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Atsumare!! Made In Wario cheats Dreamcast

Play any mini-game:
Get a rose from all the mini-games in practice mode to unlock the final single player mode door. Use the final door to play any mini-game again.

In single player mode, go to "Album" and pick the All-Stars Book (the big thick book at the bottom). You can now play all the mini-games.

Sound test:
Go through every multi-player mode to unlock the "Sound Test" selection at the options menu.

Bonus options:
Successfully complete the games from the first door to unlock the "Character Descriptions", "Hard Mode", Mixed Genres Game", "Movies", and "Thrilling Mode" options.

Get at least 30 points in the All Mixed Up level in single-player mode to unlock "Time Attack" in single-player mode

Hint: Nintendo game tester high scores:

Game Modes
All Mixed Up: 63
Hard: 34
Thrilling: 40
Time Attack 20 games: 1'23''83
Time Attack 40 games: 2'35''29
Time Attack 60 games: 4'08''38
Master Mode: n/a

Individual Games
(Intro/Wario) Wario Wear: 53
(Sports/Jimmy) Fruit Shoot: 55
(Sci-Fi/Dribble & Spitz) Classic Clash III: 501
(Strange/Mona) Boom Box: 34
(Nintendo/9-Volt) Mario Paint: Fly Swatter: 44
(I.Q./Orbulon) Gear Head Fred: 71
(Reality/Dr. Crygor) Hard Core: 250
(Nature/Kat & Ana) Spunky Monkey: 249
(Anything Goes/Wario): n/a

Hint: Wobbly Bobbly: Ball lobbing:
In the ball lobbing game you encounter in Wobbly Bobbly, where you are a little man and have to lob a ball as far as possible, make sure you time it exactly right. The best time to lob it is when the little man's arm is just about to go over his shoulder, or when his hand just reaches his head. By doing this, the ball will not go behind you or slam straight to the ground.


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