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Lord of The Rings: Return of The King cheats Dreamcast

Cheat mode:
Press Start to pause game play during a level, then hold L + R and press one of the following codes. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to resume.
Effect Character Code
+1000 experience points (once only) Gimli X(2), Y, A
+1000 experience points (once only) Gandalf X, Y, Up, Down
+1000 experience points (once only) Merry Down(2), B, A
+1000 experience points (once only) Frodo Down, Y, Up, Down
+1000 experience points (once only) Faramir B, Y, Up, B
+1000 experience points (once only) Aragorn Up, B, Y, A
+1000 experience points (once only) Sam Y, A, Down, A
+1000 experience points (once only) Pippin Y, A, B, A
+1000 experience points (once only) Legolas A, Y, Up, A
Toggle Level 2 Skills Merry X, Down, B, B
Toggle Level 2 Skills Aragorn X, Y, A, Y
Toggle Level 2 Skills Sam X, A, X, Y
Toggle Level 2 Skills Gandalf Down, Y, A, Y
Toggle Level 2 Skills Pippin Down, A, Down, Up
Toggle Level 2 Skills Legolas B(2), X, B
Toggle Level 2 Skills Gimli Up, X, B(2)
Toggle Level 2 Skills Frodo Y, Up, Down, X
Toggle Level 2 Skills Faramir A, B, A, Down
Toggle Level 4 Skills Legolas Down(2), A, A
Toggle Level 4 Skills Aragorn Down, B, X, B
Toggle Level 4 Skills Merry B, A, X, Down
Toggle Level 4 Skills Sam Up, Down, B, A
Toggle Level 4 Skills Gimli Y, B, Down, Up
Toggle Level 4 Skills Frodo Y, Up, X, Down
Toggle Level 4 Skills Gandalf Y, Up, B, A
Toggle Level 4 Skills Pippin A, Down(3)
Toggle Level 4 Skills Faramir A(2), B(2)
Restore Missiles (once only) Gimli X(3), A
Restore Missiles (once only) Merry B, X(2), Y
Restore Missiles (once only) Pippin Up, X, Down, B
Restore Missiles (once only) Gandalf Y, Down, A, B
Restore Missiles (once only) Aragorn Y, B(2), Y
Restore Missiles (once only) Faramir Y, Up, A(2)
Restore Missiles (once only) Legolas Y(3), Down
Restore Missiles (once only) Frodo Y(3), X
Restore Missiles (once only) Sam A(2), X, A
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Gandalf Down, A, Y, Down
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Aragorn B, Down, X, Up
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Frodo B, Down, Y, B
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Faramir B, Y, Up, Y
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Legolas B, Y(2), X
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Sam B, A, X, B
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Gimli Up, B, X, B
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Pippin Up(2), B, X
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Merry Y, A, Up, Y
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Frodo Y, X(3)
Toggle co-op experience share Any Down, A(3)
Toggle co-op health share Any Y, Up, B(2)
Toggle Level 6 Skills Pippin X, Y, X, Y
Toggle Level 6 Skills Aragorn X, Y, B(2)
Toggle Level 6 Skills Legolas Down, X, Up, Down
Toggle Level 6 Skills Merry Down(2), B, Y
Toggle Level 6 Skills Sam Down(2), Up(2)
Toggle Level 6 Skills Frodo Down(2), A, Y
Toggle Level 6 Skills Gimli Down, Y, Down, B
Toggle Level 6 Skills Gandalf Y(2), A, Up
Toggle Level 6 Skills Faramir Y, A, Down, X
Toggle Level 8 Skills Frodo X(2), Down(2)
Toggle Level 8 Skills Sam X(2), Y(2)
Toggle Level 8 Skills Faramir X, Down(3)
Toggle Level 8 Skills Gandalf X, B, Down(2)
Toggle Level 8 Skills Merry Down, Y, A, B
Toggle Level 8 Skills Legolas B, Up(2), Down
Toggle Level 8 Skills Pippin B, Up(2), X
Toggle Level 8 Skills Aragorn Up, B, Y, Up
Toggle Level 8 Skills Gimli A, X, Down, B
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Frodo Down, B, Down, X
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Gandalf Down, Y, Up, X
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Merry B, A, B(2)
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Sam Up, Down, Y(2)
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Aragorn Up, B, Y, Down
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Gimli Y, B, Up, A
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Legolas A, X, Y, B
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Faramir A, B, Up, A
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Pippin A, A, Down, X
Unlock all Actor Interviews (once only) n/a A, B, A, Up
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Frodo X, B(2), A
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Pippin Y, X, B, Down
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Merry A, Down(2), A
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Faramir A(2), Y(2)
Toggle Special Abilities Gimli X, B, A, X
Toggle Special Abilities Aragorn Down, X, Y(2)
Toggle Special Abilities Pippin B, A, X, Y
Toggle Special Abilities Sam Up, X, A, X
Toggle Special Abilities Gandalf Up, Down, Y, X
Toggle Special Abilities Faramir Up, B, X, Up
Toggle Special Abilities Merry Up, Y, X(2)
Toggle Special Abilities Legolas Y, X, A, X
Toggle Special Abilities Frodo Y, A, Down, A
Infinite co-op respawns Any X, B, Up, X
All upgrades (must have completed game) Any Up, Down, Y, B
Always Devasting (must have completed game) Any Y, Up, Y, Down
Infinite Missiles (must have completed game) Any B(2), Down, X
Invulnerable (must have completed game) Any B, X, B, Up
Perfect Mode (must have completed game) Any X, Down, Y, A
Enemy Debug Mode (must have completed game) Any Down, X, Up, B
Restore Health (must have completed game) Any B(2), X(2)

Palantir of Saruman level:
Successfully complete the game by finishing the Crack Of Doom level.

Palantir of Sauron level:
Successfully complete the game by finishing the Crack Of Doom level with a Gandalf, Sam, and either Gimili, Legolas, or Aragorn at level 10.

Play as Faramir:
Successfully complete the game.

Play as Merry:
Successfully complete the game.

Play as Pippen:
Successfully complete the game.

Andy Serkis interview:
Successfully complete the game.

Billy Boyd interview:
Successfully complete the game.

David Menham interview:
Successfully complete the game.

Dom Monaghan interview:
Successfully complete the game.

Extra experience:
Use a link cable to connect to a Gamecube and play its version of The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. For every level completed on the Game Boy Advanced version, you will have 1000 experience points to add to a character in the Gamecube version.

Easy combo attacks:
You can use the C-stick to do quick combo attacks. C-stick Up and C-stick Down work very well on any creature that has a shield.

Hidden trailer:
Allow the game to idle at the "Press Start" screen. After a few minutes, a new trailer for the game will play.

Hint: Black Gate:
There are two checkpoints in this level, but it is still difficult. First, you will have to defeat a big, black caped enemy. He is very easy to defeat if you use fierce attacks. Then, you must defeat six fat Orcs with green health bars above their heads. As they approach, you will have to fight many Orcs and protect your friends. Their health bar will be at the top of the screen. When it gets low, go to them and help them kill the Orcs. When you stand next to your friend, he will glow and get health. Make sure you stay next to him to get his health up. After three big Orcs are destroyed, the Orcs will attack ou from three different directions. Keep helping your friends and killing Orcs. Once you have killed all six fat Orcs, you will reach a checkpoint. Three Nazgul will appear. Kill them by shooting your ranged weapon (arrows or axes). Once all three of them are killed, the level will end.

Hint: Black Gate: Defeating the Nazgul:
When you get near the end of the Black Gate level, you will face three Nazgul warriors. The best way to defeat them is use the flaming spears. Alternately, play as Legolas at level 15 and use the Mithril Arrows with the Double Shot.

Get your character's strongest arrows or axes and fire them at the Ringwraiths. It will require nine arrows or axes.

Use Aragorn's upgrade to light the Nazgul on fire. It kills them quickly. Throw a flaming spear at one, and they will charge at you. By doing this, you only have to fight one at a time.

When playing as Gandalf, turn on your shield and go straight to the middle of the Nazgul. Start using Flames Of Aneron. Use it about three or four times and the Nazgul will be dead or have very little health remaining and easily killed by sword or ranged weapon.

When playing as Legolas, use arrows. When playing as Gandalf, use magic. When playing as Gimli, use axes. However if you are Aragorn, use your own variety of ranged combat and hand-to-hand combat.

Hint: Cirith Ungol: Easy kills:
As Sam, wait for someone to knock over another Orc then run up and quickly kill him. Eliminate them one by one and eventually get up to the Boss. An easy way to kill him is to keep throwing pikes at him. Make sure time does not run out while fighting the Orcs.

When you are fighting the hordes of Uruk-Hai at the bottom of the staircase leading to the Boss, look for the vats of lava. Use your invisibility move to sneak up on it. When you think the Uruks are close, press Action to spill the vats, killing all the Uruks. If there are any that remain standing, use the flame-tipped pikes.

This level does not have any checkpoints, but has many Orcs. Take Sam through the level and destroy eighty Orcs. After killing them, you will have to fight a fat Orc. Use fierce attacks to kill him, then hit the catapult to kill off the Orcs. Remember to look for buckets of fire to knock down to kill the Orcs. Also, when you reach bridges that you must pull down, put them down when Orcs are underneath to kill them.

When you get to a point where you have to climb a ladder, do so, then, defeat a few Orcs. You will see two barrels with blue rings around them. Press Action and the barrels will roll down and kill Orcs. Note: If you want the kills to be Excellent, you must kill a few Orcs before rolling the barrels.

As you fight your way through the level you will reach a circular room with lots of Orcs. Use Sam's special ability to become invisible. Immediately take a right and you will see some stairs. Fight your way to the top where you will see a rope leading to a chandler hidden in the shadows. Press Action to cut the rope, killing all the Orcs below. This will help get a large amount of the 80 required kills.

Hint: Crack Of Doom: Defeating Gollum:
Gollum is not effected by swords. You must parry and push him towards the edge. Once you do so, he should lose his balance and start to fall. He will try to climb back up. At this time, stab his hands with your killing move. It will take awhile to defeat eat him.

Go to the edge near the top of the screen and repeatedly parry as Gollum attacks until he steps back, goes into in an upright position, and shakes his head at the sky. When he does this, stop parrying and move out of the way. He will jump to where you were on the edge. Repeatedly do a speed attack until he starts flailing. Then, do a fierce attack and when he is hanging on the edge, stab him with the killing move. Repeatedly do this until he dies.

You tend to take less damage using Speed Attacks against enemies, as opposed to Fierce Attacks. A lot of times their swords will hit yours since it is moving so fast, thereby doing little damage. Continually Speed Attack Gollum and aim him toward the edge. Use Speed Attacks until he begins to teeter on the edge, then use your Fierce Attack. This will send him hanging on the edge; use the Killing Move to send him plummeting. Watch out -- he will be back. Also, you cannot fall off the platform, but fortunately Gollum can. If you try to fall, you run in place against the edge, as if there is an invisible wall there. hen Gollum sits in one place and does a strange shrieking noise, he is getting ready to attack Frodo. He will either strike you with Fierce Attacks that you can Parry, or a flying leap that will knock you over no matter what. You will notice that he alternates these attacks. Dodge out of his way, then go after him with your attacks.

Run around until Gollum follows you. Then, run to the edge. Gollum will look up, then move. Execute the Orc Hewer move. He will be hanging on the edge. Stab him and he will fall off and die.

Hint: Escape from Osgiliath:
This level is played by Sam. You will meet many Orcs that are your height. Frodo will help you in some battles. When you reach a roof, you will have to find shelter so the Nazgul does not catch Frodo and the Ring. This will happen twice in the level. When it happens and you find shelter, stay there until the red meter has gone all the way down. When you get near the end, you will have to fight an Orc with a green health bar above him. Parry his attacks, then strike with fierce attacks. Once his shield is broken, the battle will go much faster. Open the gate to your escape.

When fighting the Orc with the health bar at the end of the level, press L + R to make Sam invisible. Then, sneak up directly behind the Orc and press R to stab him in the back. This will kill him instantly.

Kill all the Orc archers at the end first. There will be a single big Orc that actually can be defeated with a hobbit. Hold back your throwing knife until you have it behind your hobbit's head before releasing it. It will break his armor (you will see it fall off). Then, repeat the move using two or three more knives at full power to kill him.

Enable the "Play as Faramir" code. This level will be easier because his fierce attack is very strong, and he is faster. You can also use him in other levels such as Shelob's Lair and Cirith Ungol.

Hint: Escape From Osgiliath: Avoiding Nazgul:
When the Nazgul arrives, hide under anything that you can get under. When the Nazgul's life meter appears, hide.

Hint: Escape From Osgiliath: Bypass big Orc:
At the end of the level there is a giant Orc that stands between you and the exit. Instead of fighting it, hold L + R to use Sam's special ability and become invisible. Then, run up and turn the crank that opens the gate. If you need health, do the same thing and grab the health. This is much faster than fighting the Orc. As long as you get out of the door you will still complete the level, no matter how many enemies remain.

At the end of the level there is a giant Orc that stands between you and the exit. Instead of fighting it, hold L + R to use Sam's special ability and become invisible. Then, run up and turn the crank that opens the gate. If you need health, do the same thing and grab the health. This is much faster than fighting the Orc. As long as you get out of the door you will still complete the level, no matter how many enemies remain.

Hint: Escape From Osgilath: Easy experience:
After first completing the game, enable the "Perfect mode", "Invincibility", and "Unlimited missiles" codes. Use any character in the level. Get to the part where you have to push down the bell. On your way up, you should see the Nazgul through the small hole in the wall, and again in a larger hole. Aim and fire away at it. If you miss, try again as you will have unlimited ranged attacks. Hold down (pull back your arrow/staff/dagger etc.) before you shoot to get range. If you have Perfect mode, you should get 2000 experience points.

When you get to the part where you have to push the bell down, go to the window first and use your ranged weapon to hit the Nazgul every time it flies by. You can hit it as many times as desired, as long as you have ammunition. Every time you hit it, you will receive 2,000 experience points. At the bottom before the bell, leave the Orcs and when you run out of daggers, go down and kill an Orc to get more.

Hint: Escape From Osgiliath: Defeating Orc in sewer:
When you can barely see the big Orc in the sewer, hold L then hold A until you can see the sword behind Sam's head. Then, release A and fire. Do this about four or five times until he is dead.

To kill the big Orc near the end, break his armor. You can either pull back your ranged weapon as far as it can and release it on him; or when playing as Faramir at level 9 or higher, have him use Helm's Hammer. It will also break his armor. Note: Use Faramir on every level repeatedly to get his level up to 20 or so. Use him on Bosses such as Shelob or the King of the Dead, and their health will go down rapidly.

Hint: Minas Tirith Courtyard: Easy completion:
Stand off in a corner and keep blocking. No one will hurt you, or be able to. The Trolls are too far away; just leave them alone. Eventually, the 200 civilians will get through. It will just take longer.

Hint: Paths Of The Dead:
This level may be played as either Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli. During the level you will meet multiple dead enemies. You can easily kill them with fierce attacks, especially the ones without shields. When you reach the blue fog, your character will move slowly. Be aware of enemies in the blue fog. The last battle is on a long bridge on which you will have to kill 35 opponents. After completing the last battle the level will end and you will unlock The King Of The Dead level.

After you defeat the King of the Dead, you have to run back through the level as the whole place comes down on your head. When you get to the white mists that really slow you down, try facing the opposite direction and jump backwards. This lets you get through the mist faster.

After you defeat the King Of The Dead and must run through the mist, most characters will die when the second groups of rocks fall. To get past this, enable the "Play as Faramir" code. He is faster than the other three characters. Note: Do not stop running.

If you get lost while escaping the level, find the rats and follow them. They will lead you to the end.

When you defeat the King Of The Dead, you have to go through blue fog. An easy way to get through the fog qucikly without being smashed is by using the speed attack when you have the four hit combo on. You will take steps twice as fast.

When fighting the King Of The Dead with Aragorn, it is easiest to kill him using the speed attack. Not only can this do a lot of damage fast, but this move will even block some of the King's attacks when you are facing him toe to toe.

Hint: Paths Of The Dead: Defeating the King Of The Dead:
When you are fighting the King of the Dead, make sure you always parry with B. He will attack with his sword three times, then you can attack by pressing A. Be careful, as he will strike back after a couple of hits. Once a dead body appears from of him, he will then strike five times when he is attacking. After you defeat him, you will have to make a run for it. The place collapses and you will have to fight the dead to escape. There will be two fights that you will have to finish quickly, or the place will fall on you. The last battle (the third one) has your friends with you. It gives you more time, but if you do not hurry, you will die. After you finish the final battle, you will escape the Paths Of The Dead .

When fighting the King Of The Dead, always approach him when you see the green/yellow/red bar above him (depending on how much damage you inflict on him) and parry first. In the beginning he will attack three times (usually with a green bar above him), four times (usually with a yellow bar above him), and five times (usually when a red bar is above him). Timing is also a factor. As a rule, you want him to have a yellow or red damage bar above him by the time he summons "Winds Of The Mountain".

After awhile, the king will set up to use his "Wind Of The Mountain" attack. You will start behind a rock on the very right side of the level. If you go immediately, you can make it to the other rock to the left without taking damage. When the king pauses to recharge, step out from behind the rock. Then, pour on the ranged attack. If you hurry, you can get five shots off each time. If done correctly, you can take out a quarter of his life each time he tries to set up the wind attack. If you have any skill, he will not be able to use his wind more than twice.

When fighting the King Of The Dead and he goes into his wind attacks during that time that your are positioned behind a rock, between attacks, jump out, then fire your range attack repeatedly. Make sure you get behind the rock again before the wind starts. This is most effective when playing as Legolas, as he can fire faster than Gimli or Aragorn. This will prevent you from fighting the dead champions (the dead soldiers with the green bar above their head) later, which saves time and life.

When the King Of The Dead sends out his little minions, run all the way back to where the cliff is located. Once his men appear, they will not see you. Take out your bow and shoot one. He will start to run towards you. Fight him, then repeat. Note: A similar strategy also works at Shelob's Lair.

When playing in co-op mode, have the strongest character fight him while the other person shoots their ranged weapon from a distance. This will quickly wear down his health.

Hint: Pelennor Fields:
The battle will start with killing sixty Orcs and warriors. Once that is done, you will have to defeat an Oliphaunts. Use the catapults at the top of the hill, and if that does not destroy it, you can finish it off with your ranged weapon. After it is destroyed, quickly run down the hill to the battle field. Do not kill any Orcs or warriors, as you will not have time. Get to the other hill and go to the top of it. Another Oliphaunt will appear. Do the same thing as done to the other one. Once it is destroyed, go to the end of the hill where the Nazgul is located. Shoot your ranged weapons at it until it goes away. Another Oliphaunt will appear, and you must destroy it. Make sure you are on the right side where the Oliphaunt is. Keep repeating this process until the Nazgul is destroyed to end the level.

When at Pelennor Fields, there will be approximately four Oliphaunts (after the sixty Orcs are killed). The first one will come on the side that you are already on. The next one is on the other side. Go down the path provided to the other side. Note: Do not kill any Orcs or warriors. Once you get to the other side, destroy that Oliphaunt. The next one is also on that side. You will know that you are at the correct location if when the Oliphaunt enters, it fires arrows. It will not do this if you are on the wrong side. As for the Nazgul, it should appear two times before it starts taking damage. Fend it off the first two times on the side that you are already on. After the first time an Oliphaunt should also appear on that side. Then, for the second time, the same thing should happen. Finally, go to the other side. The Nazgul will appear vulnerable to ranged attacks. Note: It may go away on the third time; just stay on that side.

On your first trip through, play as Legolas. His archery skill is useful and allows you to become familiar with the level with minimum damage. When taken to the cliff top at the checkpoint, charge to the left to a Mumakil that is going by. Parry for a few seconds, as there are quite a lot of arrows coming in. Take the Mumakil down. Run down the ramp to your right, and wait for the enemy army to pass out of sight. Rush across in as straight a line as you can to the other ramp, ignoring any enemies that come at you. Once you are up the ramp, run to the right. Your companions will usually keep any other Orcs/Easterlings behind you busy, but be on your guard. The Mumakil moves slowly, so you will have time to dispatch a few annoying enemies before it reaches the other end. Once the Mumakil is down, rush to your left as far as you can before the intermission sequence begins. The Witch King is swooping down over Eowyn and Merry. Continue left and use combos and/or Fierce Attacks to bring down the charging Easterling then run as far as you can to the edge of the platform. Shoot frequently, charging when you can, at the Fell Beast. If you are lucky, and your companions keep enemies busy behind you, you can kill the Fell Beast in one session.

Hint: Road To Isengard:
As Gandalf, you will encounter many Uruk-Hai. You will easily kill them with your attacks. When you reach the part where Ents are killing Orcs, you will join the battle and must wait until 75 Uruk-Hai are dead. After this, your journey will continue. When you reach to group bunch of towers, destroy all of them by shooting your ranged weapon at the explosives under the towers. Once they are destroyed, you will keep going on until the end. At the end you must help destroy the wall that is blocking the water from coming out and wiping out all of Isengard. Kill any Orc that approaches by the Ent and let him break the wall. Once he does this, you will have finished the level.

Hint: Road To Isengard: Killing Orcs:
When you get to the part where you have to kill 75 Orcs, there is a small crack that you can hide in while the three Ents kill all the Orcs. There are some that will stop at the opening where the Orcs appear. You can just kill with your ranged attacks.

When you get to the part where you have to kill 75 Orcs, stay on the ridge and let the ents kill them then move on.

Hint: Shelob's Lair: Easy experience:
When you get to the part where Sam says "I can't get by this", fight all the Orcs. Once you have finished, go to the top of the ridge where you push off the rocks. Push the rock and the Orcs will be there, giving you more experience.

Hint: Shelob's Lair: Easy Perfect mode:
To get perfect mode easily, use speed attacks repeatedly on the little spiders. This will raise your Perfect meter quickly while in a pack of the spiders.

Hint: Shelob's Lair: Defeating Shelob:
When fighting Shelob, be aware that she can deal a lot of damage to you. To defeat her, press Parry to deflect her attacks. Then at the correct moment, hit her with your speed attacks. When you cut off one of her legs, she goes on a big rampage. Jump back to back off her rampage. Note: This also works in co-operative mode.

To easily defeat Shelob, make sure that you have the move "Poison Blade" before entering this level. Charge the move up when Shelob backs away, then strike when she approaches. This will make the battle go much faster.

Use Legolas and run directly up to Shelob. Start using your speed attack. She will turn around, but keep slashing. Her health will drop dramatically.

When the battle starts, Shelob is preoccupied with Frodo, so you can get a free hit on her. Use this to your advantage and attack with the Orc Hewer combo, This is recommended, as using a 4-hit combo will end up with you damaged. She will start hitting you three times in a row. Parry those hits, then respond with a simple Speed combo. Do not bother with other combos (even Orc Hewer), because trading blows with Shelob is tricky; she will strike quickly then pause, but the lull is only long enough to get a very quick combo in. Orc Hewer is slower to develop. Keep trading hits (remember to parry as well) then, after enough damage, you will succeed in putting out one of Shelob's eyes. Shelob will crawl up the wall and summon some spiders. They will drop from the sky. When you see one of them flying down, go to where it will land and start using Final Judgement to kill it. Then, run to one of the walls. If one of the spiders does not follow you, use a ranged attack to get its attention. Then, on the spider, use a Fierce attack, then the Death move to kill it. Repeat this with all of the spiders. Do this quickly, as if you take too long Shelob will jump from the wall and you will need to deal with her and the other spiders as well. When Shelob jumps down, she will be flat for a few seconds; use another Speed combo. Then, she will trade blows with you again. If you do not damage her enough, she will call more spiders. Damage her quickly. If you hurt her enough, you will cut off half of her leg. She will then run around her lair and try to run you over. You cannot parry this; run away. She will then call more spiders. Repeat the same process. She will then trade blows with you; repeat again. Repeat this entire process until she is dead.

Hint: Shelob's Lair: Defeating spiders:
To kill a spider easily, press Y to flip it over then press R to stab.

Hint: Shelob's Lair: Defeating Orcs:
You can defeat a lot of the Orcs before you enter the next area. For example, after you burn the spider web and go through it, you will see an Orc meeting at the end of the tunnel. Go back to the torches and pick one up. Even though you cannot see far ahead, throw it in that direction. Amazingly, you will strike every time. You can clear up the room before you even enter it. Just throw the torch and you will hear the "hit" sound. This will also work with the archers in the left tunnel ahead. Fire will be useful if you use it to clear your way ahead, even if you cannot see your enemy. It seems that Sam has great aim.

Hint: Southern Gate:
This level is not too difficult. A Troll will be at the start the level. Kill him using fierce attacks and your ranged weapons. Once he is dead, kill some Orcs and make your way to the catapults. The two on the left side will shoot toward the gate to create a bridge for you. Once you shoot them, go across the bridge to the ladder leading you up towards the top of the gate. A Troll is waiting for you there. Kill him, then an elephant will appear. Kill it by shooting at the top part of it. You will know that you have destroyed it when it explodes. Open the gate after the elephant. Orcs will block you from getting out. Destroy them by dumping the coal over their heads. Go back down once they are destroyed and get out of there before more Orcs arrives. The level ends when you go through the gate.

At the very beginning of the level, when you walk up to the gate a Troll will drop down. In co-op mode, have one person near the pikes and have the other player walk up the gate. When the troll comes down, have the person by the pikes press Action and throw the pike at the Troll. It will be killed automatically. This helps save health.

Hint: Southern Gate: Easy experience:
Complete all the tasks until you have the gate open. Do not go through the gate. Just fight all the creatures you can as they keep respawning. Try to use combos to get into Perfect mode then most of the enemies are worth 300 experience points. When you cannot fight anymore, leave. Some small creatures give out red health potions, allowing you to fight for a long period of time.

As soon as you step on the drawbridge, you are ambushed by Orcs and a Troll. Quickly run from the Troll and shoot the catapults. Once this is done, do not go up on top of the gate. Kill all the surrounding Orcs. Travel down as far as you can from the catapults (not towards the gate). Once you have gone as far as you can, turn and run left. When you cannot go left anymore, there should be an area where Orcs are appearing. Keep killing them with arrows before they reach you, and they will eventually stop. Then travel to the right until you see another area where they are appear from. Destroy them all here until they stop. Then, travel to the right some more and do the same thing. In all, there should be four different Orc spawning locations. When they stop coming from all of these, they will no longer appear.

If you have already completed the game, you can go to the Southern Gate level with a character that has a low level (for example, Merry). When you are fighting the Orcs, stay there and keep fighting them as much as needed. When your health gets low, use the "Health" command and restore it.

At the end of the level after you have opened the gate, do not use the pots to kill the extra Orcs. Instead, go down and fight them by hand. By doing this you will gain about 2,000 more experience points.

Let the Troll jump off. Throw a spear at it. Hopefully you will have every Bane. If you do, keep using them and you will rank up the Perfects. It takes about ten minutes for the Orcs to die down. Once all of them are dead, fire all catapults. Then, go up to where the Troll is located. Use a Bane, then quickly kill the Troll while still in Perfect mode. Use the same approach with the Mumakil. Pull open the gate. Then, use another Bane, and pour the vats of oil over onto the Orcs. Run through the gate. You should gain about three levels if you are at a high level.

This level can get you a lot of experience points, since there are so many enemies. With the larger kind of enemies (not troll) press A(3), then when they are in mid-air, press Y. Note: This was done with Aragon and Faramir.

Hint: Southern Gate: Defeating Trolls:
As soon as you step on the drawbridge, a giant Troll will appear. Go back a few steps and pick up the spear. Throw it at the Troll and it will die instantly.

Use the following trick to defeat the Troll at the top of the walkway. When you run up the ladder, do not go up all the way on the platform with the Troll. Stand behind the small wall and use a ranged attack. The Troll cannot reach you, though he will swing at you. The Orcs and other enemies cannot get past him and also cannot hurt you. It takes a few shot to bring down the Troll, but you will not be injured.

Hint: Southern Gate: Endless enemies:
Contrary to popular belief there is not an endless supply of enemies in this level. Although it may seem like the Orcs will not stop appearing, there are actually about 300 to 400 enemies.

Hint: Southern Gate: Easy experience:
To get your character to level up, play the Southern Gate level repeatedly.

Hint: Walls Of Minas Tirith: Courtyard:
When playing as Gandalf and you have his lightning attack and see a pack of Orcs coming at you, press Y to charge your lightning attack. Wait until they get close enough, then release Y. This attack will knock down the Orcs and put you into Perfect mode. Do this multiple times until you have completed the level.

This level is difficult if you have not completed the game. You have to keep fighting with Gandalf until you have saved two hundred people. The level will start with twenty already safe, but many Orcs will try to kill the free people. Trolls will appear during the end of the level. To kill them, press Z to get a spear and throw it at them. They will die automatically. Once two hundred people are saved, the level will end.

Hint: Walls Of Minas Tirith: Siege towers:
Destroy the first siege tower with the catapult near the middle of the wall. It requires two hits to topple. For the second tower that rolls over to the far right, you can just use your projectiles to take it out. Keep firing at it in order to bring it down.

When you have destroyed the third siege tower, go to the fourth one and kill all the Orcs that are in there until you cannot see any more. Then, shoot down the siege tower with your arrows. Once that is done, go to the men that are guarding the stairs. Walk down there to complete the level.

Hint: Walls Of Minas Tirith: Defeating Nazguls:
This trick requires a lot of patience. After taking out all of the siege towers (including the Boss one), finish off all of the Orcs and wait for a Nazgul to approach. Once you have him locked, shoot it with your ranged attack. Keep doing this until it dies and you will get a lot of points. You can also kill it easier by using Legolas and his double arrow attack.

Hint: Walls Of Minas Tirith: Extra experience:
Complete Minis Tirith top of the wall, but instead of going straight down the stairs to the courtyard, go up the tower to the left of the stairs. At the top are approximately seven pickups that will give you an extra 1000 experience points.

At the part where the siege towers are approaching, use the catapult to destroy the first and third ones. On the third tower. the Nazgul will come up and swoop. When he does this, use your ranged attacks to kill it. This will block the way to the other tower. Press R to swing down the rope, go across the ledge, knock over the other ladder, climb up the rope, and go to the other tower. Once you have knocked the tower over, go to the front and go up the stairs to the top of the watchtower. There will be seven Elven-stones there, giving you 1,000 experience points each. Then, go back down the stairs and down to the courtyard to end the level.

Hint: Multi-player mode: Double kill:
In co-operative multi-player mode, if one player you starts to do a Bane (Orc, Warrior, or Sauron's Bane), attack the enemy that the other player is using the Bane on to get two kills. Note: The other player will get a Perfect while you will get either a Fair, Good, or Excellent.

Hint: Killing enemies:
A great way to kill a vast amount of enemies is to use the speed attack as much as possible while moving frequently. For example, when surrounded by Orcs, rapidly press A while moving around to knock enemies to the ground, kill them, and enter into Perfect mode faster. This is a great strategy to prevent back attacks and when you are greatly outnumbered.

Hint: Outnumbered battles:
Do not be a hero. When outnumbered, immediately press A(3) for speed attacks, then when you have some room, press Y(2) to use a fierce combo or perform your special moves. Do this enough times and you will enter Perfect mode.

Hint: Defeating the Mountain King:
When fighting the Mountain King, play as Gimli. Parry until he stops attacking you, then speed attack him three times. Throwing axes at him has no effect.

Hint: Defeating champions:
When up against Orc, Dead, Easterling, or any other champion, the easiest way to defeat them is to take advantage of corners. Rush, parry, and attack the champion back into a corner. Continue with Fierce Attacks. The champion will not be able to go anywhere, and will not have enough room to regain balance when knocked over. Hack away at them, and do not stop. This is especially useful in the King of the Dead level, when the third Bone Wall appears towards the end, after the mist. Three champions emerge after the initial battle. Attract one into the corner back behind and to your right, and hack away. Do this with all three, and you will save time and health.

To break the champions' armor, charge your arrows to the maximum.

When playing as Sam and you have to fight enemies with green health bars, use your special ability, move behind them, then use the killing move. This does not work on Bossesm but can save you if you are low on health.

Hint: Gandalf: Special move:
If you are having trouble completing some of the levels featuring Gandalf, try using his shield special move. While are playing as Gandalf, press L + R to trigger the shield into action. This blocks you from a wide range of attacks, including arrows. You can also move wile using it, however just like Sam's special move it will slow Gandalf down. You can upgrade this shield (as well as Sam's cloak) to last longer and be stronger. Note: This may not block all physical attacks or ranged attacks (for example, an Ent stepping on Gandalf, a troll falling on Gandalf, or a catapulted rock hitting Gandalf).

Hint: Legolas: Shoot two arrows at once:
Complete the game 100% and get Arrows Of The Valar with Legolas. You will now be able to fire two arrows at once as Legolas, killing any two Orcs at the same time.

Hint: Sam: Special move:
Use the following trick if you are having trouble killing the fat Orcs in levels such as Escape From Osilgiath and Cirith Ungol. While you are Sam, you can use a special cloaking move that allows you to become invisible for a short amount of time. You can activate this cloak by pressing L + R while standing still. While you have the cloak on, you can use an instant killing move that is very effective against any Orc, including the fat ones. However, you must use this while you are close to the Orc that you are trying to kill. Sam is very slow while he has the cloak on, and it may run out of energy before you get to your target. With the cloak on, get behind the enemy that you are attempting to kill, then press R. The Orc will die instantly, but you will become visible afterwards -- use it wisely. Note: This move does not work on the boss Orc at the end of the Cirith Ungol level, when you are trying to get Frodo out of the tower.

Hint: Purchasing upgrades:
When you have the option to purchase new skills, make sure you get the skill that allows you longer life, then purchase skills for the entire team starting at level 2 and working up to level 8 first.

When purchasing upgrades, always try to get all of the level upgrades before purchasing the higher level attacks. This is because some attacks require certain level 2 attacks (for example, Ranger Fury).

Hint: Link moves:
Learn how to "Link Move" (any special move that requires you to parry first then followed by the combo move). It will immediately place you in Perfect mode.

Hint: Use spears multiple times:
When you pick up a spear and throw it at an enemy, stand over them and press R to pull it back out and throw it at another enemy. Note: Once the spear hits the enemy, you only have a few seconds to perform this maneuver. It will work as long as the enemy has not disappeared.

Hint: Restoring health at checkpoint:
When you return to a checkpoint and your life is low, find an enemy and let him kill you. When asked you if you want to try again, answer "Yes". You will start off where you were with full health.

Hint: Easy experience:
Use the following trick to level up the hobbits. After Palantir of Sauron or Saruman is unlocked, choose one of them in cooperative mode. Select two of the hobbits, then enable the "Invincibility" and "Perfect mode" codes. At the end of the level, both characters should have gained two to three levels.

Hint: Entering Perfect mode:
Use the following trick to enter Perfect mode very quickly without taking any damage. When surrounded by a group of enemies, rapidly press Parry to block all incoming attacks. As you block, your special meter rises very quickly, bringing you to Perfect mode. You can now quickly take out all nearby enemies while racking up the Perfects. This is very useful in Pelennor Fields.

An easy way to get to Perfect mode is to use Orc Bane, Bane Of Saruman, or Warrior Bane.

To get perfect mode, use Orc Hewer many times. You will soon enter Perfect mode.

Rapidly press L + R with Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, or Faramir (as a special ability). After a red glow appears, attack an Orc or two. You should get Perfect mode very quickly.

Hint: Knock Orcs off ladder:
Charge up by holding Y. When you see an Orc, release Y. You will see the Orc falling off the ladder.

Glitch: Reversed upgrade demo:
At the buy upgrades screen for Aragorn, highlight Orc Bane. You will see Aragorn do Uruk-Hai Bane move instead. When you highlight the Uruk-Hai Bane, you see him do the Orc Bane.

Glitch: Shelob's Lair: Orcs attacked by spiders:
When you reach the Orcs in Shelob's Lair, some of them will be attacked by spiders. If you kill the spiders attacking the Orcs, but do not harm the Orc, the Orc will just stare at you, jump around a bit, but will not harm you.


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