sure that the Boss is on the lowest level of rafters possible. Then, climb up the ladder that leads to the second story of the arena. As you run around dodging the "Big Cheese's" blows, throw an incendiary grenade at him as he is swinging those massive tentacles located on his back. The grenade will hit him and he will lose his grip on the rafters and fall to the ground. Now, just as the first step using hand grenades, quickly throw another incendiary grenade at him as he is recoiling. The next intermission sequence will explain that you have defeated him, and you will receive the "False Eyeball" item. .

After the "Big Cheese" Boss' body has been torn in two and he is swinging from the rafters after you, just shoot him at close range with the shotgun as he is in the process of moving and has only one arm attached to the beam. He will fall every time. However if you hit him while he is hanging with both arms attached, it will not work.

Hint: Defeating El Gigante:
Either weapon works; feel free to experiment. When the battle starts, check out the shacks and get all of the items that you can. When he gets close, run between his legs, get behind him, then open fire. When he is approaching you, use the shotgun and keep shooting him in the head while avoiding his attacks. When he roars and starts moving around, something will pop out of his back. Before it kneels on the ground, get in close until the action command that reads "Climb" appears. Use it to get on his back. The screen will indicate which button to use to slash. Press that button as fast as possible until you get off. Repeat the process one to three more times to defeat him.

When facing the El Gigante, buy a rocket launcher It will kill him in one hit instead of wasting your other ammunition.

You will have to fight four El Gigantes (the big monster that breaks through the door and picks up and crushes Leon). You will fight one by yourself, one with the girl, and two at the same time by yourself. The quickest way to kill them is to buy a rocket launcher immediately before the fight so that you do not take waste space in you inventory. Throw a flash grenade to stun him, then run around behind and shoot him in the back. You will kill him in one hit. The same can also be done on most of the Bosses. If this does not kill them, it will do a lot of damage.

To win easily against the two El Gigantes in Chapter 4-2, go up the ladder and go down the rope on the other side of the room to activate the mechanism. It will open the circle in the middle of the room and take an El Gigante into the lava. Do not try it a second time; the mechanism will not work again. Just use the rocket launcher to finish the remaining El Gigante.

To defeat the first El Gigante, avoid him for about a minute or two so that the dog that you saved earlier can help you. When the dog arrives, he will distract El Gigante. Take this opportunity to get the ammunition inside the cabins. Once you get everything in the cabins, shoot all of your shogun or TMP rounds at the El Gigante. Once you have shot all of it, switch to the weapon that you did not use, then shoot him until the virus in the back comes out. Then, shoot with all of your remaining ammunition. Note: It is recommended that you shoot El Gigante with the TMP first, then with the shotgun. The shotgun rounds do more damage.

The second time you fight El Gigante, you will have Ashley. This is difficult, because if Ashley dies you will fail your mission. Defeating El Gigante the second time is easier because you have the big rock. Shoot the wood holding the rock when El Gigante is roaring. If done correctly, the rock will hit El Gigante. Just after the rock hits him, shoot El Gigante with a shotgun until the virus comes out of the back. Quickly climb his back and start cutting the virus. Cutting the virus this time is difficult, because the game switches knife attack to A or B. Quickly, look at the button that is supposed to be pressed and press it quickly until El Gigante recovers. Do the same thing and you will kill him, allowing you to get the items in the cabin's next place.

Hint: Avoid fighting El Gigante:
Use the following trick to avoid fighting El Gigante the second time. After you survive the raid, you must choose a path to open; left or right. Open the right gate and it will take you to El Gigante. Use the shotgun and make the boulder drop down on his head when he arrives. Then, turn around and kick the door six times to knock the chains off it. If you are still standing outside the door when you see Gigante approach you from behind, do not panic; just get out of there quickly. He does not attack for a few seconds after he comes up behind you. The knife or a gunshot may help destroy the chains quicker, but kicking works. Go through another door in the same fashion and somewhere along the way you should find a key. It may be in one of the last huts you see toward the center. If you are quick enough, you can escape El Gigante and make it through the door alive with Ashley.

Use the following trick to avoid fighting El Gigante with Ashley. After the cabin raid with Ashley and Luis, you will be given a choice of two large doors. The left door will lead to the Chainsaw Sisters fight, which is very difficult. The right door will lead to a second El Gigante. Make sure that you have a rifle with a scope before entering. If necessary, purchase it from the merchant nearby. Immediately after you enter the right passage and appear on the other side, equip you rifle and shoot the chains off of the wooden door across from you from a distance. Then, equip a shotgun or a pistol. Walk forward and you will see the intermission sequence of El Gigante appearing. Ashley will point out a large boulder above your head. Shoot it, then run to the door with the chains that you shot off. Kick it down and run to the second cabin that you see. Note: Make sure that you are holding B to run; timing is very important. In the second cabin, quickly get the key on the floor immediately as you enter the doorway. Then, run to the next door and shoot off those chains (a shotgun works best). Run to the final door and use the Old Key that you found in the cabin. If you done fast enough, you should escape El Gigante by a few seconds.

Hint: Defeating Gothic Illuminados:
When you are in the castle and you fire at the Gothic Illuminados, it is best to fire at their knees. They will fall on them and allow you to use a suplex move instead of a kick. You will then throw them over your head and smash their head in the ground. Note: In mercenary mode, the same goes for the rest of the mercenaries.

Hint: Defeating Los Illuminados:
Instead of firing at Los Illuminados when there parasite is exposed, use a flash grenade to destroy the parasite instead of using your weapon.

Hint: Defeating Krauser:
Krauser is the mean-looking Russian commando with the red beret. The first encounter is nothing more than action commands. The second encounter, you can kill him. For this battle, the weaponry you need is the semi-auto rifle and the Broken Butterfly. These two should be maxed out, with exclusives and everything else. If you are short on resources, worry more about getting the Broken Butterfly's exclusive, as it really increases the firepower. In the room where the long and hardest fight takes place, just run to the edge, taking the contents of a barrel along the way. Jump down the edge. Run across the corridor-like area until an intermission sequence starts, Krauser will tell you where Ashley is (not really) and say that you need three insignia to open the gate. He will say that one is in the north and in the east, and that he has the last one. Then, he will show his TMP. After that, the battle starts. Use the rifle to peg him in the head, but be quick. When he shows himself, he does not leave a big window of time to hit him. After about one or two shots he will engage close quarters. The best thing to do is take out the magnum and hit him anywhere. One shot and he will throw a flash grenade. From there, continue. There is a building at the end of the first fight with Krauser in this battle. Ignore the ladder. It is a waste of your time. Open the door and proceed. Turn the corner to find Krauser again. Keep the magnum out. He will be on a building, sniping you. Run toward the building. Use some caution when he starts with the mine arrows. When you are close enough to the building he will jump down and begin close quartering again. Hit him with the magnum. If you do not hit him the first time he may get close enough to use his knife. Either back up to avoid the hit, or (if becomes surreal and he tries to hit you multiple times), enter the action commands as they appear to avoid a slash or a deadly stab to the heart. After he throws another flash grenade, go to the right of the building and walk along the side. It is a path to the next fight with Krauser. This is also where you get the first insignia. In this fight, Krauser will switch between sniping and close quartering. While he is sniping, get under the roof he stands on and enter the action icons to avoid the grenades. When he gets down, aim and shoot. It will be a little tricky because the laser does not show up on Krauser, and you may need to wait until he says, "Come on! Come out and fight like a man!" The important thing is to shoot him. After he throws another flash grenade, a statue will rise. Push it to the square on the other side of the broken wall. This will open up two switches to be used; one to get out of the area you are in and the other to carry on to the last fight. Flip the first switch and go back down the path. When you get to the building, go around the backside of it and go straight to the second switch. Be careful. Krauser will be waiting for you around the corner, heading toward the switch. This starts the second to last shuffle. Just shoot him with the magnum. Open the door and jump down. You see that there are bombs around. Shoot them at a safe distance. Proceed through this trench to the end, shooting any bombs or flying turrets you encounter. Near the end of the path, Krauser will say something and you will have the choice of responding. In the tower at the end, climb the ladder. At the top you can go to the other tower and pick up some ammo and an herb if desired; or collect the second insignia and start the last fight. Krauser does not use his weapon anymore. However, his left arm turns into a group of blades. The fight will commence with an action command. You will dodge if you hit it correctly. You will hang on the edge if you do not. If this happens, press A to get up. The weapon you use is your choice. The magnum is recommended, as you only have three minutes to kill him and get out of the room. This is where timing and aim counts the most. The shooting order is as follows: feet, head. You can use the rifle to get him down, but for the head shot, it is better to use the magnum. If done correctly, you should kill him in a little over a half a minute. After he is dead, go down the ladder, and through the newly opened gate. Jump down, put in the insignia, and leave.

To easily defeat Krauser's final form, when his arm is mutated just use your knife whenever his guard is down. It is possible to defeat him in a little over a minute under the pro difficulty setting by using this technique.

When fighting Krauser, instead of wasting ammunition, use your knife. You should only have to hit him four or five times before he dies.

Get the mine gun and the rocket launcher first. During his final form, shoot him in the knee with a mine. Immediately take out the rocket launcher and aim. Once the mine explodes, shoot him with the rocket launcher and he will die.

When fighting Krauser and he uses his blade arm, use a strong gun to hit his legs. When he is down, slash him with your knife. Do this four times and he will die.

Hint: Defeating Saddler:
Look at his legs. If you see an eyeball, shoot it until ypu can see the eyeball in his mouth. Get near it and press Action. Do this about three times, then go across the bridge and get the rocket launcher. Shoot it at him. Then, go down, get the girl, and ride the jet ski.

The most effective way to win this battle is to have the Mine Thrower and some grenades. Start the battle by running past Saddler to the end platform and climb up the ladder. Wait for Saddler to get close to where you are and throw the switch. This will trigger steel beams to crash into him. Saddler will flop down on the ground. Quickly jump off the platform and go near him. Press A to trigger Leon to "climb up". Leon will stab his eye. You must stab Saddler eight to nine times to defeat him. Quickly run across the bridge and get ready to do an action command to jump when the bridge falls. As Leon grabs on, repeatedly tap A to climb up. Be aware if Saddler has not jumped over to where you are, he will throw steel beams and you will have to do action commands to dodge them. Run to the end, and once again climb up the ladder. Get ready to throw the switch and cause Saddler to fall and stab him. There are now multiple ways to get him to flop down. A single grenade is enough, as well as a Dart Mine. You can use these to get him to fall. You get also take out the thermal scope for your sniper and target one of the four eyes on his legs. Those are all good ways to get Leon to stab his eye. Note: Stabbing Saddler's eye is the only way to damage him. Finally, when you haved stab him enough (about eight to nine times) an intermission sequence will appear, and Ada will throw a Rocket Launcher (Special) to you to finish the job. Grab it across the bridge and make room for it in your case. Point and shoot at Saddler, and the final battle intermission sequence will begin.

Hint: Defeating Salazar:
Note: This trick requires the Basic Sniper Rifle fully upgraded with the Exclusive Upgrade. Make a note of the dodge actions at various times during this battle. Start off by running to the side of the platform on the top. Quickly shoot the tentacle in front of you, making sure that you dodge if needed. With the upgraded sniper, shoot the tentacle retracts with one shot. Ignore Salazar's eye and other tentacles. Only focus on the tentacle closest to you. After some point, Salazar himself will emerge from the upper back of the monster. Use your sniper to pick him off. After you get about two shots in, he will go back into hiding. By now that tentacle should have returned. Shoot it once to take care of it for awhile. Repeat the process of shooting Salazar and the tentacle, and the battle will cause Leon to take little damage. If you run out of ammunition for the sniper rifle, either drop down and look for more in the barrels (but be prepared to fight the spider-like parasites or run pass them), or use your Punisher to snipe Salazar and just dodge the tentacle.

When you are in the castle, you may find a rocket launcher in the room where you must make a bridge to get to the other side. Take the rocket launcher but do not use it. Wait for your fight with Salazar to use it to end Chapter 4 easily. Immediately before the Boss battle with Salazar, take the TMP, the rocket launcher, some herbs, and a shotgun (Striker recommended, but the Riot Gun works). When you enter the room, watch Salazar fuse with the monster, then get to work. Use the shotgun or TMP on the tentacle to your left until it goes away. Grab the item that is at the end then fire with the TMP until Salazar appears. Then, equip that rocket launcher and fire for a one hit kill. Get the 30,000 or 50,000 Peseta that he drops. This will pays for the rocket you used, and you will save health for the next chapter. Once the Pesata is collected, go down into the pit and pick up the remaining items. You can then leave and proceed to Chapter 5.

You must have the Broken Butterfly or Killer 7, and the striker or riot shotgun. When you run into the room a sequence will begin. Make sure to have the shotgun (striker or the riot) equipped. Do not use the pump action, as it slightly slow. Once the sequence ends, shoot him in his left eye, which is the yellow one, until another sequence starts, showing the true Salazar. As soon as you have control of Leon, quickly equip the Magnum. Note: They should be upgraded in power and firing speed. Shoot him repeatedly until he dies. It should take around six or more shots, depending on your aim and the Magnum that you use. All this should take no more than thirty seconds to a minute and a half if you do not have the Magnum powered up. If you do not kill him with the first attempt when it opens up, you may have to repeat the process.

Use the following trick to defeat Salazar in under thirty seconds. You need the rocket launcher you find in the gallery and a Broken Butterfly magnum (preferably with two firepower upgrades). As soon as the fight starts, aim at his eye with the Broken Butterfly. When his "shell" thing opens up to show the midget, blast him with the rocket launcher.

Use the following trick to kill Salazar when he combines himself with Verdugo. Go to the left corner of the room. This will make you be immune to any attacks he basically tries to use. When the giant mouth tries to eat you, it will not work. Shoot the tentacle above you and the tentacle on the other side without moving. Red9 is the most recommended gun to take out the tentacles. After they retract, quickly take out your TMP or a rocket launcher and fire at the little blob, which is Salazar. Sit there and shoot. Do not be afraid if the giant mouth reaches for you. It will not kill you because it cannot reach you. Buy a Red9 and upgrade it all the time, along with your TMP (stock for both).

Hint: Defeating Verdugo:
To defeat Salazar's right-hand man (Verdugo) quickly, make sure you have a rocket launcher. Then, tip over a freeze canister and shoot him with a rocket to make him explode. You will get a Crown Jewel that fits into a Royal Crown.

Hint: Defeating the lake monster:
When you start, he is towing you and heading toward the pieces of land in the middle. Steer to avoid them and harpoon him as soon as you can afterwards (before it lets go). Next, aim a harpoon and throw it at any sign of movement so that you will not be knocked off the boat. After awhile it will go away, then charge at the boat.Throw as many harpoons at it as possible before it reaches the boat. If you get knocked out, press A until you get back in. Repeat this process until the intermission sequence starts and the monster retreats.

Hint: Killing birds:
Throw a flash grenade in the middle of a group of birds. All of them will die instantly, leaving lots of gold. This also works with the Granadas when their heads are transformed.

Hint: Defeating chainsaw men:
When you meet a man with the chainsaw, shoot him with the shotgun and incendiary grenades. You can also just use your handgun, but you will probably get killed. Note: The shotgun is found in the building that is diagonal from the tower.

Shoot the chainsaw man in the head or stomach with a TMP. Make sure you have over 150 rounds of ammunition, as the chainsaw men are strong and fat. They will not die easily with less than 100 TMP rounds.

Hint: Bypass chainsaw man encounters:
When you enter the town, kill everyone. When the second wave of people arrives, also kill all of them. You can then go into the house and they will not come out.

During the mine cart section of Chapter 4-2, the mine car will stop and lots of enemies and two chainsaw men will load into the stopped cars. To avoid most of this encounter, be in the front car and immediately shoot the switch. The cars will start moving, and you will have only have about four enemies to kill.

Hint: Defeating the chainsaw sisters:
Soon after the farmhouse raid (where Louis helps you then mysteriously dismisses himself from Leon and Ashley), you will reach a place where you will find a merchant, a typewriter for saving, and in the distance, a fortress containing two pathways. A lever is needed to open both doors on either the left or right side. Depending on which side you choose, the right door will take you to El Gigante and the left door will take you to a frustrating battle between two mad chainsaw women. This battle can be easy if you use the right tactics. As soon as you rid all the other zombies from getting in your and Ashley's way, hide Ashley in one of the red dumpsters located in the beginning of the path, or on the top of the fortress. You will see a "battle ring" of some sort just below you. Jump down and a brief intermission sequence will show you the two zombie menaces with chainsaws. Instead of staying in the ring waiting to be decapitated, use a flash grenade to stun all the other distracting zombies, including the two chainsaw sisters. If you do not have any grenades of some sort, quickly run to the nearest ladder. While they are stunned, run to the nearest ladder and climb it. Run to the farthest place where there is a lot of space. This tactic also gives you time to reload or prepare for the swarm of zombies coming after you. Shortly afterwards, when the zombie crowd reaches you, throw a grenade at them, or shoot them. When you see the chainsaw sisters, shoot them first, as they are much faster and can do more damage. It takes a lot to kill them, but they do fall to their knees or flat on their back when shot with a rifle or shotgun. You will know if you have killed a chainsaw sister when a colored beam glows from her body. One of the sisters has an item on her, while the other contains a Camp Key. If this technique does not work the first time, keep trying--it is better than being mauled in a ring full of zombies.

Note: This will only work if you have at least 30,000 Pestas. An easier way to defeat the chainsaw sisters is to buy a rocket launcher. Do not use it until you are in the arena-like area. Take out your rocket launcher before you go down the ladder. The chainsaw women will come out, accompanied by some other people and go after you. Aim at the nearest one and shoot her. When you do, Leon will duck down and flame will go everywhere. If done at the correct moment, both of them should be dead. Only two or three people will be remaining. Take them out and continue.

Hint: Defeating the prison Boss:
When inside the castle, an obstacle blocks your path (two fire breathing statues) To shut it off, you must enter the prison (the key is on a painting near the obstacle). When you go into the prison, equip either the TMP or shotgun and tell Ashley to wait atop the stairs. After the intermission sequence showing what the boss looks like, kick down the cell door and get close to the switch to initiate the battle. If you go up the stairs to try to escape, the door will shut. Try walking as much as possible, as he is sensitive to sound. You can use the bells at each end of the prison by shooting at them, but they can only be used once. Stay close to walls so that he gets stuck when he tries to attack you. Do your best to avoid his attacks, as they take much damage and there is only one Green Herb in the area. His only weakness is the spider thing on his back. When he is stuck in a wall, concentrate all of your firepower on the the weak point until he recuperates. After awhile, he will let his guard down and walk around. This is when he is most vulnerable, besides when he is stuck in a wall. Repeat this as many times as needed to kill him. When you put Ashley atop the steps, she is out of harm's way.

Make sure that he is closer to the bell than he is to you. Shoot it with your handgun. If he is closer to you, he hears the gunshot. Then, switch to the rifle and aim just in front of the bell. If you aimed well and timed your shot correctly, you can shoot him in the back before he destroys the bell.

Whenever you first open the gate to the prison, run out to the opposite wall. Turn your back to the wall and remain still. If you do not move, the prison Boss cannot hear you. He will eventually walk around with his claws shortened. When he retracts his claws, wait for him to turn his back to you. Whenever you have a clear shot, shoot the small creature on his back with your most powerful weapon (besides grenades). He should turn and run after you. He will extend his claws and try to stab you. However, because you are up against the wall, you can easily side-step him and he will get his claws stuck in the wall. You must time when you side-step precisely. Whenever he gets his claws stuck in the wall, run to the opposite wall and turn your back to it. Remain still and he will eventually retract his claws again. After that, just keep repeating. It may take as many as five to ten times to kill him. Also, you should use the bells on the walls to your advantage. They can only be used once, but they are a good way to get his back exposed. However, make sure that the Boss is closer to the bells than to you are, as he will hear the gunshot rather than the bell if he is nearby. If you use this method, you should not take any hits or waste much ammunition.

Stand at the opposite wall. Make sure you are directly next to one of the bells. When he turns around, shoot him on the spider on the back as many times as possible. After he recovers he will run towards you and try to kill you. If you move at correct moment, he will get stuck in the wall next to the bell. Shoot him in the back again and wait until he recovers before he charges at you. Shoot the bell. He should get stuck. Shoot him with your Punisher or handgun. Do this three or four times. During the third time you do this, shoot him with a shotgun and he will die. If not, keep doing it again until he is finally defeated.

Hint: Defeating the Enemy Regenerator and Iron Maiden:
You do not need a special scope to kill them. Buy the Killer 7 Magnum and use it on them. After three or four shots, they will go down. Shoot it in the sheet until there is a hole. Then, shoot its head. After that, the body will explode then the legs will fall over and leave 5,000 gold.

Another way to kill the Regenerator creatures is to shoot their head or chest with the shotgun. Then, blast a leg away. It will fall on the ground. Then, take out an incinerator grenade (the red ones) and let him have it. If done correctly, he will burn on the ground and die.

Hint: Defeating dogs:
The zombie dogs are brown colored. You will find one in the beginning. The zombie dogs will not attack you until you meet the "Big Cheese", as Leon calls him. The dogs will have parasites sticking out of them after chapter 3. A shotgun will kill them easily. Note: Do not kill the white dog in the trap. It will help you fight the ogre Boss.

You can shoot the white dog in the head and it will be released from its trap and run away. It will still helped in the Gigante fight. Note: A stronger gun might kill it.

Hint: Defeating flying insects:
If you are able to hit the flying insect enemies in the cave area while they are airborne, they will die in just one hit. Any weapon works, though the shotgun is recommended. This will help conserve your ammunition. If they manage to land, you will use about three to four shogun rounds from a Stock Striker (firepower 6.0).

Hint: Defeating the armored opponents:
Try not to get surrounded by them. Make sure they are in a group. Take out whatever rifle you have and shoot them all in the head until the snake thing appears. Wait until they are all like, then throw a flash grenade to kill all of them at once. This works well on all of them, and saves ammunition.

Hint: Defeating human zombies:
If you are low on ammunition, try to avoid these enemies. The zombies have orange eyes. When killed, the parasite in them will come out of their heads. Stay away from it and shoot it from a distance. If you are too close, the parasite will cut your head off.

Hint: Defeating evil cult members:
When you fighting the evil cult at anytime, shoot their legs and bring them their knees. Leon will do a suplex instead of a kick. It is very effective.

Hint: Defeating enemies on bridges:
If you are on a bridge and there are open areas, take out a weak gun. One shot will make them fall off the bridge. However, you will not get any items from them.

Hint: Defeating villagers with torches:
Some villagers have torches. If those villagers come close to you, they can do two things. If they hit you with the torch, shoot their head or take a step back. If they will blow on the torch and try to burn you, shoot at their body and they will burn themselves.

Hint: Cabin: Extra ammunition:
When in the cabin with Luis fighting the Ganados coming through the windows, stand by Luis for a few minutes. He will eventually start throwing handgun ammunition to you. He will continue doing this until he tells you to go upstairs.

Hint: Cabin: Surviving:
When in the cabin with Luis, push one of the bookshelves over one window. This will leave you one you do not need to worry about until it breaks. Wait until the bookshelf that was moved breaks and all the villagers standing there come through. Do not stay and fight. Go halfway up the stairs and kill any that are coming up. Allow Louis do all the fighting downstairs( he has unlimited health ). When your starting to become overwhelmed on the stairs, go all the way up. When Luis gets upstairs, throw an incinerating grenade at the steps only when the swarm of villagers are near the top. This will set a mass of villagers aflame. Some villagers will start coming through the windows. -- knock down the ladders. If you see one approaching the window, shoot him and he will fall to his death. Make sure that you have a shotgun to deal with the villagers that have the viruses in their head. If all goes well and you balance your combat with the ones coming through the windows and those coming upstairs, you will win.

Hint: Cabin: Two paths:
During the game you will get ambushed by a lot of villagers and be forced to hide in a cabin. Block as many doors and windows as possible, then go by the stairs and equip the shotgun. Zombies will eventually find their way in. Blast away. Do not worry about your partner, as he can take care of himself. If things get too rough, go upstairs and take out the zombies. When things start getting too hot, the zombies will back off. When you exit and pull the lever, you will have a choice to make. The left way takes you to the Chainsaw Sisters. The right way takes you to a giant zombie. When you take the left way you will be in a mine. Hide Ashley in an iron box near by. When you get down to the lower level, the Chainsaw Sisters will appear. Go head back to the entrance and fire at them with the shotgun. When they are dead, pick up the ruby and the Camp Key. If you chose to go to the right, you will encounter a huge zombie. Drop a bolder on him then run and shoot the chains off the door and get the Old Key. Drop another bolder on the zombie to stun him. You cannot stash Ashley on this level. Make sure that she gets first aid. When the parasite appears, slice it off.

Hint: Castle: Broken Butterfly:
When you are in the area where you are just about see the intermission sequence with Luis dying, there will be a door that lets you know that you will need another person for it. After you get Ashley back, return to this door. Give Ashley a piggyback and she will open the door. Inside will be a lot of treasure, and the powerful Broken Butterfly. You do not have to buy it from the merchant or sell it for money.

Note: The strongest Magnum is not the Killer 7. When you tune up and buy the exclusive option of the Broken Butterfly its power will increase to 50.0, far stronger than the Killer 7's 35.0. You can kill a Boss in four shots.

Hint: Castle: Easy money:
Look behind every painting of Saddler to find 5,000 Pesetas.

Hint: Castle: Flying insect nest:
If you are in the castle and have passed the sequence where spikes come down to you, shoot the red lights. After that, you will be in a big room with a giant flying insects nest. A sequence will begin where one flying insect captures Ashley from you. In the middle of the room hangs a big nest of them. Shoot the nest with two magnum bullets. A sequence with the nest will falling down will begin. Pick up the items that sparkle on the ground and sell them for a big price to the merchant.

Hint: Church: Getting the Green Catseye:
In Chapter 1-3 in the church, turn right. Go to the small path at the back of the church. You will see a blinking object. Get near it, then press A to check. After that, first rotate seven times using option 3, another five times using option 4, then one more time with option 3. You will hear a sound and can now get the Green Catseye.

Hint: Church: Unlimited villagers:
When you first get to the church, defeat everyone in the area. Then, return to the church and shoot the bell above. Villagers will arrive in a groups of three to six Gonados. You can continue this process as you see fit.

Hint: Church: Getting items:
After you get the key after being choked by Chief Mendez, gi to the church and kill everyone. You can then shoot the bell above the church. You should hear "There! He is there!" and a group of Gonados should be in the graveyard. This process can be repeated five times or less, but they drop items for your inventory.

Hint: Church: Revenge:
After you rescue Ashley from the church and the intermission sequence where two Goth Gonados fire upon you, you can go back inside and get revenge.

Hint: Farmhouse: Surviving the raid:
An intermission sequence will start when you are escorting Ashley across a bridge. A large crowd shows up and you will run into a farmhouse. After the sequence ends and you are inside the house with Lou, push the bookcases in front of the windows and go to the bottom of the staircase. Using the shotgun is recommended, but the pistol works fine. Once they are able to gain entrance to the house, aim high and fire until they are all knocked down. Then, reload and repeat until Lou tells you to head up stairs. When you do this, go over to the windows and knock down the ladders. After that is done, go to the edge of the stairs and kill everyone that is coming up Grenades work the best for this. After they are taken care of, rush back to the windows and knock down the ladders once again. Repeat this until the sequence plays when they retreat.

Once in the farmhouse, collect all the items while pushing the shelves against the windows. Stand in the corner by the stairs with Luis and fire until he tells you to go upstairs. Once up, stand in northwest corner (when facing down the stairs), and concentrate on firing in the direction of the stairs and pushing down the two ladders in that corner so that you do not become surrounded.

Because the raid continues until you kill a certain number, block two windows and shoot out the third until the enemies break in. Then, block the third window and deal with the other two. This allows you to get several kills in before it starts getting hectic.

Hint: Sewer: Black Bass recovery:
You can kill the fish and use them as recovery items in the sewer area shortly after the beginning of Chapter 1-2. It is a little after the place where you face the two enemies who throw dynamite at you.

Hint: Mercenaries mini-game: Village: Easy completion:
Go to the top of the barn (located next to the house where you found the shotgun in the main game). There is also a timer under the ladder, and a chest above, and up the ladder. Go up there and wait for the Los Illuminados to come to you. When they are mostly packed in, shoot the barrel inside and jump down quickly. Get what they dropped. Get back up the ladder and repeat. Note: Do not throw a grenade while there is a flame barrel down there; it will not do twice the damage. Also, be careful of the Chainsaw Hags that appear. They will cut off your head if you get too close. It is best if you are Hunk or Krauser to use the neck break; and the transformation of Krauser's arm, which kills them in one hit. With Ada or Wesker, use their sniper rifles until they are both gone, then jump down, With Leon try grenades, but it is very difficult.

Hint: Chapter 2-1 puzzle:
Before the end of the chapter, there is a puzzle in the church. The puzzle is a simple mix of colors. Three different designs surround the main design. The colors are red, green, and blue. When you enter the church, turn to the left and go down the little hall. Climb the ladder. When you are up there, you will see that the way to the door is barred. You must get to the other side of the church by jumping on and off of the chandelier. On the other side, there is a set of switches. When you activate it, the puzzle starts. The goal is to turn the designs so when combined, they are the same as the middle design. Turn red twice, green three times, and blue once. When combined, it should create the design. Then, go in and grab Ashley.

Hint: Chapter 2-2: Ashley hiding:
When you reach the farm, there will be a metal crane at the entrance. You can tell Ashley to hide by pressing X in front of the crane.

Hint: Chapter 3-4 puzzle:
The quickest way to complete the puzzle as Ashley in 3-4 is as follows. The layout of the puzzle's squares is referred as:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Press A on the following in this order: 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 1, 7, 9.

Hint: Easy kills:
After you kill the hatchet guy as soon as you start the game, go upstairs to the window. Do not jump out. Instead, take out your pistol and shoot the glass out. Then, carefully aim for the villagers' heads that are awaiting outside. There are three of them. If you kill all three, you can jump out and avoid any damage.

Hint: Two routes:
Soon after the farmhouse, look around to collect some ammunition and buy more items. After that, go to an opening where you see a lever. Go up to it and switch it to the right to fight El Gigante (recommended) or switch it to the left to face more chainsaw wielding villagers (extremely difficult). If you select to fight El Gigante, aim at the rock at the top ledge until he is underneath it and fire. Use the same tactic on the one you dealt with earlier.

Hint: Destroying the insect nest:
In the area where Ashley is carried away by the flying insects, you can destroy the nest that is hanging from the ceiling. After it is destroyed, you will find a lot of green and red eyes, and if you are lucky, even a blue one. This is a good way to get the Butterfly Lamp filled with all three jewels early so that you can get some extra money for upgrades.

Hint: Easy money:
Once you gain access to the tunnel with the merchant beyond Pueblo, return to the farm area and wait for the chickens there to lay eggs. Exit and re-enter to begin the same process over again. After you fill your inventory, you can return to the nearby merchant to sell your eggs. White chicken eggs sell for 300 Pesetas, brown eggs for 600 Pesetas, and golden eggs for 3,000 Pesetas.

Hint: Secret treasures:
If you want the secret treasures in the areas, go to the merchant and buy the treasure map. Check the map. The treasures will displayed as a star. If you cannot see them while you are standing by an star, check around and look for something sparkling. Then, shoot it and grab your treasure.

Hint: Quick money or more health:
If you mix a Green, Red, and Yellow Herb, you can sell it for a lot of money, or use it to restore health and increase the maximum health. Use it when you are low on health so that you do not waste the health recovery from it.

Hint: Pearl Pendant:
When first starting the game, shoot the pendant (above the smelly well) and tap A repeatedly. You will grab it before it lands in the water. This boosts the selling price to 10,000 Pesetas.

Close to the start of the game there is a pendant with a value that will decrease by 9,000 Pesetas, if dropped in water. To keep it as the Pearl Pendant instead of the Brass Pocketwatch, shoot the block that is holding the well open, then shoot the pendant down to pick it up off the top of the well cover. It will sell for 10,000 Pesetas.

Hint: Snake eggs:
If you see a snake after smashing boxes, kill it. You will get a chicken egg for health. Note: If you do not kill the snake it will bite you and take health away.

Hint: Golden egg:
At the beginning of the game, if you leave a hen alone in Pueblo they should lay at least one golden egg. Go to the weapon/health screen and select the egg. It should allow you to equip the egg. At the screen, Leon will throw the egg up and down, looking smug.

The golden egg is the best healing item, as it gives you a full heal and only takes one space in your case.

Hint: Eggs for Ashley:
There are three types of eggs, white, brown, and golden. Collect these, equip them, and fire on Ashley. They will not harm her and it is funny. Aim from a distance to get used to them. They are lighter than a grenade and fly far when thrown. Note: She will duck when in close proximity.

Hint: Throwing eggs::
Whenever you kill a snake, a chicken egg will be your reward. Move the pointer on to a white chicken egg, and there will be an "Equip" option. When you equip the egg, Leon is shown on the inventory screen tossing the egg up into the air and then catching it. Furthermore, if you exit the screen and continue playing, Leon will throw the egg if you press R then A, as per the protocol of aiming his firearm. The egg will fly very far and will not affect anyone.

Hint: Valuable jewels:
When around the village stage, some trees will have bird nests. Shoot them down to get valuable jewels to sell to the merchant.

Hint: Crown Jewels:
Kill Salazar's "right hand" that you need to use the liquid nitrogen tanks on to receive the "Crown Jewels". which fit into the "Crown" treasure item. This is difficult; try using the Chicago Typewriter.

Hint: Crowd control with TMP:
Shoot out the legs of everyone, then unload on their heads while they are lying on their faces.

Hint: Killing the merchant:
You can kill the merchant at any time in the game. Under the normal difficulty setting, he just dies then comes back at the next place, or when you leave the room and come back in. However, under the professional difficulty setting, once he dies, he remains dead. When you see the merchant and his eyes are glowing red, you can take the mine thrower and shoot a couple of darts. Most of the time he will turn into a blood stain on the floor.

Hint: Sell the rocket launcher (special) to the merchant:
This trick involves the unlimited rocket launcher (costs one million Pesetas completing the game. When you fight Saddler and Ada throws you the rocket launcher (special), take it, but do not use it. When you can get a clear shot to his main eye, use the regular unlimited launcher. Saddler will be killed and the rocket launcher (special) will be yours to keep. When you start a new game, you can sell it to the merchant.

Hint: Selling items:
If you plan to sell two or more herbs or other items that can be combined, combine them first and do not sell them separately. This will result in a small boost in the total selling price when compared to what it would have been if you sold them separately.

Hint: More items:
When running around different areas of the village, you will see crows. Pick them off from a distance as to not scare the others away. They usually drop Pesetas. Note: If you scare some away, just re-enter the area to reset their position.

Hint: Avoid damage from traps:
To avoid getting hurt by traps such as explosives and bear traps, use your laser sight and shoot at the explosive or the middle of the trap.

Hint: Aim faster:
Use the D-pad and Analog-stick together to aim faster than normal.

Hint: Open doors faster:
Tap A(2) when the "Open" action appears to kick open or down some doors instead of nudging them by hand. This will give you an advantage, as any enemies behind the door will be sent flying back.

Hint: Opening locks:
There are many locks on doors. Instead of shooting the locks and wasting ammunition, pull out your knife and cut it off. The same can be done for boxes.

Hint: Finding items:
To find items, smash all of the crates with either your knife or a gun.

Hint: Extra ammunition:
Wait until you are low on ammunition before upgrading a gun. The replacement gun will always have a full clip, giving you extra bullets that otherwise may be difficult to find.

Hint: Annoy Ashley:
When Ashley is on a cliff or still up a ladder, you can aim your gun up at her. She will grab her skirt and call you a pervert.

Hint: Extra scene:
When Leon is being choked, he will be told that he has the same blood. Leave the room, then return. You will be choked again by same person, only this time Ada comes to the rescue.

Hint: See Ada Wong early:
When you are walking in the room in the village, you will see an intermission sequence where the chief chokes Leon, but then lets him live because he has the same blood as them. After it ends, go back in the same room where he just choked you. He will pop out from behind and step on you. Then, he gets shot with two bullets. When he turns around, Ada is at the window in a black costume, and she escapes quickly. Note: The middle of the castle level is where you actually meet her for the first time.

Hint: Saddler comment:
Listen closely when you kill the villagers. Some of them will say "Lord Saddler" as they reach out just before they die. Note: This may only happen after completion of the game.

Hint: Assignment Ada: Defeating Krauser:
To complete Assignment Ada you need five times which look like little containers. Once you have four you will encounter Krauser. He will jump down and attack you. Defeat him using the same tactics used during the last battle of Krauser with Leon. Krauser will keep coming back for more. Stab and shoot him with a shotgun. Go back through the last door and use the sniper rifle to shoot Krauser's legs and expose his head. Then, shoot his head and repeat the process until he fires a flash grenade. Pick up the container. You can now purchase the Tommy Gun from the merchant for one million Pesatas.

Hint: Mercenaries mini-game:
The main monsters to look out for are the two chainsaw ladies on stage 1. Once you kill them, they keep coming back. On stage 2 and 3 be careful of the guys with the chain guns. On stage 4, there is a super chainsaw man. He is bigger than the normal one and has a twin bladed saw. He is almost impossible to stop. He does not climb ladders. He jumps to where he needs to be. He will run at you, swinging the saw. Do not run past him. Turn and jump down if you can, or climb something quickly. If you really want to get past him, try using Jack Krauser's transformation, and aim right at him. If you miss, you are dead.

Krauser's transformation will kill anyone in one hit as long as you are close enough. Also Flash Bang, Kick are very good for crowds with Krauser. These two things will make Krauser the easiest to get five stars with.

Hint: Mercenaries mini-game: WaterWorld: Defeating the twin chainsaw maniacs:

As Leon, first off look and know exactly where the large tower is located with the very long ladder and the two shorter ones. When you start to hear a chainsaw twin, try to get eye contact with him first to know where he is. Next, run towards the tower and do not worry about any other Ganados. Run to the shorter two ladder and start climbing the first ladder. Run all the way to the end of the floor and jump down to where the time extend is found. Run away from the ladders and wait for the twin to jump down. If he does not (usually when you are too far away from the ladders), try moving backwards and forwards towards the ladders and away from them. Once you see the twin jump down, use your shotgun and shoot for the legs. If done correctly, he will get stunned for a moment for every shot you hit him with. This gives you the chance to keep shooting without worrying about him coming at you. If he for some reason turns around and comes at you, turn, jump down, and try again. You can also use grenades to knock him down, but it is a lot easier to just shoot him in the legs.

Ada is one of the easiest characters to use against the twins. Do the same thing as in the Leon strategy, except instead of a shotgun, use the sniper rifle. Aim for the legs and he will always fall down. Shoot him while he is down. Then, wait for him to get up.

Jack is another easy character to work with. Use your mutant power on him. One shot and he is dead. If you are having trouble because of the Ganados, use a flash grenade. Note: If you go to the tower you will get very little Ganados after you.

Hunk is the most difficult character to use. Do the same thing as in the Leon strategy, only this time use grenades on the twins (as his gun is useless against them). Try to knock them down and go all out with his TMP.

Wesker uses the exact same strategy as Ada. Although the Magnum may appear the best weapon to use, its slow reload and lack of bullets limits this. Try using the sniper and watch him fall and die in four or five shots.

Hint: Interesting death sequences:
Note: Save before each encounter before trying to see the following death scenes.

"It": "It" has three ways of killing Leon. The first is when he is on the roof. He will grab Leon and snap his neck. Another is when he has the scissors tail. He will grab Leon by the legs and cut him in half. The finwl way happens after the three cages fall and the final fight on the cliff side begins. Shoot him until he goes underground. Allow him to kill you when he pops from under you.

Betrayal: When you are in the cabin surrounded by Ganados, shoot Luis Sera about five to eight times. An intermission sequence will begin.

Chief Mendez: In the barn fight, do not evade his grab in the intermission sequence.

Crocodile: After getting knocked out of the boat, swim back until you are just in reach of the boat. The crocodile will appear from underneath.

Crocodile: When killed, do not cut the rope.

Crocodile: Immediately before you fight the crocodile, stand on the dock near by the boat (the one exactly before the Boss fight). Shoot the fish in the water. The crocodile will come up and eat Leon.

Del Lago: Stand on the dock by the lake where you fight the giant alligator (Del Lago). Fire your shotgun into the water several times. Eventually, Del Lago will come out and eat you.

Luis Seras: When in the house with Luis Seras, keep shooting Luis. Eventually an intermission sequence will show Luis shooting Leon twice, then Leon will fall to the floor and die.

Giant insects: Let them vomit on you.

Knife fight: At the end, let him press the knife through the cavity.

Molotov cocktails: In the beginning of the game, go up the ladder into the tower and wait the villagers want to burn you alive.

Prison Boss: Have low life and let him kill you with the first hit of his charge. He should impale you twice.

Regenerators: Both normal and spiked varieties have their own style of killing Leon.

Trap door floor: Salazaar will enjoy sending the spikes impaling Scott Kennedy.

Two Los Gigantos: In the magma floor/pool, activate the switch and stand next to the pool.

Wolves: When they jump on you, they will ravage your face. Once Leon is killed, look at their teeth.

Decapitation: After completing the game once, play the Mercenaries game. Go to the water level and run around until you meet a man with a double chainsaw. Stand near him and your head will be cut clean off.

Before you face the lake monster, go to the top end of the dock where the boat is located. Fire your weapon of choice into the water.

Hint: Hidden intermission sequence:
After defeating Del Lago (crocodile), after the intermission sequence, go back across the lake where you got the boat. Head up the trail. An intermission sequence should begin. Leon will be surrounded by wolves. Note: You can also go back that way and fight El Gigante, but you must go all the way back to get the Insignia for the church.

Hint: P.N. 03 reference:
In the Mercenaries mini-game, play as John Krauser or Hunk. Notice that both of the character's theme songs are from P.N. 03 levels.

Glitch: Look up Ashley's skirt without her stopping you:
Normally, if you jump down a ladder and try to look up Ashley's skirt, she will grab it and call you a pervert. However, there is a location where she does not do this. In Chapter 2-3, go to the lifts, after going down one of the paths. Climb onto one and go all the way down to the other side, shooting the Gonadas coming up on other lifts and the ones on the platforms. Once you get all the way down, go down the stairs nearby. Go to the cave that is here that has window-like holes. Be careful, as there are two dynamite wielding Gonadas at the entrance. Kill them then jump over the wall and go up the ladder. Kill the Gonada. Jump down, but leave Ashely up there. Try looking up her skirt with a sniper. She will not grab her skirt and call you a pervert because she is too high up. Note: There are more ladders where you can do this. Find one with a large drop and it should work. For example, if you have already gotten past Chapter 2-3, you can do this trick on the ladder you go down just after defeat Saddler in the final chapter.

After you defeat Ramon Salazar, walk further and there will be an intermission sequence where Ada will ask Leon if he needs a ride, and he accepts. When Ada brings him to the island, she will hook a rope onto the top of a cliff and say" I have some business to take care of". While she is saying that, look at her skirt (especially when she goes to jump up).

You can also see more of Ashley than usual when you jump out the window of the church and when you get on the jet ski.

In Chapter 3-4 when you dodge an attack from a suit of armor, look between her legs. You will see her underwear, which is black.

Glitch: Leon's X-ray vision:
After you unlock Leon's special costume, complete Chapter 1-3. In the intermission sequence after the game prompts you to save, Leon will have a strange dream that the egg hatched and is taking over his body. One part shows it taking over his arm, but the secondary costume prevents Leon from looking at his skin. Leon still acts as though he can see it, and the intermission sequence plays through normally after that.

Glitch: Colorblind Leon:
When you are going through the game in Leon's special costume, both Ada and Ashley will also get a special costume. At the beginning of Chapter 1-3, you can go back into the room where you found the insignia key to be bothered by the leader of the village again. After the intermission sequence where Ada saves you, go to the window. Press A and Leon will say, "Lady in red... somewhat so familiar". However, Ada's special costume is completely black.

Glitch: Colorblind Krauser:
If you have the special costume set on, in the scene where Leon and Krauser have a knife, at the end Ada Wong will show up and Krauser will say "If it isn't the * in the red dress". This is a glitch because Ada is wearing black clothes.


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